In your bedroom? What does it look like where you are?: In your bedroom?

By Cat on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 12:24 am:

    It looks like someone vomited roses all over my bedroom.

    When I bought this new house, I decided it was time for me to throw off the shackles of my boy-trap boudoir (all red and navy and dark green with lots of velvet and fringes), which was designed to make my bloke feel comfortable.

    But since he made me feel decidedly uncomfortable, I have rebelled and gone for a very girly bedroom. And I like it. It just needs some barbie dolls to make it complete.

    If I had a web page, I would show you a pic of it. But I don't. So just think lots of white and roses...pale green walls, white timber blinds, a wooden bed, wooden floor covered with chinese rugs (more roses there too).

    And now I'm thinking our bedrooms reflect where we are in our what's your bedroom like?

By JusMiceElf on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 01:50 am:

    mine's a mess right now. but it's better than it's been. I have the whole attic for my room. Roughly a quarter of it is bathroom, a quarter office, and the rest has my bed, my closet, and a large loungish space. The office area has my desk with computer, one dresser, a low bookcase, rattan file units, a dog bed, assorted papers, cds and clutter. My bed is in a dormer on the north side, near the bathroom. The south side dormer was torn off before I bought the house; it was cantilevered out over the back porch, and a second story sleeping porch, and the weight was too much for the measly iron posts supporting the wood collums supporting the dormer and porch.

    The floor is a maple veneer plywood, in two foot squares, nice and light. The trim is painted a light sage, the ceiling is vaulted, and the exposed chimney slants just a bit. there's one partition, extending from the chimney over; it's in front of you to the left when you come up the stairs. I may take it out someday and redesign the closet which is on the other side of it.

    The lounge area needs some arranging. I've got some more bookcases, another dresser by the closet, legos on the floor, amd the white leather couch my grandma gave me (handmedown. I do like it, but it's not the sort of thing I would have sought out for myself). I need to tidy that area up, arrange the legos, add a coffee table and a couple of chairs, and swap the bookcases for something a little nicer. I now have curtains, which go a long way towards making the room look livable.

By pez on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 02:47 am:

    i have a smallish bedroom that was once either a guestroom or an office in a former life. at one time it contained a waterbed--i've been in the room for over nine years and i can still see the imprints on the carpet. which i've vaccumned. many times.

    there's one window, facing west. my bed is underneath this window, pushed into the corner. i like having large space in the center.

    i have two closets, one of which holds my clothes and old birthday cards, the other contains my desk. the only problem is that i have to move my lamp to close the door. a remedy easily fixed withone of those multi-plug things.

    i have a poster of episode 1 and another of return to the forbidden planet, but mostly i have maps on my walls. maps of downtown portland, musical places in the uk and ireland, endangered species.

    my desk has about six trolls on it. i found them, and realized that i should get a bunch of those basic barbies that come dressed in their underwear and transform them. amputee barbie. drunken maniac barbie. bag lady barbie. and, of course, mug shot barbie. and alter the boxes to match.

By TBone on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 03:12 am:

    See for yourself. Okay, so you can't see much of my room. That will change as I work on the page, connections, cams, dns, etc.

    Let me know if they don't work.

By Hal on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 10:32 am:

    My room is in the corner of the basement, its snug and comfortable for me... I get cable...

    When my parents decided to hide my ass in the basement they gave me the room that the cable in the house leads into, so I got cable much to my sisters dismay. ANYWAY, I have really ugly green carpet layed out on cement, I have a chinese futon, its really cool, and has a blue mattress. Other than that an old chair that was my grandmothers and is older than I am, and a whole bunch of sterio equitment, random electircal crap, and clothes... I'll get a picture and ya'll can email me if you want it.

By Isolde on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 12:53 pm:

    My bedroom:
    Has two windows, since it is at the corner of the house. The floor is old and wooden and dirty. There's a bathroom attached, in fact, THE bathroom is attached, and the other door leads into an alcove-living room type thing. Uglyass. Anyway. The bedroom. The ancient floor. I have this wierd soy furniture which is basically plastic, but it's really cool. I have the bed shoved into a corner, put up as high as I can make it, with two matresses. I like high beds. Then I have a dresser with a bookshelf on top next to it, covered in books, inhaler parts, hairbrushes, the telephone, and a large glass of water. Under one of the windows is my desk, covered in computer components, most of which are working right now, strangely.
    The closet has some clothing in it, not much.
    I like being spartan.
    On one of the walls is a Guinness poster.

