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By droopy on Monday, October 28, 2013 - 12:38 am:

    a couple of days ago i found there were a couple
    of wasps in my apartment. i couldn't imagine how
    they'd gotten in; i hadn't noticed any nests
    around nor had i been keeping the doors open for
    long periods of time.

    today (sunday) i decided to do some cleaning. i
    opened my front and back door to air the place
    out. the next time i looked at my front door, i
    noticed all the wasps. there were 5 or 6 of them
    on the door and a couple flying in and out of the
    room. i looked up at the overhang over my front
    door, and saw it: a big-ass paper wasp nest the
    size of half a grapefruit.

    years ago, i had a real wasp problem. i would roll
    out my back door in the morning to find a find a
    nest, like a flower fashioned out of a paper bag,
    attached to the door. but i hadn't seen them for a

    now, apparently, an entire family had hatched and
    lived on my front door.

    i don't have wasp spray handy. but i have vinegar,
    good old white vinegar. i have solved both my ant
    and roach problems with it, why not wasps? i
    filled a squeeze bottle with all the vinegar i
    had. then i had to top it off with pickle juice so
    i had enough squeeze pressure for distance. (i'm
    low to the ground).

    i had closed the door. i opened it just a crack
    and the wasps were still there, all over the upper
    right hand part of the door. i gave them a shot,
    like a cumshot from hell, and closed the door. ten
    minutes later i opened it again; they were gone,
    except for one. i gave him a dowse. then i gave a
    squirt to the nest.

    when i thought it was safe enough, i went out and
    knocked the nest down. it took a couple of tries;
    it was really on there. you have to give props to
    these insects that can make those things with
    nothing but regurgitated wood.

    after all that is over with, i go into downtown. i
    like to by a bottle of wine and a sandwich, find a
    place to sit and eat. lately i've been going to a
    spot between a bank building and a parking garage.
    i'm not sure where it comes from, but it has a
    rotten garbage smell to it. i parked myself at
    the one wrought-iron table - the chairs tied to
    it with a cable so it won't be stolen, - and had
    my sandwich and wine.

    i was reading a book of philip k. dick short
    stories i had gotten from the library. this one,
    "martians come in clouds", is about insect
    martians, called "buggies" by "terrans", who come
    to earth in swarms.

    as i'm reading, someone walks past me. then i
    noticed she (it was a young woman) had stopped and
    was crouched on the sidewalk a few feet away from
    me. she was taking a picture of a bug on the
    sidewalk. when she was finished and gone, i went
    over to check out the bug. it was a big one, i can
    see why she would want to take a picture of it. i
    remembered that i had my ipad on me, so i took a
    few pictures, too.

    i recognized the species, but i had never seen one
    this big. it was a giant leaf-footed bug.

By droopy on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 12:44 am:

    today i snapped a picture of a bug i'd never seen
    before. from a distance, it looked like a
    leaffooted bug. but on closer inspection, i
    noticed it had a round, toothed back (pronotum.)
    turns out it was a wheel bug. turns out they can
    give a nasty bite, so i'm glad i was too chicken
    to pick it up.

    while researching this bug, i found a website
    called YellowCatArt. someone there had made a
    metal sculpture of a wheel bug out of "exhaust
    pipe, regular steel pipe, a pulley thing and a
    small gear. The legs are rolled steel and the
    wings are barn tin. The big wheel on his back is a
    broken gear from an old Daisy Churn that I found
    out in the pasture."

    i want one.


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