Apocalypse Now

sorabji.com: Best movie you ever saw: Apocalypse Now
By Cthulu on Sunday, April 12, 1998 - 05:37 am:
    This movie is probably the greatest epic to date. I hate to sound like a critic, but the absolute raw emotion and feeling M.S. put into the flick is incredible the time and personal hardship he put into the movie really shows that passion = creation.

By Siskel and Ebert on Sunday, April 12, 1998 - 09:55 pm:
    In other words:

    "Two Thumbs Up. Way Up!"

By Blindswine on Monday, April 13, 1998 - 10:34 am:
    go rent "Hearts of Darkness: The Making of Apocalypse Now"

    'nuff said.

By Cthulu on Thursday, April 16, 1998 - 06:20 am:
    I have the only thing that rivals the fucked up story on screen is the fucked up time M.S. had in making the movie . I think it's part of my love of the movie

By Christopher on Thursday, April 16, 1998 - 01:40 pm:
    I love the whole bit about Martin Sheen having a heart attack during filming, and M.S. flips out like it was a plot to ruin his flick. Did M.S.'s marriage survive that? I remember that his wife was there during all this. Couldnt have been pretty.

By Brad on Friday, April 17, 1998 - 03:43 am:

By Tim a.k.a DFb 61 on Tuesday, June 9, 1998 - 04:48 pm:
    This movie was the best movie i have ever seen. It was a serious movie, but some parts are funny. I think the combination of Francis Ford Coppola as producer/director, Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando, and Robert Duvall make the movie something special (unlike some other movies that i've seen with good ideas but sucky acting/directing). This was and is the greatest movie of its kind !!!

By Cthulu on Wednesday, June 10, 1998 - 07:57 am:
    I plugged it in the VCR again last night, packed a bowl and sat back. Every time I watch it I'm facinated (maybe because my life is so much different than those on screen) I can't fathom being 18 , having a gun and being told to kill. I have always wanted to ask someone who was there if A. Now was a realistic representation

By Scott on Wednesday, June 10, 1998 - 10:19 am:
    Does anyone know the actor who played the Chief on the boat. One of my coworkers says he is Danny Glover. I told him he was way off. If you know e-mail me at BeaverP@aol.com

By PetRock on Wednesday, June 10, 1998 - 11:44 am:
    check the Internet Movie Database (IMDB)....they have pretty much anything you want to know listed.

    (A guy named Albert Hall is credited as playing Chief Phillips, but I don't know if this is the one you want to know about. Danny Glover isn't listed anywhere in the credits though....)

Jay Aichel on Friday, June 4, 1999 - 06:16 am:

    I just want to say that when I first saw this movie I thought that I was watching my life in Viet-Nam unfold in front of me. It was many years after I left VN that I saw this movie but it moved me so much that I had flashbacks for years afterwards. The depiction of personalities, locations, methods, escapism , etc.etc....hit so close to home that I just couldn't believe how realistic of a job that they did on the movie.
    One last thing, I really believe that there was a "Colonol Kurtz" type guy running his own war in vn. Too often I saw the bodies he floated down the Mekong to taunt the Pentagon and show them how the war should be fought and won....I know that the movie was based on the book "Heart of Darkness" but I think that the same type of character WAS running his own little war out of Cambodia/Laos.
    I have so much more to say about this movie .... it's like that Idon't know if it's THE BEST movie ever made but (for me anyway) it's moved me and affected me more than any movie I've ever seen....
    I'd sure like to know where he got his technical advisors from....right on the money!!!!!
    If anybody else would like to discuss this movie please do....I'm getting those old feelings again and now I guess I'll have to watch it again and feel queasy and upset for weeks to come...
    one last thought....
    "Don't get off the boat, don't get off the boat, don't get off the boat, dont get off........

By J on Thursday, June 10, 1999 - 12:52 pm:

    Don,t watch that movie,that,s a ride you can,t take.I hope you don,t take this wrong but you probably have post traumatic stress symdrone.I have this too and had to pay alot of money to an incompetent shrink just to figure out what the hell was wrong with me.You don,t need to rub your nose in that shit hon.The horror.My dad served in world war 2,lost a lung because of it.I remember he said we should have never got in Viet-nam in the first place.I salute you,thank God your still here,you guys got a bad deal.I,m on prozac and it seems to help,you need to hook up with the V.A.and get some help.My dad never talked much about it at home,but he was a member of the D.A.V.and V.F.W.and he liked going to the meetings,do you do that?

By Pablo on Friday, July 19, 2002 - 06:13 am:

    War is the lowest form of communication and
    this is expressed clearly within Coppola's
    masterpiece. I hope sincerely that like myself
    people understand the implications outlined
    within the film.

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