By semillama on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 02:39 pm:

    I have a tendency to fil up whatever space I am in to the point where one would look at it and say you either need more storage-type furniture or a bigger place.

    My philosophy as a person who does not share his space (currently) is that I do not have a problem with a large pile of books in front of my book case. Neither do i have a problem with piling laundry near my dresser until laundry day.

    I actually don't have a problem with piles, period.

    My bedroom has a double set of one over one windows, and a medium sized closet, doors of which never close. I have a small dresser (I always need a bigger dresser), infront of which sits my laundry basket and supplies. A box fan (which does not fit into the window) sits on top of a stack of comic book boxes near the closet. along the wall of the room opposite the windows, there is a mirror, two boxes with photo albums and miscellaneaous crap, a small book case overflowing onto the floor with books, along with a keepsake box on top, and my computer desk.
    My single twin bed (again, need a larger bed) sticks out from the middle of the south wall, near the compter desk. opposite the desk, on the other side of the bed, is my nightstand/bookcase #2. All of the recently read books, plus extra archaeology/anthropolgy books are there.

    On my walls are a 1610 map of Ireland, a large blown-up copy of adrawing in coloring book style of Ronald McDonald asking Ozzy if he can join Black Sabbath, a comic strip i drew ripping on a pretentious dumbass blues musician from my home town, my Doktorate in the Forbidden Sciences, My Official, Divine, All- Purpose Excuse, A small 8.5 X 11 poster reading "The Sub Genius Must Have Slack!" A poster of the soloar system, modified to include Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, an Aboriginal-style carved wooden alligator above the bed, a pastel portrait of Henry Rollins that I did, and a watercolor self portrait of Mavis that she gave me.

By Cat on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 04:12 pm:

By Tired on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 04:21 pm:

    my god

    that could be in a magazine. does it normally look like that or did you mop the floor and make the bed and all that jazz just for the picture?

    my bedroom reflects myself insofar as I'm not telling you anything about it.

By Cat on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 05:08 pm:

    I'm pretty tidy in my room because I need to have clear space or I get a bit claustrophobic, or whatever the phobia is that makes you shitty when you feel constrained.

    The closet is a different story.

    Come on Tired...we know you've got Ninja Turtle posters on the's time to come out of your shell.

By Tom on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 06:00 pm:

    4 tan walls with fake wood paneling. Dirty brown carpet. The dirty window is hidden by dusty blinds.

    The closet occupies the entire east wall. It is piled with clothing and books. There's a small space on the closet shelf cleared for the athame, tarot cards, and other meaningless paraphenalia; there's also a box full of old love letters. That's the only clean space in the house.

    On the floor: Three blankets that I sleep on, a lamp with no lampshade, and a digital alarm clock.

    clothing and books are strewn about the room, as is the carcass of a cardboard box.

By Isolde on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 06:15 pm:

    Your room reminds me of a hotel...I like to keep a super clean space too, but I like to leave a little something of myself out.
    Hence, inhaler parts and the Guinness poster. Yay guinness. I actually have a picture of my computer and the soy furniture agianst a wall, maybe I'll scan it in somewhere and post it.

By pez on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 06:46 pm:

    lessee...i have more...

    various drawings of horses and fairies an sorcerers that date back as far as sixth grade. an old "touristy" cookoo clock. my bookself, shoved into a corner, is filled with books, and the top holds two porcelain dolls (one repunzel limeted edition, the other handmade by my grandma and one of her friends named columbine from mossflower) a music box-juggling clown, three pez dispensers (santa, bunny and yoda), a small wire doll i made in eighth grade, and various ceramic and glass knick-knacks, and a jack-in-the-box antenna ball whick i stuck in a small plastic easter basket as a joke. next to my bookshelf is a rolling cart filled with stuffed animals and blankets i didn't know i still had.

