Roger Clemens Weeds: Roger Clemens

By Dougie on Monday, October 23, 2000 - 08:41 am:

    This guy's out of control. The current Yankee dynasty team's players have all been class acts. This guy certainly is not a class act, and doesn't belong on the team IMHO. I'm glad the Yanks won last night, but in a strange way, Roger really tarnished that win.

By patrick on Monday, October 23, 2000 - 02:49 pm:'re just capitalizing on an incident that really amounts to nothing.

    he tarnished nothing. it's not different than a player slugging his glove in the dugout after he misses a ball or whathaveyou.

    the media is capitalizing on the fact that it was boy......

    and the past incident with them

    pay no mind.....

By Dougie on Monday, October 23, 2000 - 03:19 pm:

    Puhleeze, my ass, patrick. Clemens is a headhunter plain and simple. Ever seen his control? This guy could hit a pinhead from 60' 6" 99 times out of a 100 and that 100th time he'd be within inches. Plus he does it at 100 MPH. He was aiming at Piazza in July when he nailed him, and he was aiming at Alex Rodriguez in the ACLS when he came close not once but twice (in a row!) Sure, I understand the brushback in baseball, and that people get hit in the batter's box. Lemme ask you a question: have you ever played baseball? Ever been in the box with somebody throwing real heat? If not, to put into terms you can relate to, beaning Piazza was to baseball what the Marty McSorley slashing incident is to hockey. Who needs Atlanta's John Rocker in the Series? We've got our own version.

By patrick on Monday, October 23, 2000 - 03:31 pm:

    human emotion is a part of sports, period.

    i can't speak of him beaming pizza cause i didn't see it, i do think that he wasn't trying to hit pizza with that broken bat last night if he was he could have been more successful, he threw the bat at the ground in the direction that pizza was running to.

    i have played softball from time to time, never baseball, and thats really irrelavent. i don't deny the impact of having 94mph pitch coming straight for your head.

    you can't compare the hockey incident with the beaming of pizza

    in the hockey incident, the play was not so close to McSorley, the slash was clearly out of the blue. however when a pitch is pitching, to a tiny space designated as the strikezone and the human inches away, people are going to get hit, and it;s gonna hurt, whether the pitcher just sucks ass, having a bad night or is doing it intentionally, who the fuck knows, no one except him really.

By Dougie on Monday, October 23, 2000 - 03:40 pm:

    It's beaning, not beaming. And it's Piazza, not Pizza.

    And Clemens has a rep on every team he's played for (NY, Toronto, Boston) for hitting batters. Interesting that he's always played for American League teams where they have the DH and the pitcher doesn't have to hit for himself, no?

    I don't deny that emotions are part of a game. It's just that if you pick up the shattered barrel of a bat off the field, especially when you see that the ball was hit foul, usually you'd toss it underhand off the field to the bat boy. Not heave it overhand.

By patrick on Monday, October 23, 2000 - 05:08 pm:

    beaning, beaming...i've used the term "beam" to imply directly throwing an object with velocity as to cause harm.

    i know it's piazza, but the name begs to be mispronounced...

    he threw it overhand, it look more like a lateral toss, kinda like how one throws a boomerang

By Dougie on Tuesday, October 24, 2000 - 08:36 am:

    Whatever. I know this is one of those things that the media loves to get ahold of and beat senseless into the ground, but it was one case where I mostly agreed with what they were saying.

    Anybody see the Jets/Dolphins game last night? Damn, what a comeback. I'm a fucking walking zombie after the last month of staying up for late baseball games and last night's football game.

By sarah on Wednesday, February 4, 2004 - 04:38 pm:

    now that Roger's one of us, i'm debating whether or not i can or should like him. i had no idea baseball was full of such moral dilemmas.

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