All your friends, losts of beer and music and cool breezes What is your definition of Heaven?: All your friends, losts of beer and music and cool breezes

By semillama on Tuesday, September 4, 2001 - 09:08 am:

    So, I went back up to the UP for the Second Annual Labor Day bash. I haven't had that much fun in a long, long time. ALmost all of my old friends from back when I lived up there and the music scene was hoppin' were there. The first night was a warm-up out at my friend Kiko's house in Strange Range. He has the biggest house in the village. My friends Justin and HArrison were there, as well as this group of crazy Finns - Rami, Possi, Jukka and Hempa. Finns can drink like no one's business. So, we listened to the new Sharon Shannon and Willie Nelson and drank Old Mil from the keg out by the garage until it got too cold to be outside, whereupon we moved to the basement. There, we listened to the craziest music I have ever heard, which is Bulgarian Gypsys music (imagine polka mated with klezmer on PCP). Lots more drinking, then it happened. Justin put on this Finnish wome's vocal group called Vartinna on, and Kiko and Hempa and one other Finn, Jukka I think, performed the Finn Monty. Words cannot describe how funny this was. I laughed until my throat hurt.

    Then, sunday it was the big bash out in the woods at the ol'time party house, Da Ranch. Must have been 60-80 people there. There was a stage set up and lots of dogs running around. Lots of good music, beer, mead, and buffalo brats. The Muldoons played and we all danced like crazy. Went into the sauna and it was all good, lots of naked friends and Finns and 190 degrees. Davina sustained a toe injury from the flying wood of log splitting Possi Lautila. Possi later got very enthusiastic about something and threw his shirt in the fire. I was so hungover the next day, I could barely enjoy my Finnish french toast at the Suomi diner. I came home with lots of photos, good memories, and five bottles of mead.

    That's heaven for me.

    Oh, saw Mavis with her boyfriend. They have bought a house in Duluth, which had a hideous paint job. Mavis's boyfriend's dog tried to eat one of her cats. This dog has post-traumatic stress disorder and has bitten several people. They are probably going to have his teeth pulled and replaeced with rubber dentures. but anyway, Mavis is doing pretty well, it seems.

By Hal on Tuesday, September 4, 2001 - 12:05 pm:

    Wait rubber dentures.... Thats the most bizzare thing I've heard in a while.

    I went and got tanked on Sunday, with a friend I haven't seen in about a year. Twas his birthday, we was both shnokered and now I'm feeling great.

By Nate on Tuesday, September 4, 2001 - 12:15 pm:

    i worked all weekend. yackov.

    i think the idea of it being too cold to be outside in september is funny. even at night.

    nate rules.


By semillama on Tuesday, September 4, 2001 - 12:33 pm:

    Oh, yeah, well SEM RULES YOUR FACE!!!!!

    It was damn nice actually, in the mid-to high 70s during the day and except for friday night, cool enough to run around naked, steaming from the sauna. With real nekkid girls and real nekkid Finns.

    I still have crazy bulgarian speedmetal gypsy music going through my head.

By TBone on Tuesday, September 4, 2001 - 03:54 pm:

    I found out that one can easily access most campus buildings at night via the tunnels underground.

    That was a lot of fun. It's pretty stuffy down there, though. Gotta be careful of the steam junctions, too. Damn, those suckers are hot.

By Hal on Tuesday, September 4, 2001 - 04:13 pm:

    WHOA. never told me about those cheif.... Going to have to show me.

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