By Daniel ssss on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 09:36 pm:

    a cherry stool I made 18 yrs ago serves as nitestand, high queen bed with dark bedding but covered in a white feather blanket, three cushion couch, 1880's walnut burl front 3 drawer dresser, maroon marble slab top, 2 2-drawer files, black, with a function slab top on which laptop & printer, 10 key and phone and phone speaker, and four plastic yogurt containers for quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies reside, two humidor type/size personal boxes One I Made The Other My Father's Humidor turned tricket box, and next to the door a tall bookcase full of rocks, two shelves of journals, and computer supplies. Peach carpeting (no kidding) white walls no drapes as I'm up in the trees -- like a tree house. And my grandfather's (he made it) leather topped tilt top table with my boys pics thereon, along with a childhood photo of me as a cueball, leaded glass lamp, a bowl of maple I turned once, a rutillated quartz ball I didn't turn, a schizo-client-bequeathed kachina, a couple of candles, oil lamp, a quantity of memories resting on a fabric scrap given me by my best friend.

    Wish I had a sleigh like Cat but headboard and footboard I find too constraining.

By Isolde on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 09:43 pm:

    I want a four poster. This is my latest quest. I've always liked them. Sleeping in them is so fun, especially with other people. I always feel so..illicit sleeping with someone in a four poster. Does anyone else have this, uh...fetish?

By Cat on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 09:59 pm:

    I slept in one once in France. Alone, sadly. I wouldn't like one because they feel to closed in for me.

    I love my sleigh bed partly because I rescued it from a junk yard. I wanted to paint things on it, but I can't paint.

    Daniel, let's swop...your bedroom sounds heavenly with all that wood. I have a really old dresser and bookcase hiding against the walls you can't see in that pic...but they're both rescued wood too.

By Isode on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 10:45 pm:

    I love wooden stuff. My asty soy furniture is wierd. I can't handle it. At home I have a big roll-top desk which is really nice. Although my cats have dinged it up pretty badly...I talked to my cats on the telephone today! Silver Bell Meowed just for me.

By The Dinner Lady on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 12:19 am:

    Cat - your bedroom looks fabulous! What is out the door, a porch? Pretty pretty pretty. I love porches.

    I just moved so I'm not settled or unpacked yet. In fact I am most dissatisfied with my bedroom right now. Will fix up. I will tell you though that I bought a mosquito net which I had hanging over the bed until it fell on top of me in the middle of the night but I was too lame to get up so I just laid there like a mouse in a trap until morning. How sad is that?

By Nate on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 12:25 am:

    the house is built on the bank of the creek, so though you enter on ground level into the living room, you go downstairs to the master bedroom.

    the room has four portals along the south wall, two typical windows, a set of french doors and another "window" made of non-opening french doors. the french doors lead to the rear deck, over the stream. all windows have cream colored tab top panel curtians.

    all walls and ceiling are knotty pine with redwood moulding. the west wall has the large framed photo that covers the exact location where previous drunken occupants hung the dartboard they often missed.

    also along the west wall the stairs lead to the rest of the house. then, clockwise, the north wall: a closet built into the space under the stairs, our ash wardrobe, a door to the laundry room, a set of shelves built into the wall and accented with redwood. the east wall, a queen bed with ash and wraught iron headboard, beige and purple(s) patchwork quilt, mauve and purple pillows. further clockwise, in the corner of the west and north walls, an orange chair the comprises the total of our "i hate that ugly chair/i love my comfortable chair" (i love my chair), then a dark wood dresser, a shoe caddy, and the white cabinet that the TV & VCR are on top of (for porno, of course.) then the french doors, and finally an ash writing desk.

    right now the room smells like nag and sex. it often smells like cat shit, since we keep the litter box in the laundry room.

By Wavy on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 01:13 am:

    My bedroom is medium-sized. Hardwood floors, shelf/rack thingy in the closet to maximize space (2 rows of hanging clothes and the rest of my socks/boxers/shirts stacked on it)

    (Rollins-esqe) Twin bed in the corner. Unpainted 3-drawer nightstand. 2 particle-board bookcases: one along the same wall as the bed, the other on the wall opposite.

    Dog bed in the floor (although she loves to get my bed all hairy)

    4'x8' painting over my bed and a 3.5'x7' self-portrait on the wall across from the bed.

    Clothes-basket in the corner by the door.

    I don't hang out in my room much, I pretty much just go in there to crash. I spend the majority of my time downstairs at my computer.

By pez on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 01:29 am:

    i have an old dresser, from a secondhand store that my norweigian great-grandparents owned. it has four legs, five drawers, a cupboard, a mirror, and during earthquakes it sounds like a pony. and my walls are blue with white sponged on top, and the carpet is brown.

    i think that's all.

