Scrooge Best movie you ever saw: Scrooge

By Gee on Tuesday, February 16, 1999 - 07:46 am:

    I know that's not the Real name of it (A Christmas Carol), but that's how I always refer to it, because it pleases me to do so.

    I mean the one with Alastair Sim. He rocks on a level most men only Dream of! Can anyone over-act better than the guy who played Marley? That "woe is me" stuff was great!

    I now find myself laughing like Scrooge at the end of the movie...that sort of "heeheehee" head bobbing thingy he does, you know? Believe me, if I had a clerk, I'd give him a raise and send him out to buy another coal scuttle before I dotted another i! Did I spell "scuttle" right?

    I find "Dogfight" (River Pheonix, Taylor? not sure.) to be a pretty neat movie, too...I mention this because it was just on TV, so I saw it again. I don't know why I like this movie...maybe because I think the part where Eddie puts coins in all those little machines so they play music for Rose and then spins on her all of a sudden to do that dancing thing is beautifully romantic, in a nice subtle way. I have an affection for guys who spin and slide...

    Then again, maybe it's just an empathy with Rose that gets me going. Interesting how I empathise with Rose AND Gia from "Gia", that supermodel movie. Oh well...

By JW on Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - 02:19 pm:

    Whew. I thought you were talking about Bill Murray's "Scrooged" for a second. Didn't that one have Phil Collins on the soundtrack singing "Put a Little Love In Your Heart"?

By Gee on Thursday, March 2, 2000 - 01:55 am:

    today when I was at work I laughed like Scrooge. It was at something Ishmael said. No wait, it was at something I said in response to Ishmael.

    he was talking about how he had escaped inherating his father's bad hand genes. He says his father has really really hairy hands.

    he said: "Luckily I got my mother's hands."

    and I said: "Then what's she using?" and laughed like nobody's business. eventually it filtered off into a Scrooge laugh.

    nobody else laughed, though. I wonder why.

By Gee on Friday, March 3, 2000 - 02:31 am:

    What the heck is the matter with you people??? This is funny!!

By moonit on Friday, March 3, 2000 - 04:40 am:

    It made me laugh.

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