not drunk as hell, but certainly drunk. Drunken Ramblings: not drunk as hell, but certainly drunk.

By Bell_jar on Saturday, June 24, 2000 - 10:05 pm:

    i feel so funny cause i just got done drinking with these people that i sort of work with. i was certainly the youngest one there. the person closest in age might have been the 30 year old. crazy crackers. the funny thing is that i had to ride my bike home. try riding a bike when you are drunk. i was so paranoid, but i'm home and it's only 9 o'clock. i really need to drink some more. however, i remember the saying, "liquor before beer never fear, beer before liquor never sicker." i live by this rule. since i started with beer... well... i should go nowhere whkat the hell. blah bhal blah. i shoudl eat. i haven't eaten yet today. damn damn.

By Isolde on Saturday, June 24, 2000 - 11:47 pm:

    You can get arrested for drunk driving while on a bicycle. Just wanted to make sure you knew.

By Poop on Sunday, June 25, 2000 - 01:51 am:

    I've heard of a man in Oregon who was arrested for drunk driving on a donkey! The establishment was warned by the Licquor Control Commission about a regular who 'parked' his donkey out front and then passed out on his donkey who would bring the drunk man home. Do you think this was a justified use of our tax dollars? What kind of trouble could this donkey have caused?

By Isolde on Sunday, June 25, 2000 - 01:53 am:

    You can be arrested for intoxication doing basically everything. Including riding horses/donkeys. Silly, I know, but someone apparently thought it was a public risk...

By Cat on Sunday, June 25, 2000 - 02:17 am:

    Ass can always get you in trouble. Ask Clinton.

By Charlotte on Sunday, June 25, 2000 - 11:51 pm:

    Brevity is the key.................. few words, less harm.

By Isolde on Monday, June 26, 2000 - 01:16 am:

    Ass only gets you in trouble when you're caught.

By J on Monday, June 26, 2000 - 02:46 am:

    I fell off my bed last night and really hurt myself,one minute I was fine,talking to Czarina and the lovely T**,the next minute I was on the floor,and needed help up.I didn't eat all day and a certain bastard made me work all day in the heat.

By I a hapopy on Thursday, June 29, 2000 - 09:38 pm:

    i only bit the piece my tongu and, did wow that damaged it! so that when still i not be here now, because i am brewskies without drinking with my hanz good of friends and granz. but you can do alleviates will answer me to the message and to i if i am templado

By Gee on Saturday, July 1, 2000 - 05:51 am:

    He's a very smart Prince.
    He's a prince who prepares.
    Knowing this time I'd run from him,
    He spread pitch on the stairs.
    I was caught unawares.
    And I thought: Well, he cares.

    This is more than just malace.
    Better stop and take stock
    While you're standing here stuck
    On the steps of the palace.

    You think: What do you want?
    You think: Make a decision!
    Why not stay and be caught?
    You think: Well, it's a thought.
    What would be his response?

    But then what if he knew who you were
    When you know that you're not
    What he thinks that he wants?
    And then what if you are
    What a prince would envision?
    Although how can you know who you are
    Till you know what you want
    Which you don't
    So then which do you pick?

    Where you're safe out of sight and yourself,
    But where everything's wrong?
    Or where everything's right
    And you know that you'll never belong?
    And whichever you pick
    Do it quick
    'Cause you're starting to stick
    To the steps of the palace.

    It's your first big decision.
    The choice isn't easy to make.
    To arrive at a ball
    Is exciting and all,
    Once you're there,
    Though, it's scarey.
    And it's fun to deceive
    When you know you can leave,
    But you have to be wary.

    There's a lot that's at stake
    But you've stalled long enough.
    'Cause you're still standing
    Stuck in the stuff on the steps.
    Better run along home,
    And avoid the collision.
    Even though they don't care
    You'll be better off there
    Where there's nothing to chose
    So there's nothing to lose.
    So you pry up your shoes.

