Infinitely long ago When is the last time you had sex?: Infinitely long ago
By Jedi on Sunday, May 3, 1998 - 02:06 pm:
    Yep. That's right. and I'm a SENIOR in high school. And do you think it's because I believe in "waiting" or because I haven't felt like the "moment was right."? NO. It's because of my lousy luck and the fact that I haven't even had an opportunity to choose whether I'd take it or not. And wanna know something? I think the fact that I've had to wait so long has screwed me up! Now that i've been pining for so many years, it is completely unlikely that my expectations will be met in any which way. If only I could have gotten this out of my system a year or two ago, I'd be able to concentrate on REAL things, and not be so sex-obsessed. But NO...Having had sex in the past would have made me a much more mature person today, contrary to popular conception about the matter.

By ME on Sunday, May 3, 1998 - 02:19 pm:
    If you live in Florida, and you're willing to drive over here, I'd do you. =)

By Nate on Sunday, May 3, 1998 - 06:32 pm:
    I lost it when I was 8.

    I lost it again when I was 18.

    I don't think sex will necessarily make you a much more mature person.

    (note: read any word in all caps in a bassy, southern baptist preacher voice. Or, for added fun, think James Brown.)

    But MAKIN' LOVE makes you a man.

    Don't listen to all this abstinence yadda yadda crap. They'll try to fill your head with the idea that you can be a man (or a woman) before you MAKE LOVE, but no, you in fact shall remain a boy (or a girl) until the day that you MAKE LOVE.

    The problem is, you cannot even understand what it means to MAKE LOVE until you are a man, which is that exact millisecond after you've successfully MADE LOVE for the first time. So you can't go out and try to MAKE LOVE because you would not know what to try to do.

    So what you need to do is go hold fuck sessions like a rabbit on X with the hopes that one day you will come out of one of those sessions with the realization that you have in fact just MADE LOVE. And HALELUJAH and HOLY SON OF GOD you will be looking down upon your sticky shrinking wee winkle wonder whip and thinking ON THIS DAY I HAVE BECOME A MAN.

    (I cannot translate that into the female experience, which I would imagine might involve standing up and wiping off the inside of your theigh and actually I'm begining to wonder if perhaps females using something else to mark the coming of womenhood such as a certian quantity of wisdom or maturity.)

    oh man, I need to shut up.

By Jedi on Tuesday, May 5, 1998 - 03:07 am:
    I think I agree with you. Abstinance is a load of crap. of course i'm big on birth control etc., especially considering my very anti-childbirth philosophy. But you know, I really DO need to get out into the world and all. and no, I don't live in Florida. I WAS in Orlando for a week!

By I think its bed time on Tuesday, May 5, 1998 - 03:51 am:
    A sure way to get laid: Treat beautiful women like shit. Be a total jerk. Ignore them a lot. Shine them on. Ditch out on dates at the last minute.

    This is not a hard and fast rule: It won't work on everyone. But a good population of beautiful women have fragile self-images. And when you start breaking down their self-image, they need to prove to themselves that they still have it. So they jump your bone.

    Men are too stupid to be patient. That's why women win. And will win. For ever.

    Because women are inherently better.

    Not necessarily smarter, just better.

    Which reminds me, neverEVER follow that formula for sex. Women have a far greater reaching method of communication than men do. When you take one woman by the above method you leave a single tattered soul in your wake. When you take two, your trail grows. And then it's three, and four, and soon every woman you'd actually want to stay with knows to stay away from you. Soon all you can get close to is those women you apply the method to. Soon you are dispised by all, so you're buying beer for a highschool party with your shirt unbuttoned three down to show off your manly 30 year old nest of a chest and your glowing medalion hidden within. You have become the exact slob you used to laugh at all those highschool parties. Before you know it you're in jail and getting beat regularlly. No body likes a child molester. Not even felons who have killed dozens of nuns will put up with your kind of sicko crap.

    Then where will you be? Pushed out of society into a world of hurt because you couldn't be an honorable man. You couldn't be a MAN.

By EMaka ME on Tuesday, May 5, 1998 - 03:38 pm:
    That was spoken from True expeirience, I do believe he's right though, female and all, some women like the jerks, but after awhile you get a rep, because women talk A LOT!

By Shaquita Jenkins on Tuesday, October 13, 1998 - 01:54 pm:

    The lack of maturity in your answers is a prime example that you must be mature BEFORE you even attempt to have sex. I'm embarassed that this lot is what is thought of as my generation.
    You should be ashamed of yourselfs
    SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! tisk tisk tisk.
    The very thought that you will be reproducing sends shivers down my back. Sterility can be a great option for people like you.

By The Watcher on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 - 02:58 am:

    So long ago some of you weren't even born yet.

    I cann't explain it. It just stopped happening. Either I was sick or she was sick. It is a shame.

    But, believe me you can survive without it.

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