inside an MRI Where are you?: inside an MRI

By wisper on Monday, July 30, 2007 - 05:51 am:

    Had a brain MRI today, that was fun.
    Well not really. It was loud and boring, like they always are. I make sure to plan my clothes carefully so i can wear them instead of a hospital gown.
    Doctor says my sister and i will be getting one every 5 years or so to make sure we didn't inherit mom's brain aneurysm. So here we go with round 1, see you again in 2012.
    We're not claustrophobic in the -least- so it's not a big deal, we could sleep through it if it wasn't for the MACHINE GUN noises that thing produces. They're so fascinating. You should look at the cool MRI videos on youtube, i like the one with the chair personally.

    This reminds me that i miss Spider. HI SPIDER LUV U

    On a related tangent, of course i saw Sicko. At one point i applauded, at one point i cried. You know what? Let's not talk about it. Or....nevermind, whatever. I can't hear anymore free market health care stories, ever. It overwhelms my mind and breaks my heart, constantly.
    Concepts were presented that are utterly alien and strange to us. Cruel and unfathomable. Inhumane. The audience would turn and whisper to each other as new unbelievable concepts were presented as part of normal life to someone else. It was the 2nd scariest movie i've ever seen.
    It took 3 days before Rowlfe and i were done ranting to each other, the ranting you do on a subject even though you both agree on it. We could only make jokes to dull the horror.
    "Well why should *I* pay for the fire department to come to someone else's house?? *MY* house didn't burn down- I'm careful!"

    The joke continued as i got to the hospital today and, as usual, grumbled my way to the parking ticket machine. "$5 for one hour?! I have to pay FIVE dollars! This is bullshit!"
    Well... you know the punchline.


    After the MRI i went to the giant asian mall. I wandered around for 5 hours since it was a far away town and i had nothing else to do. It was a wonderland of pirated DVD stores and Hello Kitty. I managed to channel my spending energy into small gifts for other people. Otherwise i would have lost myself to a Totoro spending spree. That god damn Catbus would make me spend ANY amount of money. And/or Tare Panda. And/or Gloomy Bear. Instead i got some of those freaky Japanese Kit Kat flavours that i love so well. I got Green Tea (wheeeeeee) and this super super dark chocolate version with 61% cacao (and so it is called Kit Kat Cacao 61%). I gave a piece to my dad and i think he may fight me for the rest of it. He's placing orders with some people at his office who go to the asian mall on a regular basis. I tried to tell him that they're imported and cost $2.99 each but i don't think he even cares. We have dark chocolate Kit Kat here too but it's nothing like the Japanese version. My GOD. You guys. Seriously.

    We're going back to school. Me and Rowlfe. Just for a one year post grad only intensive web design thingy. We needed to prove we had expert levels in Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm going to go learn Flash on a Mac, and i hate Flash and i hate Macs.
    We did this on somewhat of a whim. Kinda. Also we need jobs maybe.
    I can't believe the number of people who can't believe it- You're going back to school? SCHOOL? For what? Why? Wtf.
    I love school. I miss school every day. School is fucking awesome. Learning is fucking awesome. I read text books for fun. I wish i could go to school forever, i thought this was everyone's lottery dream. But apparently not :(


By platypus on Monday, July 30, 2007 - 03:59 pm:

    We don't get dark chocolate kit kats here! It's a source of great bitterness. And I may have to order some through you, since I've been trying to get them for years.

    Sicko is a scary movie. I was really amazed by the interviews with people from other countries, talking about free health care as a part of normal life.

    Oh, and Sarah...I think I broke our Scrabble game. It crashes my browser every time I try to open it.

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