By Antigone on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 03:09 am:

    For goodness sakes, Cat, it's swAp.


By Cat on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 03:24 am:

    My spellcheck tells me both "swop" and "swap" are correct. Go masterbate on that, Cowboy :P

By Isolde on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 08:19 am:

    Woah there Cat...
    Ugh. I hate mondays with a passion, because I have to deal with the evil post office ladies after a nice, long weekend. Damn. On other days, I'm more prepared, ready to face them, but Mondays, I'm defenseless...tired...disoriented...I still feel drunk. This is no good.

By Daniel ssss on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 10:28 am:

    Master Bedroom wing faces east: never underestimate the power of the sun--over the trees, through the darkened sunshaded filmed glass, across the bedroom warming the bed, into the bathroom, reflected off the floor, and thtrough the glass doors of the tub enclosure it came.

    Gloriously for a Monday. Sun comes up quite regularly, I'd say, every day a little different, but always arising without complaint.

By Kalli on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 11:23 am:

    I miss my bedroom. This is why I'm no good at travelling. I'm a Leo and I have my nest. As shitty of an apartment as I's mine. My bedroom has a water fountain that blocks out the cars at three am. It has a full size mattress on the floor which makes me feel all cozy-ed in. I have a tv in my room and art work I've rescued from the trash can. Clothes cover the floor and I think I have a rug.

    I love my room.

    I'm ready to go home.

By Rhiannon on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 10:21 pm:

    My bedroom is pretty large. And messy right now because I had to clean off my desk to set up my new computer, and I just threw everything onto the floor.

    The room is a rectangle, and the door is in the bottom left corner. To the right of the door is a large closet. Above the door are two angel icons I got in Assisi, and over the closet doors is a crucifix given to me by my godmother.

    My bed is against the wall farthest from the door. (If the room was shaped like your computer screen, the door is in the corner where it says "contacting website etc" and the bed is against the wall with the scroll bar.) It's queen-sized (whoo-hoo) and is covered with a red gingham quilt. The mattress is brand new, so it's nice and hard. I hate soft beds. Over the head of the bed is a strange painting I got at an antique store years ago: it's of two men in robes looking anxiously at something that's happening outside of the picture. Over the bed in the corner of the ceiling dangle three gauze butterflies that someone gave me. Over the length of the bed is a framed print of Waterhouse's "Lady of Shalott." By the foot of the bed is my chest of drawers that I bought rooster handles for and that one day will be painted an eggplant color. Over the drawers is an old print of Stonewall Jackson, a sun-shaped mirror, and one of those ceramic hanging vase thingies with a painting of a little woman on it.

    Next to my bed is my $7.95 triangular orange table from IKEA. On this table is my lamp (ugly green porcelain), my clock, and a stack of books.

    Next to the table is the window. The window has orange-yellow curtains hanging from twine and tied back with twine. Over the window is a print of the Sacred Heart that my grandfather brought back from Poland. Under the window is a cardboard box covered with a white towel that acts as a little table, upon which I've put two lanterns, an old box in which I keep needles and thread, a Sacred Heart candle I got from the grocery store for $1.29, a little ceramic gnome, and a big rock I brought back from the Gettysburg battlefield.

    Against the left-hand wall is my desk with my computer; two crates filled with notebooks, papers, magazines, books, etc.; and a little wicker basket that has a picture of my dad on top of it. On the wall are a poster of Dante Alighieri and a little notecard commemorating the Mexican Day of the Dead that has a skeleton man proposing to a skeleton woman.

    The walls are white. The rug is tan (ick). It's a very red room (red, orange, and yellow). My room at home was mostly blue, and I needed a change. I don't like my room yet. I've been here a month, so I haven't had time to find anything really neat for it. It's boring.

    The cool thing is outside my room: a wall covered from floor to ceiling with postcards. I'm so proud of it.

By Isolde on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 10:22 pm:

    In my bedroom:
    A geek boy. Will he stay?

By moonit on Monday, October 2, 2000 - 11:40 pm:

    Oh Isolde i hope so!

    My room is huge. I have a double bed in the far
    corner under two windows and a cool blue
    dream catcher.

    A cabinet that my tv and video sit on, with
    alcohol in the side with a closed cupboard (its
    an old antique thing) and the glass door side
    is chocka with books.

    Theres a six drawer thing on that wall too,
    along with a three drawer bedside table. All
    are covered with girly stuff, and a walking
    bright orange pig who grunts.

