Deprestion got me there Have you ever gone hungry?: Deprestion got me there
By Alydia on Monday, December 29, 1997 - 05:30 am:
    The depression was enough, alone and lathargic I didn't think I had to eat. Feasting, at first helped the anguish, but then it became a task I felt I didn't need to achieve. So long to cook, to prepare, and for what? Nothing tasted like it should..... stale, sour, pungeunt, foods pasted by my lips. For two weeks I thought this way, eating only when nessicary, to stop others from persecuing me.
    It was three days since I let any nutrients enter my body, I awoke, confused and numb. Down the stairs I fell. "Shower.....shower, the cold water will help", I though..... down in the shower I went. Soaked, shaking, sore and numb I went to the phone. Ringing in and out, barely awake, finally an answer. "call 911, no way" I said, embarissed, and thinking whats the point, they'll only laugh at me for doing it to myself. "please mom", I demanded, "come over, just come over, I just want to talk, I don't want to be alone, It isn't that bad" I lied, and begged, noing she wouldnt, why help her daughter when the bottles at home. Finnaly, I decided I had to go, dialed 911, and went to the hospitol. Sure enough...."so you have a psych backround, huh?" asked the nurse...."are you sure you didn't try to o.d.? are you sure you didn't try to kill yourself?" Facing the persecution I got some energy, not to mention the ambulance ride there somewhat snapped me out of my disillusion, yet I still could not convince them, I demended that they take tests, find out what was wrong. No point though, they still insisted I made an attemp. Needless to say, I walk, or rather stumbled out, and waited till someone could come pick me up. That night I ate 4 microwavable dinners. I still don't eat much though, still in my rut, my 19 year and counting rut. I wonder if I 'll ever get out of it, ever save up enough to get out of this house and away from my roomate, who is obsessed with making me nervous and gets off on seeing me scared. If you were here, you too wouldn't eat, you wouldn't dare go near him, and fast food and dinners cost way to much, so as I would never get away....

By on Wednesday, October 28, 1998 - 11:01 pm:


    Depression is all consuming, you need to see a doctor who understands. I've ben suffering for six years and am still unstable. My husband has bouts with the same thing. We are struggling. Hang in there, but get professional help, it really is important.



By Jackie on Sunday, April 14, 2002 - 12:05 am:

    I have a friend who is suffering from depression, She does not talk or eat for a week, she never talk about her problems. What kind of help is out there for her? I am so scared that she will hurt her self some day. And when she comes around she said that she was sick, or she was not feeling well, is there a doctor that we can refer her to,she does not have any money, and do you know of any foundation that can help? Please Please this is getting worse, because she use to get sick twice a year, now it is every three weeks. Thank you Jackie.

By ... on Sunday, April 14, 2002 - 03:20 am:

    if you live in america, check the county services where you live- look in the phone book, make calls until someone can answer you.

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