Repetitive Dreams Dreamland: Repetitive Dreams

By moonit on Monday, February 7, 2000 - 10:30 pm:

    I had one of mine last night.

    The Grump reads those war books - you know the ones with the swastikas on the cover and the army guys and tanks and I was desperate one day and read one, and now I keep having this stupid dream.

    I'm a war vetran (no idea if I'm male or female) but my right leg has been amputated at the knee due to a big shoot out I was involved in. Also my arms don't work properly because a German soldier shot me in the elbows. Very weird and very realistic. Anyway I talk to a blind guy in my dream who asks me for money. I tell him I can't give him any because although he cant see, I cant walk and my arms dont work right. (Theres an immense guilty feeling while I tell him this) I grap his hand so he can feel my scared arms and my stump.

    Like i said - very wierd.

By moonit on Monday, February 7, 2000 - 10:42 pm:

    grap = grab.

    damn fingers

By Rhiannon on Monday, February 7, 2000 - 10:52 pm:

    Have you any relatives who are war veterans?

By semillama on Tuesday, February 8, 2000 - 12:53 am:

    I wonder how many people don't? Seriously.

    I don't think I had any relatives who fought in Korea or Vietnam, but I did have at least two who were in WWII. One died of diarrhea on the Bataan Death March, and I'm looking at a 10-lira note printed in 1935 that the other one gave me a few years ago. he said he stole it from a bank that, when he closed the door behind him, blew up. It was booby-trapped. I don't know if that's true or not, all of his stories were pretty wild. Like the time he told Patton to kiss his ass.

By Jina on Tuesday, February 8, 2000 - 01:37 am:

    My dreams happen in series. For a while they were cinematic. I was with a woman who drove down the wrong road and at the end was her ex in a car, next to a tall guy with a gun waiting for her. I took grab of her steering wheel, stepped on the gas, and veered the car around. When we got on the main road, there were barricades of cops standing and aiming their guns at our car. I ducked and gunned it past them. Got the lady to safety, and then the men in white coats came after me. Literally. My friend as well. We were jumping over fences and such, got to the ladies house, and there they were. She wouldn't allow them to arrest us cause it was her property. But it was fun.

    My trend of dreams now are guns. Almost video game like.

By Isolde on Tuesday, February 8, 2000 - 02:00 am:

    My dreams are usually like a long series that changes each night--I get about 12 a night, all long, all related. Next night, totally different. All in black and white, if I see at all. Most are "feeling" dreams, as was discussed earlier, I believe.

By crimson on Tuesday, February 8, 2000 - 03:46 am:

    i have a set of about 15 recurring dreams. like most of my dreams, they're in extremely vivid color. one is war-related. i'm sitting in a tree, armed, picking off soldiers as they stagger to a stream to get some water. they come in small groups. my gun has a silencer. i just pick them off & watch them die. they never figure out that i'm up there.

    many of my recurring dreams are cemetery-related. they're the most common type. i often dream of tombstones or corpses. sometimes, i'm walking on a sidewalk made of tombstones, or gazing into a river bottom totally paved over w/ tombstones. i see the same meaningless words over & over, written on walls. sometimes, i see the same town signs, but they're meaningless town names. sometimes, decomposing corpses are just lying stacked on top of tombs in huge, seemingly endless mazes of cemeteries.

    i have a lot of labyrinth dreams. i also have this dream of being on a train & suddenly becoming aware that i'm dead. at that moment of realization, the train suddenly leaps the tracks & begins sailing into the sky. i'm the only passenger. the death-train is mine alone.

    i often dream that i'm a murderer. usually, i'm about to be caught for a murder i did decades ago. i thought i'd gotten away w/ it, but then somebody finds out about it & starts taunting me w/ cryptic phone calls, threatening to turn me in. then i'm forced to hunt down the mystery caller & pop a cap in their ass, because if i don't, i'm gonna get a one-way ticket to the electric chair.

    i had a different kind of murder dream last night. i killed a guy in a hotel room. i was just trying to rob it, but the guy popped up at the wrong place at the wrong time. i stuffed his body into a closet, because i heard somebody coming. there was nothing i could do but make a quick exit & pray that i'd get at least a 15-minute headstart before somebody found the damn body. i got away from the motel & then suddenly saw a little girl in a catholic school uniform. she pointed to a wall. i stood by it. suddenly, the wall opened up & sucked me into a parallel universe, along w/ the little girl & a little boy. it turned out that we'd all committed murders & gotten away w/ it. the kids were murderers. they showed me the wall. once you knew where the magic wall was, you could enter & exit it, killing anybody you wanted to & then disappearing again before being caught.

