Love Note Is it art?: Love Note

By LoneStranger on Thursday, June 20, 2002 - 05:25 am:

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a love note to my friend so she could show her boyfriend what a real love note should be. It was mushy and passionate, etc, etc.

    When my girlfriend was visiting a couple weeks ago, we were all hanging out, and the love note was mentioned. My girlfriend said she wanted a love note. I told her I would write one for her.

    So today I sat down and started to just write a quick love note. I went overboard, probably a little. Anyway, here is the love note....
    My dearest Heather,

    Each day I spend apart from you is like an eternity. I try to keep myself busy so that time passes, but my thoughts always seem to drift back. Images of you flash in my head and hold me fixed, almost as tight as I desire to have your arms around me. My feelings for you grow with every breath; my yearning for your touch is ever insatiate. The flowers do not seem to be as colorful, the birds as melodious, nor the moon as bright. I long for the next time I can see your glowing beauty; your soft lips, your warm smile, your eyes. Aye me, how I wish to gaze deep into your eyes again, toward the inner beauty that pales the external loveliness. When I am with you, I feel as though I were a prince, and you my princess, with all the glory and honor of that rank. No man can come close to bettering me while I remain in your goodwill. If you will have me, I shall seek to one day make you my queen, where you may rule my heart as your loyal subject. I bestow upon you this key which will unlock that heart that I wish so fervently to give to you. Take this key, cherish it, and keep it safe. This key is the secret to eternal happiness together; use it to unlock the blissful future. Until then, my love will remain deep inside my soul, waiting for the moment you use the key, where it can burst forth and envelop your entirety. I await, with much anticipation, that very moment when I will be complete.

    Yours faithfully, Mike

    So after I wrote it, I took a key that I got from a bedroom chest. It looks like an old 'skull' key, except that it's not a skull. I put "to my heart" on the shaft with a fine point sharpie. I didn't know how I would send it in an envelope. Then I saw the DVD case that I got in the mail from Earthlink. I opened it up, yanked the Earthlink CD out of it, and was going to tape the key to the inside of it when I got another idea.

    I recorded the love note and burned it on CD. It takes up one two minute track. Of course I used my best passion and yearning voice, and enunciated all the proper words. I put the CD inside and labeled it "To my dearest Heather." I closed it up, printed a DVD sized paper with the address on it, stuck it underneath the clear plastic and then taped up the top and bottom edges. I sealed the main edge with wax from a candle, and etched my initials into it. I don't know how much it will be to send it to her, but I assume it can't be more than the 3.20 to send up to 2 lbs.

    Anyway, I thought it would be romantic since I won't see her this weekend. She'll get a kick out of hearing it.

    And on another note, Heather's sister told her that she liked me. Heather's brother-in-law said I was 'a keeper.'

    She also says that I'm different than the other guys. I try to get it out of her exactly what it is, but she says I'm just different. Apparently I don't make her feel the same way that they did. Go figure. Maybe I'm a natural charmer.


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