sleep What have you failed to do?: sleep

By semillama on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 08:56 am:

    I didn't sleep last night.

    I have a very good reason.

    I stayed u pall night long with Elizabeth, the
    utterly fine and lovely women's studies major,
    watching TV and holding hands and cuddling
    on her couch. All night.


    And a kiss goodbye in the morning.

    damn i am tired and I am at work.

    GODDAMN i wish she wasn't moving.

By Dougie on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 09:05 am:


By dave. on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 09:55 am:

    isn't there someplace in the subgenius "bible" that mentions categorically excluding women's studies majors objects of romantic desires?

By sarah on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 10:51 am:

    ...unless of course you're me. where i can find me a single and available women's studies major?

    sem, when and where is she moving? how did you meet? what's the deal? DISH. you owe us. :)

By spunky on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 11:09 am:

    I do not sleep anymore without the help of melotonin or diphynhidromine.
    Better living through modern chemistry

By spunky on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 11:11 am:

    Sounds like a fun night, by the way Semi.

By Dougie on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 11:24 am:

    She doesn't have vaginismus or anusmus does she? If that didn't happen to come up in conversation last night, ask her over drinks tonight.

By John Bobbitt on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 11:41 am:

    And even if she does have it, force the issue. If she breaks, she needed fixing anyways. If you break, well, I hear they're doing great things with penile re-attachment.

By patrick on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 12:22 pm:

    you're on the road to becoming her best friend.

    WAHOOO sem.

    did you even try and put the make on her?

By semillama on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 04:18 pm:


    i met her through nerve. We met at a bar and
    hit it off - we have very similar senses of
    humor and values. Then, I took her out to
    dinner and another bar for a second date,
    which is when she told me she was moving
    back home to Lowell, MA for the summer, then
    down to Atlanta to attend Emory in the fall for
    her Ph.D, so she wasn't looking for a
    Ok, I thought. (also I thought: Shit. Damn. Just
    my luck)
    Then I took her to see P-Funk. and we had a
    great time.
    Then she took me out to dinner last night. And
    after we watched The Young Ones and she
    sat right next to me immediately. About 2-3
    hours later we started holding hands. And
    then we started watching Terms of
    Endearment, and she snuggled up to me,
    basically resting her head on my chest and
    asked me to stroke her hair. Which I did.
    THe only kiss was the one at the end.

    I didn't "throw the moves on her" because I
    was fairly surprised by all this and I don't really
    tend to do that immediately anyway. She
    asked me out ot aparty tomorrow night and
    damn If I ain't going, fool. I will update you all
    sunday on that.

    Did I mention that she's a trim brunette, wavy
    hair, blue eyes and a really unique, cute

    Did I also mention that I may want to look into
    airfares to Atlanta?

By Antigone on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 04:30 pm:

    Yee haw! Go for it!

By J on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 04:46 pm:

    I'm so happy for you Sem,she might be a keeper:)

By patrick on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 05:04 pm:

    you'll have a blast in Atlanta.

    P-Funk (sans GC) is playing for free there this weekend at Piedmont Park.

    The Atlanta jazz fest is coming up too. Can't beat that free show in the park for nothing.

By semillama on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 11:30 pm:

    I remember thinking, to help clear up why I
    didn't make a move on her, that just being
    there on a couch with my arms around a
    beautiful woman, hold her hand and stroking
    her hair and that's all, that's really very
    satisfying. it really filled a place inside that's
    been empty for a long time, a place that's
    totally seperate from sex, if that makes any
    sense. i was unequivocally truly and totally
    happy for the first time in god know how long.

    I'm actually expecting that this will only last
    until she moves. I don't know. My life
    experience has taught me not to get my hopes
    up but just go with the flow on this one and
    enjoy it while i can. maybe I can score a few
    more moments of that pure happiness, and
    that's all I can really ask for. No guarantees in
    life, you know. If somehow she believes in the
    viability of long distance relationships, well,
    we'll see.

    damn, last night was nice.

By moonit on Saturday, April 20, 2002 - 06:40 am:

    Yay Sem ; )

By sarah on Saturday, April 20, 2002 - 09:43 am:

    yet another reason why sem is one of the coolest guys i know.

    sounds like you have your head on right. i really hope it works out how you want it to.

    tell us more about her. what do you like about her?

