Any complaints before Christmas? Blessings? What does it look like where you are?: Any complaints before Christmas? Blessings?

By Sye on Wednesday, December 15, 2004 - 05:55 pm:

    Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time with you spending time with friends and family and all of the lovely good tidings you share with everyone.

    Let me break it down for ya...

    I was working two jobs and was laid off from one due to whatever feasible reason they could come up with. Yeah, three weeks before Christmas.

    I found out from my bank that if you have one transaction that causes your account to go into the negative, all pending transactions are charged with a "courtesy pay" charge, so I am now 147 dollars in the hole for a 7 dollar overdraft. Yippee for me.

    I am grateful that I still have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in at night. I am also grateful that I got the famous idea to make all of my Christmas gifts well in advance, so I'm not stressing myself out over that at the last minute.

    I am also grateful that my mother knows me well enough to buy a sweater that I will actually well. That's big.

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