vivid, sad, weird Dreamland: vivid, sad, weird

By semillama on Wednesday, May 17, 2000 - 08:17 am:

    So I had this dream about 5 this morning...

    It starts out in a dark place and Steve Blackman (the wrestler) is fighting some other wrestler in this old foundation, almost filled with dirt. He gets knocked out. THe dream blurs, and I find myself waking up in the same foundation. a small beaver comes and sits near me. I am wondering if it will attack me for some reason. I get up and go into this chalet-style house. It overlooks Lake Superior, and the early morning sun is shining in the large windows. My best friend is there, with some people from another country. THey are admiring the scenery. I tell them about the beaver, and they go to look, and a small bald eagle swoops down and carries the beaver up into a tree, where it devours it. WE are excited that the visitors get to see a bald eagle. We go back inside. I note a crate full of cds that I know are mine and were in my car (although later, on waking, I realize that none of those albums actually exist). We see gulls and terns fly by. One flys towards the window and gets sucked into a air duct or something, and comes out of the duct inside as Bugs Bunny. We try to help him out of the duct, but he gets sucked back out. Some time passes, and the visitors are gone. My best friend tells me she no longer considers me her best friend, and I am very sad at this. I go about collecting things that are mine and she gets things that are hers in preparation to leave the chalet.

    The scene changes and I am walking in a downtown area of a possibly small Canadian city with three other men whom I associate as friends in the dream. We all realize that we have left our wallets at the transportation center. One of the guys goes into some weird little booth and calls teh center, and they have our wallets. We start going back to the center. The guy who made the call flags a bus, but only he and one other guy can get on before it speeds away. So it's me and this older guy walking along the street. Suddenly, up the hill, I see buildings falling over, as if something had popped them out of the ground. A newslady on a nearby tv ina store window talks about it as if it were some minro construction mishap, but more and more buildings are doing the same thing. My friend and I run to the water front and out on these piers that are made of metal girders to escape the buildings.

    The devil is on the pier and he has a bunch of apples. I know that to save myself and others, I must choose one of the apples and take a bite. The one I choose hase a grub in it, but I defiantly swallow it anyway, and throw the apple down in the water.

    The scene changes. I and my friend are in some sort of converted discount store, where they are giving away survival gear. Society has somehow collapsed, but not chaotically, they are makign sure everyone has what they need to survive on their own. I pick out a small ax with a big blade, a knife, some folding gear of some sort, and an assault rifle. Then the scene changes again, and my friend and I are in a bathroom. We have just overpowered two security guards and are stealing their uniforms. My friend finishes first and leaves. As I am finishing, members of a street gang come in and start to harass me. I am somehow forced to be their prisoner, but they do not keep a close watch on me.

    The scene changes again, to a lightly wooded area. Most of the gang is off inthe distance, but the leader has gone into this old ruin and is reciting lines from the Lord of the Rings. I creep up to the top of the ruin and push a huge stone down on top of him, then flee. I come to a weird half-dome, go around the other side, and nootice that clinging to some footholds about halfway up the inside are my other two friends, except now they are dwarves. A Tolkien-esque elf is with them. They are spying on the rest of the gang. I try to join them, but have difficulty with the footholds, which seem to slide along the wall as I try to climb.

    Then I woke up.

By R.C. on Thursday, May 18, 2000 - 03:03 am:

    Sounds like a treatment for the next Coen bros. movie.

By R.C. on Thursday, May 18, 2000 - 03:07 am:

    But y'know -- the only dreams I remember are the ones I have btwn roughly 5am & 6am. There's something weird abt that hr. on the cusp of night & daybreak.

    (Ya wasn't schnookered that nite/were ya?)

By semillama on Thursday, May 18, 2000 - 10:00 am:

    I haven't been schnookered since Philadelphia.

By R.C. on Friday, May 19, 2000 - 02:16 am:

    Well, then -- you're long overdue! I command you to go out tomorrow nite & bend the elbow w/some pals. Preferably of the female persuasion. Get faced. Tell bad jokes. Do kareoke (sp?. Dance til you drop.

    That's certainly what I plan to be doing this time tomorrow.

By semillama on Friday, May 19, 2000 - 09:13 am:

    I have to drive 6 hours to find pals to bend elbows with. Don't worry, next weekend I will be doing some.

By Antigone on Friday, May 19, 2000 - 09:39 pm:

    I had a dream in the same city about a year ago, except it was set later than the events you describe. (after the buildings have fallen down...)

By semillama on Thursday, February 15, 2001 - 05:03 pm:

    Christ, I wish I had dreams like that now. I haven't remembered a dream in months.

    Funny thing is, i can remember bits of that dream. It occurred on my 28th birthday.

By J on Friday, February 16, 2001 - 12:32 pm:

    I stayed up last night drinking till 2:30 in the morning,passed out,and for some reason,I woke up at 6:30,I got the paper and a drink of water and decided that I didn't get enough sleep,so got back in bed.I dreamed I was at Bank One Ball Park and had dropped my wallet on the floor a level below me,and I saw this woman pick it up and I was yelling at her that I saw her get my wallet and she was acting like she didn't hear me,so I got a security guard,and the woman gave him her coat to search and looked through her purse,and my wallet wasn't there.I woke up all pissed and frustated thinking she must have slipped my wallet to one of her two pre-teen sons.I dreamed I had $80.00 in it and my credit cards,it was wierd.I tried to go back to sleep and will my wallet to be found in a dream,but I couldn't.

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