choose between my best friend and my boyfriend What have you failed to do?: choose between my best friend and my boyfriend

Help on Monday, November 15, 2004 - 01:13 pm:

    maybe someone can help me out for once. see i lost my best friend the minute i got with my boyfriend. i guess it's because that her ex. ya i know i'm stupid. but the funny thing is she pushed me to give him a chance and i did and now i'm the bad one. it pisses me off. then i finally did break up with him and it hurt so much because all he did was love me and still does. the fact is i didn't break up with him because i'm not happy. in fact i've never been this happy. i broke with him because i want my friend back. she was like my sister and now she's not.

By Captain Advice on Monday, November 15, 2004 - 06:10 pm:

    well what would you rather have, a best friend or someone to love?

    I'm inclined to say that if she can't get over you two being together, then fuck her.
    She might get over it, but if not...she pushed you to give him a chance. If she can't handle it, this is her problem and not yours.

By Lonely girl on Wednesday, June 15, 2005 - 12:33 pm:

    the same thing happened to me. My best friend was going out with this guy and she broke up with him, and me and him started hanging out. I talked to her about it and I asked her if she cared if i dated him. She said she would be mad at me if i didn't because of how perfect we were together. I've been with him for 1 and a half years and she still holds a grudge against me. Captain Advice is right Fuck her

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