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Wordjunky on Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - 05:22 am:

    Did you understand? (Harvest Moon edit)

    simple minds are hard to kill,
    small eruptions
    inside a black balloon
    the smallest hall
    always attracts the largest beasts
    and clouds, small if they are green
    crowd the mind and clouda the senses

    sweaty hand filled with dollars,
    listless flower on a bed of nails
    target sleeps and killer shoots
    dead and forgotten - rotten

    we try to sleep, but your breathing
    keeps me awake..
    the scent of her neck
    drives me into a frustrated fit,
    i scream
    i fall
    i'm tall.. you're small

    i grab my twists of lemon,
    and dip my head in gin
    i dodge icecubes with an umbrella
    and swings at the air with my fists
    (they hold little kittens)

    i think i saw you smile
    our eye's have seen,
    and our mouth's have tasted
    tasted and liked, spat and disliked
    ambience is filling everything
    devoid of love and raked with long
    bloodcolored nails

    she's a crane of pain
    a bringer of babies unwanted
    but i have my heart and
    with every beat i kill her
    until she is by my feet
    clapping her hands
    in triumph she screams:

    "pain is your muse,
    and the screams
    of dying angels
    your music!"

    so listen to me,
    hear me out
    what i say now is true,
    and what you heard was a lie

    (c) k.e. eriksson


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