Backstreet boys Weeds: Backstreet boys

By ROB Zomby on Sunday, October 24, 1999 - 08:48 pm:

    Backstreet boys, N-sync, Spice girls, Britny spears, and so on and so on......

By J on Monday, October 25, 1999 - 02:16 am:

    And Scooby Doo and Doo, and different strokes,for different folks

By Lucy Phurre on Monday, October 25, 1999 - 03:17 pm:

    Yeah. My ex-boyfriend's 5 year old daughter loves Spice Girls. So, the bands are targeted at little kids. I don't like those bands. I also don't like Power Rangers. That doesn't mean I think they need to be stopped.
    I do think that it's kinda scary that kids are that media-conscious that early.
    So, maybe they do need to be stopped.
    But all that crap they sell as kids' entertainment is designed to train them to be little consumers, and I don't think bad bands are the source of the problem. Kids learn brand-consciousness with sugared breakfast cereals.

By Patrick on Monday, October 25, 1999 - 03:24 pm:

    so what is your cereal of choice? Honey Comb and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Puffs seem to rock my household......

By Rhiannon on Monday, October 25, 1999 - 04:18 pm:

    I like Frosted Mini-Wheats (as long as they're not soggy...then they're gross), Lucky Charms (once in a while), Basic 4, Oatmeal Raisin Crisp, Honey Combs are good, those cereals that come in a bag that are named for different bed & breakfasts (beds & breakfast?) around the country...the Green Gables Inn kind, Quaker low-fat granola.....I love cereal...the list goes on.

    Not on the list are anything like Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, Tricks, Cap'n Crunch, or anything else that's extremely sugary and turns your milk weird colors.

By Patrick on Monday, October 25, 1999 - 05:29 pm:

    yeah but the milk left over from a bowl of cocoa puffs is outta site.........or in my local grocery store's case...Cocoa Comets

By Rhiannon on Monday, October 25, 1999 - 06:05 pm:

    Excuse me...I meant to say "Trix." A cereal named "Tricks" seems almost obscene in a way.

By Fetidbeaver on Monday, October 25, 1999 - 10:32 pm:

By Fetidbeaver on Tuesday, October 26, 1999 - 05:49 am:

    Why does this damn thing work when writing the message but as soon as I post it, it won't anymore?

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Tuesday, October 26, 1999 - 08:26 am:

    Hmmm... but out of all the boy bands... (why are they called bands anyway, they're just vocalists, right?) NSync has the cuter boys. Backstreet are just plain butt ugly.

    This has been an official Crotch Critique by Jim aka PajamaBoy. Tune in next time for the Flying Fish Award when we discuss Girl Groups.

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