sorabji.com: Last book you read: Swann

By Gee on Tuesday, February 16, 1999 - 07:52 am:

    also known as: "Swann: A Literary Mystery". I forget the name of the author...Carol Shields, is it? She won a pulitzer...for this book, I think. Geeze...it was the dullest thing you ever saw all through the first chapter (which was darn freaking long!). Or course it picked up by the second chapter (also darn freaking long! The whole book was five chapters, and they were All darn freaking long!). It was about two things: 1) the mysterious disapearence of all known matirials related to the late poet Mary Swann, who was just begining to receave regognition for her work. and 2) the effect Swann had on the lives of four different people, who so over-analized her work that they not only compleatly distorted who she was, but in some cases, who They were as well. It's a great little message about the downside of analizing art.

    Is there an upside? Well, yes. If you do it right.

    ps...a great big ol' sp for that whole post!


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