My Basement and my Bedroom What are you afraid of?: My Basement and my Bedroom

By TheGoddess on Monday, January 4, 1999 - 09:53 pm:

    Everytime I go down to the basement in my house or into my bedroom in the dark, I get the distinct feeling that someone is sneeking up behind me to kill me.

    I am having reoccuring dreams about people chasing me and trying to kill me. I keep running and i am definately lost, but I can't stop running becuase I know that if I do... I am dead.

    Maybe I should change my diet or something. I heard something that certain foods give you nightmares. Kinda gives new meaning to the phrase "you are what you eat'

By Little Anal Annie on Tuesday, May 4, 1999 - 07:28 pm:

    I am afraid of being sent to prison on the moon. I know it does not exist, but the thought of ending up there gives me the shivers. I hope that someday I can be comfortable with prison, but the fear still nags. I would hate being chained to craters while moon creatures gnaw on my genitals and flabby breasts. I wish I could kill them with a dildo rocket, but my dreams never allow me that escape valve. Maybe someday I'll be trapped on the moon and I can jump straight into the sun.
    I hope.

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