    Then from out of the blue,
    And without any guide,
    You know what your decision is:
    Which is not to decide.
    You'll just leave him a clue.
    For example: a shoe.
    And then see what he'll do.

    Now it's he and not you
    Who is stuck with a shoe
    In a stew
    In the goo
    And you've learned something too
    Something you never knew
    On the steps of the palace.

By Spider on Saturday, July 1, 2000 - 10:06 am:

    I like that. Who wrote it?

By Gee on Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 01:27 am:

    Stephen Sondheim.

    it's from "Into the Woods". Cinderella sings it.

    I signed the CD out from the library last week and I'm a little dissaponted because it's a different cast from the version I saw on TV. I'm going to sugggest to the library that they get a copy of the play. right now they just have the book and the CD.

    I suggested to them several months ago that they get some Spirit of the West albums, and even told them which ones would be good, and I just found out that they took my advice right to the letter. I feel so proud for bringing my boys to the rest of my school.

By Gee on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 02:04 am:

    No more questions,
    Please. No more tests.
    Comes the day you say: What for?
    Please, no more.

    -We dissapoint,
    -We dissapear,
    -We die, but we don't.

    -They dissapoint
    -In turn, I fear
    -Forgive though they won't.

    No more riddles.
    No more jests.
    No more curses you can't undo,
    Left by fathers you never knew.

    No more quests.
    No more feelings.
    Time to shut the door.
    Just, no more.

    -Running away.
    -Let's do it.
    -Free from the ties that bind.
    -No more dispare,
    -Or burdens to bare,
    -Out there in the yonder.

    -Running away.
    -Go to it.
    -Where did you have in mind?
    -Have to take care.
    -Unless there's a Where,
    -You'll only be wandering blind.
    -Just more questions,
    -Different kinds.

    -Where are we to go?
    -Where are we ever to go?

    -Running away
    -We'll do it.
    -Why sit around, resigned?
    -Trouble is, son,
    -The farther you run,
    -The more you feel undefined,
    -For what you have left undone
    -And more, what you've left behind.

    -We dissapoint,
    -We leave a mess,
    -We die, but we don't.

    We dissapoint
    In turn, I guess.
    Forgive though we won't.

    Like father, like son.

    No more giants,
    Waging war.
    Can't we just pursue our lives,
    With our children and our wives?
    Till that happy day arrives,
    How do you ignore
    All the witches?
    All the curses?
    All the wolves?
    All the lies?
    The false hopes?
    The goodbyes?
    The reverses?
    All the wondering what
    Even worse is still in store?

    All the children,
    All the giants,
    No more...

By Gee on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 02:28 am:

    Mother cannot guide you.
    Now you're on your own.
    Only me beside you.
    Still you're not alone.
    No one is alone.
    Truely, no one is alone.

    Sometimes people leave you
    Halfway through the woods.
    Others may deceve you.
    You decide what's good.
    You decide alone.
    But no one is alone.

    Mother isn't here now,
    Who knows what she'd say.
    Nothing's quite so clear, now.
    Feel you've lost your way?
    You are not alone.
    Believe me, no one is alone.

    You move just a finger,
    Say the slightest word.
    Something's bound to linger,
    Be heard (?).
    No one acts alone.
    Careful, no one is alone.

    People make mistakes.
    Fathers, mothers.
    People make mistakes.
    Holding to their own.
    Thinking they're alone.
    Honor their mistakes.
    Watch for the mistakes
    Everybody makes.
    One another's terrible mistakes.

    Witches can be right.
    Giants can be good.
    You decide what's right.
    You decide what's good.
    Just remember:

    Someone is on your side,
    Someone else is not.
    While we're seeing our side,
    Maybe we forgot
    They are not alone.
    No one is alone.

    Hard to see the light, now.
    Just don't let it go.
    Things will come out right, now.
    We can make it so.
    Someone is on your side.

By dave on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 02:36 am:



By Gee on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 02:38 am:

    what was that?

    Was that me?
    Was that him?
    Did a prince really kiss me?
    And kiss me?
    And kiss me?
    And did I kiss him back?

