SUBSHINE (a.k.a Semillama's band!) What are you listening to?: SUBSHINE (a.k.a Semillama's band!)

By R.C. on Wednesday, December 15, 1999 - 05:18 am:

    Sem came thru & sent me a copy of his debut Cd -- Subshine.

    S'not too shabby, dude! Maybe the mix could be tweaked in places. And the drummer seems to be lagging a bit in spots on the 1st version of "Your Mirror".

    But the lead singer's not bad. She's no crooner --lacks range & phrasing/but she's got that ethereal, Debby Harry-like quality going for her. Which doesn't always serve the song/but it works in spots (esp. the intro to "Definition of a Friend").

    Is she the one who had the throat polyp surgery? Is her voice okay?

    Like the crunchy guitar on "Flicker".

    And the change-up on "Hourglass" (Maybe you cd kick the tempo up a few notches on that tune.)

    Was it intentional that you didn't credit the "That's lovely... -- I need to tell you something" out-take? Which is fine/but you went from Cut #4 to Cut #6 with no #5 on the back cover.

    And yr girl raps?! Too funny -- she sounds like Britney Spears tryin' to rap on "Parasite"!

    "Ronald McReagan" reminds me of the time I saw "The Dead Kennedys" in Boston ages ago. I never quite 'got' them/but they were very cool live.(Maybe it was all that acid we dropped that nite...)

    In terms of musicianship & production values values, "Black Willow" is my favorite cut/I think. But homegirl's vocals don't stand up to the guitar line. (Izzat you on lead quitar?)

    The "Your Mirror" remix is stronger the the 1st version.

    Not to dis/but if you had a stronger drummer I really think the tunes wd hold together better. He's not bad -- just sounds tentative & inexperienced. Tell yr boy it's time to do some woodshedding!

    But definitely not a bad 1st effort. Thanks for yr copy -- but you forgot to autograph it! I can always frame the note though. :)

By Nate on Wednesday, December 15, 1999 - 10:45 am:

    parasite's my favorite.

By semillama on Wednesday, December 15, 1999 - 01:58 pm:

    thanks guys, i will remember this when we get back together next fall.

    some clarifications for my dear R.C:

    The singer is the one who had the surgery. All the vocal parts were recorded the night before she left for surgery.

    Yes, the uncrediting was intentional.

    I play all guitars on the album, as well as bass on Your Mirror, Make A Difference, and In Your Room.

    The drummer is a girl, Ashley, who had a crappy set. We also didn't have the time or money to re-do drums, either. It's also the same drum track on both versions of your mirror. Like I said, you can do a lot on a $300 budget, but also, $300 only goes so far. If we had a month more, it would've sound better as well.

    oh well.

By Nate on Wednesday, December 15, 1999 - 02:17 pm:

    you have free use of my studio if you ever make it out here.

    which, i imagine, there is little chance of.

By semillama on Saturday, December 18, 1999 - 02:12 pm:

    actually, I will be making my first foray into California in january 2001, for the Historical archaeology conference in L. A.

    I don't plan on doing any recording, but I wouldn't mind getting together with any of the Sorabjiites who live in the region. The offer is much appreciated tho.

    I emailed the old bassist for the band, Mike (Skooter) and he disagrees that our singer did not have range. I, however, see where R. C. is coming from, and tend to agree. However, she did have a screwed up throat at the time, and here voice sounds good in the range she has. He also thought it was a good thing that no one saw fit to comment on the bass playing.

By Nate on Monday, December 20, 1999 - 11:01 am:

    i don't really live in the LA region. Maybe 6 hours north?

    but if you want to add some extra time to your stay and come chill in the redwoods, schedule your return flight from San Jose or San Francisco, and I'll pick up your hop from LA to San Jose.

By Patrick on Monday, December 20, 1999 - 12:18 pm:

    i'll get him nice and sauced here and send him along on the back of hogg with a disgruntled lesbian biker on her way to SF

By semillama on Monday, December 20, 1999 - 01:17 pm:

    That's cool, I get along just fine with disgruntled lesbian bikers.

    I will consider the hop to SF thing. Although maybe I will come to Cali early, as that would work better with time off for holidays and such.

    I'd make the same offer for you guys, but you really don't want to come to Wisconsin.

By Patrick on Monday, December 20, 1999 - 01:58 pm:

    seriously, if you have an extra $80, the flight is short, try United, thats their hub (SF) they have like 10-15 flights a day from LA to SF and it's a breeze. Assuming I am not dead in 2001, and in LA, you have to let me buy you a beer!

By Nate on Monday, December 20, 1999 - 03:11 pm:

    you both should make the flight. we can drop and diddle in the studio.

By Patrick on Monday, December 20, 1999 - 03:31 pm:

    that sounds tops!

By Nate on Monday, December 20, 1999 - 04:12 pm:


By Gee on Tuesday, December 21, 1999 - 01:14 am:



By Nate on Tuesday, December 21, 1999 - 11:00 am:

    you left before i realized where you were going.

    so come back.

By Patrick on Tuesday, December 21, 1999 - 12:09 pm:

    i didn't think you liked me enough to meet me

By semillama on Tuesday, December 21, 1999 - 01:30 pm:

    Alright then, January 2001, jam at nate's. rock on.

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