Tony Hart Is it art?: Tony Hart

By Morph on Saturday, July 1, 2000 - 09:22 pm:

    If Tony Hart didn't do it, it ain't art.

By Gee on Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 01:00 am:


By Zephyr on Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 01:46 am:

    exactly. Which means that art is not truly the representation of the human mind and its understanding of concepts, other humans, and anything else, but how Tony Hart's mind interprets such stimuli, and then processes them, and finally creates art with those ideas and perogatives.

    WHich means that human culture in general has been a falsehood and a sham. Until Tony Hart came along. He is the representation of the human imagination, and perhaps Morph meant Tony Hart in a metaphorical sense, as Mr. Hart could possibly be representative of the portion of the human psyche that creates, understands, and imagines art and other complex abstract concepts that are the representation of our world through a different lens, etc.

    Of course, it could be just Morph's way of saying that he/she has a vast appreciation for how Tony Hart represents his interpretations of the world...who knows?

    Who cares?

By dave. on Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 02:08 am:

    i totally do not care. all i want is tony hart's beer and if he has a chipper, i'd like to borrow that next weekend.

By Zephyr on Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 02:16 am:

    I hate golf, usually, but it's a nice break to take a putter and a cheap fake putting green and just take a break from interning

By dave. on Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 02:48 am:

    wood chipper.

By Zephyr on Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 11:50 am:

    go figure.

By dave. on Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 01:45 pm:

    branches go in, wood chips come out.

    reminds me of a judo sensei i had when i was a kid. he was a real character. he used to say stuff like:

    "i do not play. i don't even play records"


    "i eat 2x4s and shit prestologs™"

    maybe i should call him up and tell him to get his fat ass over here to take care of this pile of brush.

By agatha on Monday, July 3, 2000 - 02:07 am:

    that is not a pile of brush. that is a brush mountain.

By semillama on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 - 06:35 pm:

    That is not Tony Hart. That is a pile of laundry.

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