Because it was something that could not be gotten away from Why did you do it?: Because it was something that could not be gotten away from
By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Thursday, March 5, 1998 - 12:28 pm:
    Don't be angry with me. Don't be pissed. But I could not avoid it. It was something that just HAD to be done. Seeing as that's how it was when I got home with it. Talk about being pissed! Let me set this up and you tell me if you know what it is I refer to...

    Ok.. so I'm sitting home, bored to tears. I think, "Hey, yeah, that's it," and go rushing out of the house. I drive four blocks, park, go inside, and begin browsing, trying to decide what I want to feel like after I get this home and see it. So many emotions to deal with. I am now looking over my shoulder, feeling flush. I keep looking around wondering who's watching me. I pick one, then, no, put it back. I select another, and quite contently get in line. I take out my wallet, give the cashier what she wants, and get back in my car, drive the four blocks home, rush back inside, and open the bag and... OH NO!!!!!!! The last person who had this did not do something punishable by death before he/she brought it back.

    Ok, guys. What did I go get? How did I find it when I got home? And what did I do to it before I brought it back?


By Block-buster-head on Thursday, March 5, 1998 - 12:46 pm:
    Be Kind--Please Rewind!

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Thursday, March 5, 1998 - 01:18 pm:
    Block-buster-head-- well, well... you have part of the answers.. read my story again.

By Porno Head on Thursday, March 5, 1998 - 02:06 pm:
    Oh no!!! Not porno! Not my baby boy! *SOB*

By Blocky on Thursday, March 5, 1998 - 02:08 pm:
    no thanks

By Oxwinkle on Thursday, March 5, 1998 - 08:35 pm:
    Oboy! Porno!! Make mine a double!!

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Thursday, March 5, 1998 - 11:11 pm:
    ding ding ding ding ding

By Slacker on Friday, March 6, 1998 - 05:41 am:
    is that bell pepper, or bell pecker.
    i suppose if it was bell pecker it would translate to be ding dong.i made myself laugh again!

By Megan on Friday, June 19, 1998 - 02:04 pm:
    Really I was just a passenger in a car in the back seat,it was not my idea,it's all Anies fault oh and Cindy too.

By Meow on Monday, May 3, 1999 - 08:07 am:

    Your a vegetarian and your at McDonalds.... and your dishonouring your vegetarianism...

By Nate on Monday, May 3, 1999 - 12:59 pm:

    and you're butchering the english language. vegitarians should not be butchers.

By Semillama on Monday, May 3, 1999 - 04:53 pm:

    Where does vegetarianism come in? Did PJ open up his bag and find a video on cooking vegetarian instead of oh, say, "Blackdraft"?

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Tuesday, May 4, 1999 - 08:24 am:

    Semillamababe... you slay me!!! One of the funniest XXX vids I ever rented was a spoof of TV's Night Court. I think it was called Night Cock. That grody Ron Jeremy was the judge I think.

By Semillama on Tuesday, May 4, 1999 - 12:48 pm:

    Oh god. The worst I ever saw on a sheld was "Fatliners- they're fat. they're horny. they're dead." The worst I ever saw and loved every minute of it-was "Blackman", a spoof of Batman. Blackman rides around in this '70's trans am firebird and battles his nemisis, the Poker ( a white guy). The best scene is when Blackman goes to a house that the Poker has kidnapped a balck woman from, and he knocks on the door. The black boyfriend of the woman yells "WHO IS IT?" jus tlike Eddie Murphy in that SNL Sketch. Blackman goes, "It's Blackman" and the boyfriend, goes "Oh, come in Blackman." It's funnier if you could here the inflections of their voices.

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Tuesday, May 4, 1999 - 04:26 pm:

    Porn sometimes is funnier than it is erotic.

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