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By Matt on Sunday, April 12, 1998 - 10:01 am:
    Hans Rott, whose only survivng major work is a symphony in E major, was a student at the same time Mahler studied. The score of his symphony was lnt to Mahler for a summer, and to listen to this piece is to realize the depth of Mahler's plagarism. Mahler's symphonies 1,2, and 5 come leaping out at you from this piec. He died in an insane asylum of tuberculosis at the ag of 27.

By Sorabji on Sunday, April 12, 1998 - 03:38 pm:
    I tend to think of Mahler as the ultimate plagiarist. Follow the score for #5 and you'll find yourself saying "There goes 'Death and the Maiden,'" and "There goes the Quasi-Faust." It's a lot of skillful pilfering, but I wouldn't call it plagiarism.

    I've not listened to lé Rott in a very long time, but I'm listening to it right now (somehow this CD ended up in my collection).

    The CD I own (Hyperion/Cincinnati Philharmonia/Gerhard Samuel) quotes a certain "Fustav Mahler" as declaring Rott the founder of the New Symphony, and a kindred spirit of sorts.

    The main theme of the Rott E Major 3rd movement definitely evokes Mahler 1, movement 2. And the opening minutes of the 24-minute 4th movement sound to me like they're preparing for on offstage trumpet solo a la Mahler. There's the drama of Mahler but I hear a lot of Bruckner as well.

    Is it unusual for composers to incorporate music of admired colleagues or predecessors? Mozart kind of quoted Handel. And here Rott openly paraphrases a Brahms theme. As has been pointed out to me, the main theme of Liszt's b minor sonata owes a lot to, of all things, Alkan's Quasi-Faust.

    But much of Mahler's aesthetic gets its power from skillful incorporation of other ideas. Some of this is for programmatic effect, other of it is so subtle that only the most insightful and imaginative musicologist would "get it."

    Speaking of composers who pile tune on top of tune, there's a VoxBox of Alan Mandel's recordings of Ives' piano music. 3 CDs, $16.99.

By Markus on Monday, April 13, 1998 - 04:21 am:
    "Fustav Mahler"? That's freat. Where'd they fet that name from? Bunch of feniuses.

By Gus Lindquist on Wednesday, July 29, 1998 - 06:23 pm:
    I've done a bit of study on the Rott Symphony, as well as Mahler. Yes, it is obvious that Rott influenced Mahler in much of his thematic material. It is also obvious that Mahler wasn't shy about borrowing material from people. Heck, we blatently reused material from his 3rd symphony in his 4th. However, Mahler still managed to achieve a style and feel that was pure Mahlerian, and not Rottian or Lisztian.

    If anybody reads this, please write to me. I have a few friends whom I speak with frequently about Hans Rott, but I am excited to know that there are others out there who appreciate his music.

    BTW, does anybody have a score to this? About 9 months ago, I contacted Paul Banks about obtaining a copy, but he said that he had none more to rent out. I am presently transcribing it by ear, which is quite interesting and fun, but some things are difficult to hear when they are buried. However, I do have 15 minutes of the fourth movement completed if anybody is interested.

    Gustaf Lindquist

Hansmeijer on Thursday, October 22, 1998 - 03:44 pm:

    find a recording of his symphony in E at www.cddiscovery.com


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