This might be it. What is your definition of hell?: This might be it.
By PetRock on Monday, July 27, 1998 - 10:55 pm:
    and I quote:

    I am glad to be reminded of the world's tallest tree 368 glorious feet - my dad was a PA lumberman - as a youth I watched him work!

    We have a remedy for "the common cold"! We OPEN a bottle of ST37 and one of H. Peroxide, put them on our bathroom shelves, year round. No colds for seven years in the house!

    Jim Farwell from here put up "a lightning rod" on his home! 1-503-665-2474. They are now needed in "forests", fields, and on golf courses and Bldgs. I ride a cart for golf! The rubber tires protect as in autos. I went through a vicious storm in safety - the traffic lights were blown out for miles!

    This goes on for several more paragraphs. The sad thing is I now have to read this sort of crap, uh - excuse me, I meant to say I now have to read this sort of INFORMATION just to see if there could be anything in there that pertains to my job. *sigh*

    Just today we received a package: several childrens toys (including a naked Barbie doll with a botched haircut), some children-sized clothing and a cell phone. Yes, a cell phone and one that appeared to be in good working order - although I couldn't be sure since the battery was dead. But it was a Nokia, so.... I had the impression of a child deciding to make a donation of her toys and clothing to some unfortunate little girl, and at the last moment tossing daddy's cell phone into the box, unnoticed. I wonder if the parents are now looking for that cell phone....heh heh.

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