By semillama on Saturday, April 20, 2002 - 03:34 pm:

    I Like:
    How sometimes she sort of half closes one
    eye when she's talking.
    That she considers music to be the greatest.
    that she's really intelligent and very funny.
    that she's socially aware but not religious
    about it.
    I like that we don't like many of the same

    I like that she doesn't like it when there are
    either a lot of plants or cats in a room.

    she likes the young ones.
    I like that she made me really listen to the
    Velvet Underground for the first time in my life.

    I like her nose, it's unlike any nose I have ever
    seen - it has interesting structure.
    I like that I can see residual glints of color in
    her hair from previous dyes, and I like how it
    I like that our hands are about the same size.

By semillama on Sunday, April 21, 2002 - 02:39 pm:

    Now,was it sarah that was going to give up
    drinking, and dave. to start drinking again, or
    was it the other way around?

By heather on Sunday, April 21, 2002 - 02:51 pm:


    did you, uh. well?!?

By semillama on Sunday, April 21, 2002 - 08:43 pm:




By semillama on Sunday, April 21, 2002 - 09:07 pm:

    Columbus to Boston: ~$200

    Columbus to Atlanta: ~$180

    What fools these mortals be.

By sarah on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 10:56 am:

    oh sem. yay! i'm so happy for you!

By patrick on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 11:58 am:

    this conversation makes me think of a Kids In the Hall episode where the whole family celebrates because grandpa pooped. They pass it around the table and grandpa has this smirk of pride on his face. The the kids fight over it, drop it and the dog eats it.

By Spider on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 12:17 pm:

    Ah, the Kids in the Hall. I've been thinking about them a lot lately, particularly the sketch involving the guy (Dave) at the cocktail party who has a speech impediment that makes everything he says sound sarcastic.

    "I'm so looooonely."

By patrick on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 12:37 pm:

    "I reaaaaaaaaaaaly want to be yourrrrrrrrrrr friend.

    Ohhhhhh im not being sarcastic......i've talked this way alllllllll myyyyy life."

    thats the best.

By Spider on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 01:02 pm:

    I feel like that sometimes.

By semillama on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 01:26 pm:

    Thank you for comparing my sex life to
    excrement. I think that's a first.

By patrick on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 01:38 pm:

    don't be silly now.

    its not the poop thats important, or the point.

By wisper on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 10:19 pm:

    i have all the Young Ones tapes, they're truly
    made for lovin'. Your night of cuddling on the
    couch sounds exactly like my first night with
    the boy....mmmm... so sweet.
    Except we watched UHF.

    You found a keeper, sem, fly...FLY!

By semillama on Friday, April 26, 2002 - 10:11 am:

    She made me dinner last night and i brought
    wine and truffles. I also brought her a
    surprise, which really surprised her: a copy of
    her favorite book, which she had forgotten she
    had told me earlier all about it and that she
    lost it. I did the whole "Close your eyes" bit
    and the look on her face when she saw what I
    had given her - wow. How awesome. (The
    book is "Red Ranger Came Calling" by Berke
    Breathed, and I highly recommend it). Then
    we watched another Young Ones video.

    Then I came to work in the morning.
    Everything is screwed up here, but for some
    reason I don't really care about that.

By semillama on Friday, April 26, 2002 - 01:16 pm:

    She called me wonderful.

    It's been, well, it's been a really long time
    since anyone's called me wonderful.

    I don't see how I am going to get anywork
    done at ALL today.

By patrick on Friday, April 26, 2002 - 01:26 pm:


    sem's hormones are doing cartwheels.

By J on Friday, April 26, 2002 - 04:03 pm:

    Try to calm those hormones Sem and play it cool.

By semillama on Friday, April 26, 2002 - 06:02 pm:

    Nah, emotions have pretty stable at "happy" all
    day. No carfwheels here. I am playing it cool,
    don't worry. Cool but not too cool, if you dig. I
    seem to be making all the right connections
    with her, though, so keep yer fingers crossed
    for me.

By Daniel ssss on Saturday, April 27, 2002 - 03:09 pm:

    happy fer ya Sem. long distance relationships are interesting and fulfilling since the advent of air travel. and free cell phone long distance. it's the couch time that's missing. Stop in StL on your way to and fro and you've got free lodging.

By semillama on Saturday, April 27, 2002 - 08:02 pm:

    Thanks Daniel, but StL is not on the flight

    Tonight will be the first night I've spent at
    home since Wednesday. I hope I can still peel
    my contacts off my eyelids.

