the hospital employee parking lot Sex: the hospital employee parking lot

By Pink Eye on Sunday, August 22, 1999 - 02:14 am:

    I had walked my girlfriend to her car after she got off at two in the morning. It was her last day of work. She's headed for law school now. My car was parked next to her's( in the opposite direction ). She suggested that we each sit down in our cars to talk, she was not wanting to stand and I was still sick and not able to stand--too much energy wasted in standing( and I'm on vacation for 2 weeks no less...fuck me ). She was vocalizing her apprehensions, concerns and fears about going back to school after being away from that environment for 4 years. And I was telling her everything would be okay, she needn't worry before the fact if her study habits started drifting and blah, blah, blah. She's a VERY intelligent woman, but she procrastinates and get very home sick...deadly combo! We talked at great length. Almost 2 hours to be exact. Before I realized, she was sitting on my lap. We clutched each other for a long while. We have only seen each other for about 6 hours in the past month--sucks! We hugged, nuzzled and did what any couple does before the other is leaving. Just being intimate without speaking. Well, my hand had brushed her breast( that'd be "tit" or "boob" for the guys ). I felt the "stirring". I asked her if she minded if I let my hand roam over her most plentiful chest, she said no, go ahead. I wasn't groping or fondling hard at any point. I needed to feel what it was like again since we hadn't made love for over a month( that'd be "screwed" or "boinked" for the guys ). I really love touching her, sexual or not. She's the only woman that I have had the desire to touch on a constant basis. It's not like I am constantly touching her all of the time. She had never been one for much physical contact before me...exciting sex life, eh? She has told me numerous times that my touch was electrifying, not too harsh, not too subtle. Just right. Believe me, that was 'the' biggest compliment coming from her. No one had ever touched her in this manner. I'll take that and run with it and smile. Anyway, I have my one hand roaving all over her chest( braless now ). To me it was comforting, not sexual, just soothing. Like I wanted to experience all that I could before she left. I wasn't paying attention to her face for a bit, then looked at her and she had her head tilted back with her eyes shut. Was she falling asleep? No:) She was thoroughly enjoying my handwork, I was assuming. I was right. She mentioned she could almost take a trip to the garage( a different, longer tale that I will not go into ). I must have been doing something right. I went along with the feeling for a few minutes more, then suggested we part our ways and go home--we were dead tired. She slid off my lap and stood next to my car. That's when the smothered woody got a bit of fresh air. I really hadn't been concentrating on what I was feeling during this whole time. But there it was. Solid wood! I pulled back my shorts and made some comment like, "see what you do to me?". Then being the wise-ass, I said, "how about I masturbate for ya?". She said to do it without missing a beat. I told her I was kidding. Then I got the routine of "you can't do it here, can you?". The challenge was on!!! So I started. I must have have been half way there already:) During this time I was getting too concerned of people leaving after their shift was done. She sensed that and pulled up her her scrub top exposing those two lovely tits. Now I was two thirds almost there. She started rubbing her own breats...pulling, tugging at her nipples. I could have called it a day right then and there! I was ready to blow right then when a car pulled out and headed our way. I lost focus. Watched the car drive by and regained my obligation in no time. She was still playing with her boobs and I was ready for the countdown. As I was getting nearer, she was getting more into it. She carressed, pinched even harder. That was too much! My head bashed against the seat's headrest and I let loose. MY GOD! She does that to me everytime she watches me masturbate. This time it was very different. It was the parking lot.

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