    Was it wrong?
    Am I mad?
    Is that all?
    Does he miss me?
    Was he suddenly getting bored with me?

    Wake up! Stop dreaming!
    Stop prancing about the woods!
    It's not beseeming,
    What is it about the woods?

    Back to life,
    Back to sense,
    Back to child,
    Back to husband,
    No one lives in the woods.
    There are vows,
    There are ties,
    There are needs,
    There are standards,
    There are Shouldn'ts and Shoulds.

    Why not both, instead?
    There's the answer if you're clever.
    Have a child for warmth,
    And a baker for bread,
    And a prince for...whatever.

    It's these woods!

    Face the facts,
    Find the boy,
    Join the group,
    Stop the giant,
    Just get out of these woods.
    Was that him?
    Yes, it was.
    Was that me?
    No, it wasn't.
    Just a trick of the woods.

    Just a Moment.
    One peculiar passing Moment.
    Must it all be either
    Less or More?
    Either Plain or Grand?
    Is it always OR?
    Is it never AND?
    That's what woods are for.
    For those Moments in the woods.

    Oh, if life were made of Moments,
    Even now and then a bad one.
    But if life were only Moments,
    Then you'd never know you'd had one.

    First a witch,
    Then a child,
    Then a prince,
    Then a Moment,
    Who can live in the woods?
    And to get
    What you wish
    Only just
    For a moment
    These are dangerous woods.

    Let the Moment go.
    Don't forget it for a moment, though.
    Just remembering you've had an AND
    When you're back to OR
    Makes the OR mean more
    Than it did before.

    Now I understand...
    And it's time to leave the woods!

By Gee on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 02:38 am:

    can't stop yet.

By Gee on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 02:43 am:

    This is the world I meant.
    Couldn't you listen?
    Couldn't you stay content
    Safe behind walls,
    As I could not?

    No matter what you say,
    Children won't listen.
    No matter what you know,
    Children refuse to learn.

    Guide them along the way,
    Still they won't listen.
    Children can only grow
    From something you love
    To something you lose.


    Careful the things you say,
    Children will listen.
    Careful the things you do,
    Children will see and learn.

    Children may not obey,
    But children will listen.
    Children will look to you,
    For which way to turn
    To learn what to be.

    Careful before you say:
    Listen to me.
    Children will listen.

By Gee on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 02:54 am:

    okay. now.

    I have to take the CD tomorow. I'm expressing how dissapointed I am.

By Isolde on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 03:33 am:


By Daniel ssss on Thursday, July 6, 2000 - 01:42 am:

    Isolde: I'm finally in my log cabin. Email me when you've the time. It's a bitch getting on line from this place but I have a tree with a modem.daniel

By Isolde on Thursday, July 6, 2000 - 10:49 pm:

    Me Isolde? *looks around, surprised* I have a tin bucket with a modem. Yay. I love living in the middle of nowhere.

By Daniel ssss on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 12:36 am:

    Yeah: you Isolde, Me Daniel. Have you sauntered eastward yet? One of my best friends ( just moved to NH. It's terribly muggy here in these woods tonight.

By V on Wednesday, April 6, 2005 - 07:38 pm:

    ...Yup,muggers are no fun at all.

By D on Wednesday, April 6, 2005 - 11:32 pm:

    Daniel, I liked Henry David Thoreau style...

By Ocean on Sunday, April 17, 2005 - 04:31 pm:

    The song with the old man and the baker. It's my favourite in the entire play - though I also love some of the witch's songs (like that last one). That one was my favourite to sing. I was the old man. Loved the role, glad we weren't being directed by one of those people who won't let a guy be played by a girl. I've got a lower voice anyway, and I don't think I could have pulled off the other roles. Anyway, ya... I was looking for the piano music and stubled across this, so i guess that's all i have to say...

By Daneal on Wednesday, March 8, 2006 - 12:24 am:

    What the fuck no wonder this went extinct

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