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By Rhiannon on Friday, February 16, 2001 - 03:00 pm:

By patrick on Friday, February 16, 2001 - 03:09 pm:

    no this is Bush waving his big dick, and the beginning of the payback to the military industrial complex for all the campaign donations.

By Rhiannon on Friday, February 16, 2001 - 03:10 pm:

    So was there a warning before this happened, or did they just bomb Iraq out of the blue? I mean, in terms of news coverage before it happened.

By Nate on Friday, February 16, 2001 - 03:42 pm:

    we've been bombing iraq regularly for the past 10 years.

    patrick, stop playing the liberal lacky role. it's ridiculous.

    this bombing is based on clinton-administration established policy.

By patrick on Friday, February 16, 2001 - 03:56 pm:

    the bombing is based on the accord reached at the end of the gulf war about the no-fly zones. thats a Bush sr. policy enforced strictly by Clinton.

    its not a matter of liberal bias.....if Gore were in office id say the same thing chump!

    Rhiannon it seems the US and Britain cherry pick when to react. I don't trust the news about this topic anymore....rather I don't trust what our gov says about the matter.

By Nate on Friday, February 16, 2001 - 04:06 pm:

By patrick on Friday, February 16, 2001 - 05:38 pm:

    so you think the Bush officials are going through with the missle defense program because they truly believe there to be ballistic missle threats from "rogue nations"....or so they offer contracts as rewards for campaign donations. Or if you adopt chomsky's view unilaterally, then you believe we woudl move forward with such a program out of simple aggressive and arrogance. Which i also believe is part of the equation.

    i love reading chomsky, mainly because he makes me feel so dumb...and gives me an inflated sense of "THAT MAKES SENSE"

By dave on Friday, February 16, 2001 - 06:49 pm:

    i wish they would just bomb saddam's ass to hell. stop bombing the citizens, bomb the leader. bomb every damn leader until you get one that knows how to treat the citizens fairly or at least as fairly as we do here. regardless of the back room military-industrial deals and the propaganda, if it makes them be nice to the cute little families out there, i'm for it.

By Nate on Friday, February 16, 2001 - 06:54 pm:

    those fucking ragheads need to watch more tv so that they can participate in the western mindcontrol experiment.

By semillama on Saturday, February 17, 2001 - 04:57 pm:

    Ever since Russia wussed out on us, The U.S. has needed someone to be the bad guy. Saddam volunteered. I wouldn't surprised if we actually asked him if he wanted to be el numero uno baddy. This is way better than the cold war for us becuase we can really wave our dicks around and actually kill people! /sarcasm

    Chomsky's pretty much dead on about us being a rogue state. Since when have we ever done anything according to the UN or international agreements when they didn't suit us?

By Hal on Saturday, February 17, 2001 - 09:16 pm:

    I have to go with Sem on this one. Except I miss the cold war, or what small part of it I expeirenced, I mean look what came out of it. And in any case it gave us something to do, kept our minds off of things for a while.

    Americans in general don't give a fuck about Saddam any more because we know that we can kick his camel riding ass. He's a fuck, and he knows we know it. I mean we got involved because we were worried about oil not the fucking Kuwaities. We don't fear him anymore, and the bomings they are nothing more then our pilots getting a chance to learn air to ground manuvers over a country instead of utah and new mexico.


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