By Sheila on Saturday, April 27, 2002 - 09:32 pm:

    Berke Breathed. The Velvet Underground. In
    the parallel universe I would be much younger
    and have an interesting nose and live in
    Atlanta. I kick myself daily for not having
    pursued Semillama when I had a chance.
    She who has captured his heart had better be
    worthy of it.

    I am so happy for you.

By semillama on Saturday, April 27, 2002 - 11:02 pm:

    Thanks, Sheila. You're way too good for me,
    anyhow ; )

    She's very worthy of it, too.

    It's really ridiculous in this day and age to let a
    little thing like physical distance stand in the
    way of a relationship, don't you think?

By Sheila on Sunday, April 28, 2002 - 12:21 am:

    Not when there is the parallel universe.

    If this woman does not honour you, Sarah and
    I will kick her ass.

    No. We will kill her.

By sarah on Sunday, April 28, 2002 - 12:36 am:

    i'll hold her down and let sheila do the rest.

    but breathe easy sem, i'm sure it won't come to that.

By Daniel ssss on Sunday, April 28, 2002 - 02:05 pm:

    Fly Southwest and ANYPLACE can be on your flight path. Just returned from Canada where if I would have flown Southwest (which doesn't go to Canada) I cd have visited Memphis, Balitmore, and then a day long extravaganza.

    LDR (Long Distance Relationship) is possible. Even desireable some instances. Think of what happens when together day in and day out...contacts get stuck.

    Among other things.

By semillama on Sunday, April 28, 2002 - 03:09 pm:

    you guys.


By wisper on Saturday, May 4, 2002 - 09:30 pm:

    hey Daniel, did you have fun in canada? where
    did you go?

    i'm sorry i couldn't meet with you, i have been
    crazy busy.

    and sem, i too will kill her if she hurts you, my
    little semmy.


    awww :) my heart flutters for thee.

By R.C. on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 - 02:50 am:

    Sem Gotta Girl! At last!

    Way to go, bro! No,w go get you one of those 3000 min.-per-month cell phone plans w/no long distance charges for $40 & you're good ta go!

    Stay In Touch with her over the summer. Email/phone calls & real old-fashioned snail mail cards. (Email's great/but there is Just No Substitute for a hand-written note.) And you'll have a nice, toasty rapport the time she moves to Atlanta. :)

By eri on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 - 10:55 am:

    I do have to agree with you there R.C. I am horrible about snail mail, but love it. My best friend is still in Kansas City and things have changed a lot for both of us since I have moved. Things are getting hard for her now and I can't be there. We email some, but she has only 5 hours a month on the internet. We call some, but the bills get expensive. Every now and then, out of the blue, I receive a cool card from her or her kids. All things combined, really give it a personal touch and all we have lost is geographical closeness.

By patrick on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 04:33 pm:

    since kazoo mentioned this on WAYD...i'd like to take this opportunity to state that i still encourage sem to put the make on at any given time...and i still stand by my kids in the hall poop reference.

By kazoo on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 04:48 pm:

    That was a beautiful reference...I laughed a man's laugh when I read it. These (and the ones on the other thread I mentioned) were the first impressions I had of most of you.

By patrick on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 04:56 pm:

    say it with me

    p o o p

By kazoo on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 05:12 pm:


By wisper on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 08:15 pm:

    i'd just like to say that they released a DVD with ALL the Young Ones episodes on it, instead of my 4 vhs tapes, plus extras, and i am really PISSED about it.

    poo poo pooo

By Dougie on Thursday, December 12, 2002 - 12:57 am:

    KEWL. Must get that! I just got Eddie Izzard's new DVD. Waiting for the perfect moment to watch it. Saw Die Another Day tonight. Lemme just say that Halle Berry is very gifted in the bikini department -- she deserves another Oscar just for that scene of her popping out the water. Quelle acting. Otherwise, how can you not like a Bond flick? I wanted to see the Ring, but the little woman wanted to see 007.

By trace on Thursday, December 12, 2002 - 07:43 am:

    Alright, I gotta do it. Did anyone else see southpark last night?

By semillama on Wednesday, September 17, 2003 - 06:19 pm:

    it will be a year and 5 months on friday.

    I still have to stop sometimes and remind myself this isn't just a wonderful dream.

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