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By Nelly on Sunday, May 7, 2000 - 12:46 am:

    i'm just remembering this, it's like after waking up, i blocked it. Yesterday i was feeling really weird, like starting to black out and having fast heartbeat and strange numbnesses. I think it was repeated sleep deprivation catching up with me, plus some kind of intestinal malady... anyway, as soon as I got home from work at 7, i hit the sack and didn't get up until about 3 in the morning, turned on the computer, turned it off, went back to sleep until 10.

    Somewhere during that time, I experienced something where I was really scared and felt like I was close to dying. This was an electric sensation similar to some things that have happened in other dreams. It happened very fast, like someone bringing two palms together in a slow clap, this tingly burn leaving behind numbness, starting at the edges of my silhouette (arms and legs) and moving inward in a wave. I knew if it met in the middle, all the life would be squeezed out of me and I would wink out... Somehow I stopped it just in time... I remember consciously shifting around so I could breathe deeply and telling myself if I could just keep breathing, everything would be o.k.

    Today I was so happy to wake up and actually see normally, walk around, eat, take a shower, drive around, talk to people, go to dinner, type on the computer, go shopping, even a little housework (ha!) without feeling like I was on the verge of some imminent breakdown, heart attack, seizure, or whatever. What a difference a good sleep can make. All the same, it's still spooking me.

    Guess this is another one of those "guess this is a dream" things. I hope. While it was happening, it didn't seem like a dream at all, and i had a distinct attitude about dying, i didn't care for the fact that the jig was up and wanted to figure out how to make it stop, being at the same time a bit curious about what was going on. in this respect it was like the "rain coming through the ceiling dream" posted elsewhere.

By J on Monday, May 8, 2000 - 02:03 pm:

    It sounds like you were about to have an out of body experience.

By Celia on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 - 03:30 am:

    isn't this kind of thing called sleep paralysis?

By Rhiannon on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 - 01:31 pm:

    Sleep paralysis is when you're lying in bed and you think you're awake, but you can't move, and then you see some scary person or creature stand by your bed and you're filled with mortal terror, and then you "pass out" only to "wake up" and find out you're fine. This is what "the old hag" and alien abduction visions really are.

By Uther on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 - 01:35 pm:

    never heard of "the old hag" visions. what is?

    and my alien abduction was real, dammit.

By Rhiannon on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 - 01:53 pm:

    "Experience of Pressure and Breathing Difficulties

    One of the traditional experiences associated with SP [sleep paralysis] is that of extreme pressure on the chest, the dominant theme of the incubus or "Old Hag" attack (Hufford, 1983). Although the classic hallucination is of a crushing weight or presence on the chest, the pressure may be felt on the back or side of the torso. Sometimes the experience is simply of a pure pressure on the chest or torso without further elaboration." source

    Sleep Paralysis

    brief anecdote

By Dougie on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 - 02:08 pm:

    I often wake up with a crushing weight on my chest, but it's not a hallucination -- it's my 25 pound pussycat. (she likes to eat)

By Nate on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 - 04:01 pm:

    i often get pressure on my body that feels like i've been thrown forcefully into my bed.

    the other night i woke up and the rifles were trained on my head. through the holes in my ceiling.

    i thought i was going to have a heart attack. it took all my will to convince myself it was not real before i woke A.

By J on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 - 04:15 pm:

    I hate that when you try to scream yourself awake,and no sound comes out.

By semillama on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 - 04:54 pm:

    I hate when you trip in a dream and your body jerks to catch itself.

By Isolde on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 - 08:10 pm:

    I hate it when 25 pound cats jump on me while I'm sleeping. Luckily, mine are only about 8 apiece. Although, one of them thinks it's awfully funny to jump on my head and sleep there, causing me to suffocate.

By Gee on Wednesday, May 10, 2000 - 02:52 am:

    sometimes when I scream in a dream, I can feel myself trying to scream in reality, and all that comes out is a little high-pitched moan. that usually wakes me up. I find it annoying, especially because I can never remember why I was screaming.

By patrick on Wednesday, May 10, 2000 - 01:08 pm:

    just don't let em suck your breath

By Rhiannon on Wednesday, May 10, 2000 - 01:09 pm:

    Me, too. Only I wake up moaning, "nooooo" without knowing why.

    Last night I dreamt about a haunted bag of glass bottles in my basement that was trying to climb up the stairs and get me. I wish I could explain that.

By dave on Wednesday, May 10, 2000 - 02:00 pm:

    i dream about trying to get my wheel mouse to work in linux.

By J on Wednesday, May 10, 2000 - 02:26 pm:

    Rhiannon I think you have mentioned before that you don,t drink and you are part Irish,think about it. Get rid of that bag before you become a raging alchoholic,not that there is anything wrong with that.

By Rhiannon on Wednesday, May 10, 2000 - 06:12 pm:

    Oh my God, J! I never thought about that! That makes so much sense.

By Nelly on Wednesday, May 10, 2000 - 10:21 pm:

    thanks for the sleep paralysis link Rhiannon. I did their survey. I never have "a presence," terrifying or otherwise, at least not that I can remember. But some of the other phenomena they mention like levitating are right up my alley.


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