    Then theres a computer desk with the
    computer and all my fimo stuff and more
    books. The wardrobe is built in and has
    another beside drawer in it with more junk.

    Theres about 100 books piled up next to the

    I know this seems cramped and excessive but
    its not too bad. And I'm living with Mum at the
    mo and theres not a lot of room in her house.

    I'm moving in November yay, and I get a king
    size bed WOOHOOOO, and my Trollcat back.

By Isolde on Tuesday, October 3, 2000 - 12:45 am:

    Geek boy just left.
    My f-ing housemate came home. I'll hear by Wednesday, which is tommorrow, now...oh, god, please let me get this house...

By moonit on Tuesday, October 3, 2000 - 12:50 am:

    I forgot my pictures.

    A really cool sun that came off a 21st birthday card in a thick wooden frame.

    A picture of Jules with long long hair from a drunken evening a couple of years ago.

    A picture of Darcy.

    A wooden wall mirror.

    And a cross stitch with bears that my nana did for my 21st.

By TBone on Tuesday, October 3, 2000 - 01:24 am:

    The rooms of appariussus and tbone are now available at:

    a new room (kinda) has been added.

    I will soon decorate my room with lots and lots of old photos (try to cover as much wall as possible) and also my CD art.

By pez on Tuesday, October 3, 2000 - 03:09 am:

    somebody's sleeping in appariussus' room!

By sarah on Tuesday, October 3, 2000 - 03:27 am:

By Isolde on Tuesday, October 3, 2000 - 10:39 am:

    I like orchids. They're very pleasing plants. I wish I didn't kill everything I put my hands on.

By droopy on Tuesday, October 3, 2000 - 12:42 pm:

    "Do you like orchids?"

    "Not particularly," I said.

    The General half-closed his eyes. "They are nasty things. Their flesh is too much like the flesh of men. And their perfume has the rotten sweetness of a prostitute."

    -"The Big Sleep"; Raymond Chandler

By J on Wednesday, October 4, 2000 - 12:45 am:

    I love orchids,my s/o bought me some on the side of the road in Costa Rica,a big bunch for 80 cents,I envy you Sarah,living in paradise.

By Blue on Wednesday, October 4, 2000 - 06:20 pm:

    I'm not sure I've ever seen orchids. That is, I may have seen them, but I didn't know I was looking at orchids.

    My bedroom is actually a dining room. I have bolted three closet doors together and nailed them to the side of my desk (for support) to provide something of a partition between my "room" and the living room. Regretably, there is nothing I can do to close off the section of kitchen that bleeds over to within feet of my bed.

By GGGGUNIT on Thursday, April 22, 2004 - 10:39 am:


By Danielsssssssstopnoick on Saturday, October 24, 2009 - 07:21 pm:

    so I think I let a asteroid hit me.

By Danielssssonfire on Saturday, October 24, 2009 - 07:23 pm:

By Dr Pepper on Saturday, October 24, 2009 - 08:18 pm:

    Danielssssonfire, i have seen this pictures before.

By Hal on Sunday, October 25, 2009 - 06:27 am:


By Hal on Sunday, October 25, 2009 - 06:27 am:

    Also... I drink to much.

By wisper on Sunday, October 25, 2009 - 01:54 pm:


By J on Sunday, October 25, 2009 - 03:05 pm:


By droopy on Monday, October 26, 2009 - 12:39 am:

    damn, they're comin' out of the woodwork.

    i'm not in my bedroom, but i know it's a mess. i'm watching the football game. earlier, during the first time, i had to change out a tire tube on one of my wheelchairs. while i had the wheel off, decided the thick coat of dirt and cat hair that had collected on the underpart of the frame. it was nasty.

    arizona just intercepted. new york is screwed.

By Danielssss on Monday, October 26, 2009 - 01:06 pm:

    yepscrew NY. Hal? Where ya bin hiding?

    If we have to stay on topic it's white, all white. Bright white walls. cherry furniture. King bed with green duvet cover on a feather blanket. Dark patterned couch under a window, and then a door leading to screen porch. Closet and other doors are mahogany. Pewter colored handles and locksets.

    Tapestry of Siddhartha over the bed. From son's Thailand trips. Framed print of black spotted leopard reclining on a branch with legs drowsily hanging down.

    Appropriate for a bedroom.

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