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R.C. on Monday, April 19, 1999 - 04:00 am:

    Has anyone not seen those "Beef -- It's What's For Dinner" commercials? They seem to be airing constantly. Do you know the name of the composer of the music they use in the background? I think it's Aaron Copeland /but I'm not sure. And the title/if you know it. If it's not Copeland/I'd like to find out more abt the composer.

By JW on Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - 02:22 pm:

    I never thought I'd see Aaron Copland's "Rodeo" (that is the piece that gets used, right?) classified as "obscure".

By Dougie on Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - 05:11 pm:

    Yeah, it's the Hoedown from Rodeo. Robert Mitchum's dead now (he did the voiceover) so you never see those commercials anymore.

By J on Thursday, March 2, 2000 - 02:20 am:

    I use to get to stay up late for a James Cagney,Erroll Flyn.or Robert Mitchum movie if I did all my home and house work.What was that movie with Robert Mitchum trying to kill that brother and sister?I just remember it had the word night in it.A fucking great movie.

By droopy on Thursday, March 2, 2000 - 02:25 am:

    "the night of the hunter".


By J on Thursday, March 2, 2000 - 02:46 am:

    Yes Droopy you are right,love ,hate that,s what he had tatooded on his hands,God you are smart.If you ever get bored like I do would you be interested in being my partner in a online triva game?I know I can,t spell well,but I have a good handel on my vocabulary,plus I know alot about things that are not going to get me anywhere in life except maybe winning a contest.Plus I have to say I,m always impressed with a man who will cook,many of you guys have mentioned that you cook and that just blows me away.But the one thing I regret is not writing down Margret,s artichoke dip.

By Margret on Thursday, March 2, 2000 - 09:29 am:

    OK, this is best used as a condiment of a prosciutto and melon and green leaf lettuce sandwich.
    I pkg cream cheese.
    About 1/2 a wedge of parmesan, hand grated by YOU.
    Lemon juice to taste.
    Pepper to taste (white pepper is the best, but Jayzis is it expensive).
    One can of NON-MARINATED artichoke hearts.
    two slices of white onion.
    Garlic cloves (I overdid these recently, so my advice is don't use 6 or more, I'm thinking 3 is probably about the right amt.)
    A generous drizzle of olive oil.
    1/2 bunch of fresh basil, roll the leaves individually and then slice thin bits off. There's a fancy name for what this is, but hell just slice the damned basil thin.
    A tomato if you plan to use it as dip and not sandwich spread.
    Save back some of the artichokes from the can so you can chop the coarsely and use them as either granish or fold them in after for "texture."
    Put olive oil, lemon juice, onions and garlic in food processor.
    Add in cream cheese.
    Add in artichoke hearts.
    Once it's creamy, pull it out with a spatula into whatever contained you're going to store it in. Work the basil stripettes through, and the chunky artichokes if you're using it as a sandwich spread.
    Let it sit (refrigerated) for a day so the basil can marry with the rest of the flavours.
    It really, really, really complements cantaloupe well.

By J on Thursday, March 2, 2000 - 03:16 pm:

    Thanks Margret,I wrote it down this time,can hardly wait to try it.

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