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JusMiceElf on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 06:40 am:

    Oy--well, we're in the home stretch, pregnancy-wise here, and I
    just keep finding ways to stress out my wife. First with work--
    I've been working part time since we moved in together, first
    doing some volunteer gigs, then at photography, and then at a
    local toy store, which I have loved. When that was going
    through some managemnt upheaval earlier this year, I started to
    think about moving on finally. Having worked at our daugther's
    day care coop, and loving being with that age of kids, I decided I
    wanted to become a preschool teacher. The original plan was to
    ease into it over the next couple of years, but when I became
    disgruntled at work, I decided I wanted to accelerate that

    I had thought that that was settled and okay, and that we would
    figure things out as they went along. I started subbing at two
    preschools this fall, making myself available for three mornings
    a week. I knew that having to be at work at eight instead of nine
    would make things more difficult, especially since my wife is not
    a morning person, and my daughter's current day care doesn't
    start until nine.

    A few weeks back, when I was talking about the possiblilty of
    having a five day a week job at one of these centers in the fall,
    my wife let loose, saying that I was jumping ahead without
    considereing how that would affect her and what will by then be
    our two daughters. She said that it was self-centered of me to
    assume that it would be okay, and that she would be alriht with
    being responsible for getting our older daughter to and from
    childcare and caring four the ew baby for the morning hours.
    An afternoon work schedule seemed just as stressful to her,
    since that would leave her home with an infant and a (hopefully)
    napping toddler. I admitted that I had not thought that through
    fully, and had assumed that we would make adjustments and
    add childare as needed.

    Also in the last couple of weeks, she's been accelerating getting
    the baby room ready, and given me a list of what she'd like meto
    get doe in preparation. I had been putting off most of that list,
    thinking that I had time to get to it all, and not really pluging
    things into my free time. After asking me about the list a few
    times, she got angry the other day, feeling that she was doing
    the bulk of the work to get ready, and that I was not really
    supporting her or finding ways to make things less stressful.

    On top of this, she's been diagnosed with mild gestational
    diabetes, and the last few nights, I've been at a loss for dinner
    ideas, so we've ended up eating meals with more carbs and less
    protein than she's suppoed to have, which elevates her evening
    blood sugar. I had been doing pretty well for the first couple of
    weeks about planning balanced meals for her, and have just lost
    steam lately, and found myself with no good idea as dinner time
    approaches (or one good idea, which doesn't appleal).

    Oy--I'm frustrated. I wish I could anticipate this all better, and I
    don't know how to keep myself ahead in the count. I'm just not
    great at juggling priorities--one graduate level class, some work
    (preschool and toy store), one pregnant wife, one toddler, etc.
    And of course, it re-ignited in the middle of the night, becouse
    the bably monitor started randomly beeping, waking us both up,
    and I didn't manage to fix it on my first try.

By kazu on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 03:03 pm:

    Your life sounds really hard.

By J on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 02:40 am:

    Things will get better.

By Dr Pepper on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 05:56 am:

    He sounded like a Hebrew?

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