By Patrick on Tuesday, February 8, 2000 - 12:41 pm:

    i had sveral realtives in ww2. One of my heroes, is a great aunt. She was a pilot. SHe never saw combat, but she flew new planes, p-51s and Navy Corsairs to the front lines in europe and the pacific. She is an amazing woman who takes these wild safari's to africa and egypt, even in her age. The damned never rest, and she is certainly damned.....i love people like that who never give up..........

    I had another great uncle who flew in the same squad as the famous Memphis Belle. He flew hundreds of missions over Germany in a B-17. Saw his co pilot get his head blown off from flak and even got shot down, but got out alive. He rarely talked about it. An amazing, gentle giant of a man. I had another great uncle who served on the Queen Mary, which is now based here in Long Beach as a historic hotel. It was a luxury liner, almost twice the size of the Titanic, that got turned into a troop carrier/hospital during the war. it was known as the grey ghost due to it's great speed and hitler had a 50k reward for it's sinking. My great uncle was a gunner, he subsequently fell several decks during a storm and died of a brain tumor. My grandfather was in the National Guard. He made rounds to various military installations on the eastern seaboard, ensuring ammunitions and facilities were up to par.

    all of these realtives are siblings, all are dead except aunt june, and my grandfather, he is the oldest out of 8. i look at there history with great admiration.

By moonit on Tuesday, February 8, 2000 - 02:11 pm:

    I have got relatives that were in the war. But the only person who has told me about them is my nana. I'll have to ask her who and when. She's the family historian so she'll probably take me back to every war in existence or close to it at least.

By Rhiannon on Tuesday, February 8, 2000 - 04:31 pm:

    I ask because of the theory of phylogenic memory, or generational trauma. I was thinking maybe your dream was a memory that belonged to someone in your family.

    Occam's Razor, I spit at thee.

By semillama on Tuesday, February 8, 2000 - 09:22 pm:

    Hey Patrick - next year's historical archaeology meeting is taking place on the Queen Mary. I don't know if I'm going, as I am not sure if I can afford it, but that's like a year away.

By Patrick on Wednesday, February 9, 2000 - 11:57 am:

    Sem, GO!!! Obviously you find history interesting, see it. Obviously I had a personal interest, but when my wife's comapny xmas party was held there, we had a room courtesy of the co. It is supposed to be haunted, we didn't see or hear anything but nontheless we wandered the ship after many drinks til late in the evening. Wandering places we weren't supposed to be. All the way to the top, to the captain's deck. It's very romantic, they have cheesy bands in one of the bars, but enought jack & cokes will wash the dullness right out. We took the tour of course the next day, and they blow the horn at 10am and noon. We checked the clock and it was 10 till, so we headed up to the bow of the boat, lit a smoke and waited, but after 2-3 minutes we got to talkin and forgot about the horn. When that fucker blew, you should have seen me buckle, my god, you could feel it in the deepest regions of your body.
    Anyway, you should go, it will be lots of fun, the rooms are great, the food is alright, and the tour is fascinating....

By cyst on Wednesday, February 9, 2000 - 09:18 pm:

    I've been on the queen mary with my parents when I was little. where is it -- the usa, canada or england?

By Patrick on Thursday, February 10, 2000 - 12:12 pm:

    Long Beach California. However, when you were a youngin, it may have been in Seattle or somewhere on the east coast. I forget where it was before LB

By J on Thursday, February 10, 2000 - 12:59 pm:

    I,ve been on it too,beautiful woodwork in the rooms,it,s something to see,it was in LB when I saw it too.

By moonit on Thursday, February 10, 2000 - 02:10 pm:

    Okay, my nana's dad and her uncle bob were in the war, and so was her brother in law George but none of them were wounded, so it must of been that damn book.

By Rhiannon on Thursday, February 10, 2000 - 04:27 pm:

    Maybe they saw someone else get wounded and the image burned into their brains.

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