Wherever your angel resides.

sorabji.com: What is your definition of Heaven?: Wherever your angel resides.
By HAL-1 on Saturday, July 18, 1998 - 04:59 pm:
    I'm loosly panthistic, meaning basically I have it made in the way of religeon, any logical unbiased person can look at the religeons of the world and see that some are really fucked up... Not all of them are but all of them have something about them that screws the rest of the religeon up... I mean technically we are all going to hell, I mean there is more than one religeon saying that if your not part of their religeon your going to hell, so logically we are all going to hell.

    That is not what I want to go into, that was so you'll understand me more. I met this girl on October 31, 1997... Now everyone knows that for a male to tell a female his true feelings about her takes a act of god(s) depending on where you live. And it took me till July 11, 1998 to tell her how I truly felt about her. I told no one at all, never even wrote it down for 10 months. Since the day I met her, no matter what she has done, NOTHING she has done, changed my opinion of her. I finally told her, what I think... I've since the day I saw her standing talking to herself, thought she was an angel placed on earth for me. And evertime I'm in her presence I'm in heaven. Whenever I look at her, all I see is beauty, all I will ever see is beauty.. She is my angel.

    I've told her I care about her, I've told her that I love her... And everytime she just kinda was like..."Yeah I know, no biggie." but when I finally told her that I think she is an angel she got queit, and hugged me. I think she finally understood how much I care about her.

    So that is my defintion of Heaven.

    Wherever your angel resides, no matter whom he/she is.

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Saturday, July 18, 1998 - 07:18 pm:
    *leaking at the eye* that was BEAUTIFUL Hal-1!

    : )

By HAL-1 on Saturday, July 18, 1998 - 08:52 pm:
    Now that I read back over what I have read, I realize that I inadvertadly left out her name. I also realized something else that has never changed my opinion of her....

    Her name by the way is Charlotte, and for some reason the people she knows do not like her... Someone starts a rumor, someone tells someone else something and the next thing you know she is disliked by everyone. MY friends, the people who I listen to the most told me she was trouble, that they wouldn't be with a girl like her if it meant their life.... And yet I still belive Charlotte is my angel, and now she knows this.

    I still enter heaven whenenver I see her beauty, whether in a picture, in person, or in my mind....
    She is my angel.

By Sophi on Wednesday, September 20, 2000 - 07:52 pm:

    That is one of the most beautiful things Ive ever heard in my 18 years of living.. I would give anything to have that kind of love in my life!!! It was truly a senstational story.. Good luck to u..

By Tom on Thursday, September 21, 2000 - 04:55 am:

    Bah Humbug.

By Hal on Thursday, September 21, 2000 - 09:58 am:


    Alot in my life has changed, I still see Charlotte as my angel, but she also has now viewed me as such. She's married now, and having a kid soon. I'm her guardian angel she told me, and that kinda gave a warm twinge to my heart. I don't see her as often as I use to, but I still see here from time to time... I will love that girl till my dying day, now not in the romantic fasion and more of the big brother fasion.

    I am now dating Marcy, we've been dating for over 9 months now, she just left for college about a month ago... She's only an eight hour drive away but its killing me. I miss her, and I think about her by the minute. I trust her beyond my life, but I don't trust the other members of my species (MALE.) She's started hanging out with this Brian guy, I'm not too worried because she told me about him, but I'm still worried, but then again what can I do, I'm here she's there.

    Anyway, its a long story, which I know no one wants to hear. So I'll shut my fucking mouth.
    But if anyone does want to hear it, because your insane, or bored, or just want a good laught I'll post my email address just in case....


By Fb on Thursday, September 21, 2000 - 11:13 am:

    Hal2, Just go ahead and post your story. Won't cost you anything. Anybody who doesn't care to read it, can just move along.

By Tom on Thursday, September 21, 2000 - 03:26 pm:

    Yeah. what Fb said. Enquiring minds want to know.

By Hal on Friday, September 22, 2000 - 07:45 am:

    Right now I'm tired, and don't think that anythinkg I say would be comprehendible, in a story of course. So I promise I will tomorrow, but right now


By Gee on Saturday, September 23, 2000 - 01:41 am:

    <<I trust her beyond my life, but I don't trust the other members of my species (MALE.)>>

    someone once commented that saying you didn't trust the Other Person was the same as saying you don't trust Her.

By Hal on Saturday, September 23, 2000 - 05:10 am:


    Its a bit different then I placed it, remember I was tired. Right now I'm cleaning my room so I don't have time to tell my story. But I will sometime tonight...

By Isolde on Saturday, September 23, 2000 - 10:11 am:

    You had better...or I'll...I'll...um...something!


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