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sorabji.com: Have you ever gone hungry?: i try
By Spiracle on Sunday, March 1, 1998 - 06:26 pm:
    i try to see how long i can go before i have
    to go to the store...
    after a while i'll begin to get cravings
    for things i don't have but
    i know if i go to the store i'll
    never stick to my list and spend
    way too much money...then
    it starts all over again..
    and i'll wait till i only have
    relish and a box of bisquick
    left and usually i'll wait a week
    or so..convincing myself that i still have food..
    i could always make pancakes or waffles or
    biscuits...i guess it's a sort of
    stupid game i play...

By Sorabji on Sunday, March 1, 1998 - 10:12 pm:
    sometimes i get so hungry i can't eat. a few weeks ago i went to the bank and could barely sign the back of the check. mostly from shaking. hadn't eaten anything but coffee and apples for 2 days.

    it's always been like this.

    i don't know why i do it, either. i know that hunger makes me high, and some of the most serene moments of life have occured after days worth of fasting. but i hate the part about losing weight and looking like a stick. i'm thin enough already. maybe it's a buddhist thing. grains of rise, yoga, all that. a shrink once told me i needed yoga.

By L on Sunday, March 1, 1998 - 10:51 pm:
    1. Yoga is good stuff. it's not about losing weight, although if you need to do that, it can help. mainly, it can help with those pains in the neck and shoulders and back and arms and legs and eyes and brain we get from sitting in front of the damn computer too long.

    you just have to find the right teacher... i'm not going to proselytize, but i can tell you some books to check out.

    best of all, you can do it in the privacy of your room, all you need is space to lie down in. no special equipment required, unless maybe you're into Iyengar...

    you will know your body in ways you never did before...

    2. If there was someone there when you got home, who had dinner in the oven already, you would eat regular. Maybe they would even pack you a lunch. They would stuff a bagel in your pocket before you left in the morning. Maybe while you were away, they would pick up your underwear and do the laundry. If we all just had someone to look after us, like maybe when we were 7, how much better life could be... (Of course, nagging might come with the service, and other obligations). Wonder what it would cost to contract that out...

By L on Sunday, March 1, 1998 - 11:12 pm:
    p.s. if you took up yoga, it could make for some interesting bedcam pics...

By L on Sunday, March 15, 1998 - 09:27 pm:
    o.k., you didn't ask, but here's a book to start out with: Yoga for your life, by Margaret and Martin Pierce. Amazon has it here. These folks were my teachers for years, they know their stuff.


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