Ship of Fools Last book you read: Ship of Fools

By semillama on Sunday, February 10, 2002 - 06:27 pm:

    by Richard Paul Russo.

    I picked this up out of nowhere. I was really
    desperately searchng for a book or two to
    read while down in South Carolina and
    coming up really dry. I almost went for
    Asimov's foundation series but they didn't
    have the first book, so that was out. Then I
    saw this one and said, the hellwith it, it's got a
    cool cover and the author won the Philip K.
    Dick Award.

    And I scored. It's really damn good. And the
    characters were eerily reminiscent of
    sorabjites. So much so that I half suspect that
    Mr. Russo has been here observing. Maybe
    not, I could be raving.

    Anyway, it's set on this ship, kind of like a
    colony ship but it's been traveling for
    generations so it's kind of lost track of what it
    was supposed to be doing. The main
    character sort of reminds me of droopy, and
    there's a character that's pretty much a dead
    ringer for Rhiannon when she's talking about
    religion. Anyway, I digress. the plot explores
    the concept of what is evil, in both the human
    aspect and the alien aspect, and what is the
    nature of God in the perspective of interstellar
    travel, after the demise of the earth?

    I couldn't put it down. I strongly recommend
    this, especially for folks who don't read a lot of
    sci-fi. I really also think that spider should
    read it, I think she'd dig it immensely.

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