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By pez on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 03:02 am:

    i worked a nine-hour shift today. it must've been one of my best days, because...

    around seven o'clock, there was a tottally gorgeous "hunk of healthy manflesh" in the department. i'm not kidding.

    around 6', dark blue/green eyes (kinda suck you in...hypnotic, almost), tan, medium brown hair, well kept (clean fingernails, beautiful teeth), not scratches on his hands or anything. and his hands were extremely firm, you could tell that he works for a living.

    harms and i were tripping over each other to help him, although i did the most helping and she had to call around for a shoe. she even skipped her break because she "didn't want to leave me by myself" (he was the only customer at the time).

    he was there for about a half-hour, finally settling for some casual sketchers. he didn't want to get them, but he needed shoes for work and they were the best we had in stock in his size (10 & 1/2).

    over the period of time he was in the department, he smiled at me several times and even winked. i didn't tell harms.

    i'm going to wear makeup to work from now on, and be more social with the customers. even be bold, like asking for a phone number when we don't have a size he wants (or maybe we have it...but we can "pretend" to order it in) and so i could talk to him again.

    mon dieu!

By Tom on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 04:07 am:

    geezus jiminy christ on a pogostick going through a crosswalk at five miles per hour directly in the path of a 10-ton truck loaded with brussel sprouts, woman!!

By Cat on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 04:50 am:

    Is this the event that was so exciting and important it needed a whole new thread?

    I'm trying really really really hard not to say anything mean or sarcastic. A small animal may have to be sacrificed to the God's of Patience and Tolerance.

By Isolde on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 08:38 am:

    I don't think you should criticize her. It was an exciting event in her day. It wouldn't have been one in mine or yours, but I think she's allowed to be excited about it. Jesus H Christ, people, give the poor girl a break.

By Pilate on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 10:51 am:

    I, for one, could become terribly excited about being accosted by a hunk of healthy manflesh.

By J on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 12:29 pm:

    I'm getting kinky in my old age.J

By pez on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 01:19 pm:

    oh, and i also waited on a man who looked like mr. feeney from "boy meets world".

    there's more: after he left the department, harms spread the word about this guy, and karen (one of the apparel assitant managers) was telling me about when she started and the pa wasn't so sophisticated, they'd actually get on the pa and announce the presence of an "8" or a "10". the 10 got checkers to leave their registers in the middle of a transaction!

    later on they moved to "toy candy".

    but now i'm making a list of extentions to dial when there's another "hunk of healthy manflesh".

By Tom on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 04:12 pm:

    Here, Cat. Try a goat.

By Cat on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 05:37 pm:

    Only if it's a virgin goat. Which means it can't come from any Texan herd.

    And Isolde, this ain't happy families nor is it the Pez Admiration Society.

    I have found the daily update on the Teenage Date Search a tad bit annoying for the last month. I think it's better to be honest about it. So just deal, OK?

    I don't care what anyone thinks, so long as they do fucking think occasionally. I reckon the boards are tending to slip into being a very dangerously tame place. We'll all be having little group hugs soon.

By patrick on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 07:02 pm:

    eat a dick cat

    when you comin to the states?

By Isolde on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 08:07 pm:

    Thanks, Patrick.
    I'm not saying it's either of those things. I'm just saying you should give the lass a break. Jesus. If she wants to talk about that stuff, fine. You can always choose to ignore it. I ignore content I'm not interested in.
    The post office is increasing in lameness. I almost walked out today. I'm only taking this shit because I haven't found a new job yet. It's very stressful for me. I wake up in the morning dreading work. The woman there is a fucking bitch. I wanted to stand up to her today so badly--just tell her neither me or anyone else who worked there had to take this crap anymore. But I didn't want to get fired. She's just evil. Argh. *sigh* Oh well. A new job will be found.

By patrick on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 08:10 pm:

    like i said cat, when you bringin yer feisty, boomerang throwin, beer guzzling cute self to the states....we got Foster's here, we should be able to make you feel at home if you like

By Isolde on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 08:14 pm:

    Do you throw boomerangs, Cat? Is this something that is taught in Aussie schools? I mean, they tried to teach us how to weave indian baskets and shoot bow and arrows...or is this something that is neglected in your education.
    And when is the Cup being run, I want to hear the results as quickly as possible!

By Cat on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 08:40 pm:

    Yeah she can also ignore my sarcastic bullshit criticisms. I would if I was her. But I maintain my right to occasionally stretch a claw across the underbelly of someone who's pissing me off. Besides I used up all my Pez-patience on continual quite civil requests to be removed from her mailing list.

    I am coming over your way as soon as they relent and let me in. I still don't know who told them about the little goat incident, but I think it's just plain spiteful to hold that against me.

    The Cup is being run in just over two hours. I can't answer any more questions because I have to consume alcohol and practise my long-lost flirting skills. Maybe I could take tips from Pez.

    p.s. I'm over and out on this thread now. I would hate to become any more tiresome and bitchy than I already am.

By Isolde on Monday, November 6, 2000 - 09:04 pm:

    Yay Cup! I'm so excited. I'll smuggle you into the States.

By J on Tuesday, November 7, 2000 - 12:14 am:

    Oh,I like a good bitch fest now and again,I'm getting out the whip!!!!

By pez on Tuesday, November 7, 2000 - 03:03 am:

    cat, i removed you yesterday. i didn't email you back b/c you probably didn't want to have any more mail from me.

    fine. be bitchy. you've been before, and i've survived.

    i never asked for a date with him. i only went gaga and drooled all over the floor. and did the post, of course.

    i'm SO sorry that i got SO excited that i began SUCH an annoying thread that you can't stand, cat. not.

    it's not as if everyone gets as much ass as you.

By semillama on Tuesday, November 7, 2000 - 08:42 am:

    Pez, i'm not on that list am I? Because I haven't been able to access my home acocunt for like a month, and the last thing I need is to be on a forward list. I'll have to spend days sifting through email after I get it up and running again. That's the only reason I ask.

By pez on Tuesday, November 7, 2000 - 03:36 pm:

    i sent everyone my latest message, (the "i'm sorry but i heard...") after which i deleted cat's email from my address book. from now on, i'm only sending forwards to people who send me forwards, and only if i know them in real life.


By semillama on Tuesday, November 7, 2000 - 04:06 pm:


By Tom on Wednesday, November 8, 2000 - 10:48 pm:

    NO! I want to be on Pez's email list.

    It gives me something to do while I'm at work.

    No, Pez, I don't have some weird sort of crush on you. I promise.

    It's really easy to ignore messages you don't like (for instance, I can guarantee by writing this that Isolde is ignoring it. Neat, yes?). But that wouldn't be any fun. Take it like a man/woman/goodlittleservantofBob.


    I saw a healthy hunk of manflesh today. and I drooled.

    My future roommate is fucking my ex-roomate. That's weird.

    Blah. am resuming the Portland Area job search. No one there wants me, it seems.

    Why is moving so expensive?

By pez on Thursday, November 9, 2000 - 04:26 pm:

    they have to pave the roads somehow.

    try mervyn's. they'll take anybody. example a: i worked in the men's department. and i had the interview the same day that i applied. a week and a half after i applied i was already in training.


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