Last night was about the only time we didn,t have sex When is the last time you had sex?: Last night was about the only time we didn,t have sex

By J on Monday, October 4, 1999 - 02:05 pm:

    He had an allergic reaction to some new meds he was taking,he got the hives all over,and in the groin area,he was itching all over.I told him to go to Walgreens and get some benadril,but we were too fucked up to drive.The company he works for had a party for all the employees and their families,all the hot dogs,corn dogs,and hamburgers,beans,oreos,chips ahoy,s, fruit, pop,bottled water,kettle corn,cotton candy,and fruit smoothies you could eat or drink.I had a burger and beans,then I got a fruit smoothie and went to the clubhouse bar and got a shot of tequilla and mixed it in my smoothie,I did that 4 times,1 strawberry,3 orange.I was fueled.They had caricture artists,hot air balloons,helicopter demos,rides,face painting,those jumping things,my grandson had a blast.Amee and Heather looted the fruit at the end.Big Dad went to work today but I bet he feels like shit.

By Waffles on Monday, October 4, 1999 - 02:12 pm:

    you rock J..for reasons I can't put me hands on....

By Swine on Monday, October 4, 1999 - 03:04 pm:

    i'd like to put my hands on those reasons...

By Waffles on Monday, October 4, 1999 - 04:20 pm:

    i bet they are nice

By Gee on Tuesday, October 5, 1999 - 03:27 am:

    Knock it off, you frickin' perverts. For gods sake. Frickin butthead perverts. I'll laugh at you both if she's fat and flat-chested. That's kind of an odd mental image, but you get my point. Frickin' internet perverts. I'd love you even if you Were fat and flat-chested, J.

By J on Tuesday, October 5, 1999 - 10:59 am:

    I love you too Gee,I,m not fat,and I have recently acquired some jugs,but I,m getting a little beer belly,and better start doing some sit-ups:)

By Waffles on Tuesday, October 5, 1999 - 11:45 am:

    lighten up Gee, I don't indentify with this word "pervert" it has no reference for me. asexual

By Swine on Tuesday, October 5, 1999 - 02:07 pm:

    "frickin' perverts."
    "frickin' butthead perverts."
    "frickin' butthead internet perverts."

    i'm getting this mental image of gee that's something akin to a bleating puritanical sheep going through PMS...
    in fargo.

    damn that's funny.

By J on Tuesday, October 5, 1999 - 02:33 pm:

    Or as my mom said about my gay friends" I am sick and tired of all this filth and debauchery"! Isn,t she sweet?lol

By Gee on Wednesday, October 6, 1999 - 01:09 am:

    Stop telling me to lighten up. That's so dang condescending. I'm as light as I wanna be. Hoser.

By Waffles on Wednesday, October 6, 1999 - 12:35 pm:

    hoser? god thats funny

By Simon on Wednesday, October 6, 1999 - 03:33 pm:

    Dang funny.

By Nate on Wednesday, October 6, 1999 - 04:16 pm:


By Semillama on Wednesday, October 6, 1999 - 08:18 pm:


By Gee on Thursday, October 7, 1999 - 02:15 am:

    If I didn't know better I'd think you guys were making fun of me. But no, that could never be.

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