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Margret on Monday, July 31, 2000 - 10:44 am:

    I dreamed Semillama (aka Andy? or Andrew?) was visiting Cameron and I on sort of a US Tour. We were living in Michigan, and he had a lot of friends to visit in the area so he was using us as sort of a base of operations.
    We were all getting along swimmingly. Sem and Cameron had a lot in common (most of it dumb jokes which annoyed me) and Sem liked to have fun. We watched movies and went out in a little group of 3.
    I was physically affectionate with Sem. Held his hand (and Cameron's) when we were going somewhere. Sat between them on the couch. It was not flirtatious, and Cameron wasn't bothered by it.
    I had to ask Sem not to drive so fast, and then forbid him driving if I was going to be a passenger.
    Then one day I went over to the college (I have no idea which one) for lunch because it was my favorite meal (build your own hamburgers...not good, but unlimited fixins bar and I'm a dill pickle and mustard FREAK MOMMA). I came home and Cameron and I made chit chat and then he told me he'd come home early to have lunch with me and he'd seen me in the shower with Sem.
    He was destroyed.
    I was like 'Ummm...I wasn't here. I don't know WHO he had in the shower, but it wasn't me.'
    Cameron didn't believe me.
    Then I was anguished.
    And Semillama was nowhere to be found; we figured he'd be back that night.
    The homewrecking bastard.
    Who WAS in the shower, Sem?

By Nate on Monday, July 31, 2000 - 11:21 am:

    uhm, that was me.

    i was wearing my margret suit.

By Mavis on Monday, July 31, 2000 - 11:59 am:

    if you had to make sem drive SLOWER, then you were dreaming for sure!!!!!

By Margret on Monday, July 31, 2000 - 12:14 pm:

    Mavis, he was a scary snow-disrespecting Demon in my father's (now how did THAT get in my dream) 1972 Chevy Suburban, big blue.

By Satan on Monday, July 31, 2000 - 12:42 pm:

    IT WAS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By semillama on Thursday, February 15, 2001 - 05:08 pm:


    Cameron must've been super-pissed, now Margret doesn't even come round here no mo'.

    For what it's worth, I apologize.

    Yes I am going through old Dreamland posts.

By Spider on Friday, November 14, 2003 - 10:58 am:

    Semillama and Kazu were in my dream last night.

    It was very involved, and I can't remember most of it, but it was set at a family reunion. All my aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, etc. were there with me and my immediate family in this big house. Sem was in the kitchen talking to some people, and I was trying to find my dad so that he and Sem could talk to each other about Native Americans. I went outside, and I saw my dad and Kazu driving off....they were heading towards a place where we were all scheduled to meet in a few hours. I thought it was really nice that Kazu and my dad were getting along so well, and I think I met up with them at a gas station...after this it gets weird and fuzzy and no longer lucid.

    So Sem and Kazu were part of my family. Aw. :)

By kazu on Friday, November 14, 2003 - 11:38 am:

    how sweet.

By Spider on Friday, March 2, 2007 - 12:02 pm:

    I had a dream about Semillama this morning.

    It was very involved, but all I remember was the end.
    We were staying with my aunt and uncle, and we had to
    share a bed (platonically). I felt rather awkward about
    this arrangement, and I couldn't remember if he was
    married yet or not, which made things more awkward.
    So I was babbling at him as we got ready to go to sleep,
    and one of the stories I relayed was how I had recently
    noticed an upsurge of news items in which the people
    interviewed said either really bizarre or painfully dorky
    things which were never followed up on.

    As an example, I told him of a newspaper article I had
    read in which random people on the street were
    interviewed for their opinion, and some guy likened the
    war in Iraq to his Forgotten Realms/Dungeons &
    Dragon campaign he was playing. I was all, "Can you
    believe it? That was sooooo nerdy!" and Sem was all,
    "What's Forgotten Realms?" and I was floored. How
    could he not know?

    "You know, Dungeons & Dragons? .....The role-playing

    "Well, no, but okay."

    Then he got up to go take his contacts out and get
    ready for bed, and I turned on the TV news. Apparently
    the newscaster had been in a bomb explosion recently
    and had gotten hit with tons of shrapnel, because she
    was covered in those little round bandaids.

    And then I woke up.

By semillama on Friday, March 2, 2007 - 01:54 pm:

    In real life, I would have instantly gotten the Forgotten Realms reference.

By Spider on Friday, March 2, 2007 - 04:33 pm:

    That's what I was expecting! I just couldn't believe you
    didn't know what I was talking about.

By sarah on Saturday, March 3, 2007 - 12:59 pm:

    don't you have to wonder why people dream the things they dream? i don't believe in any of that dream interpretation hooey, but still.

    hy sometimes the dreams make perfect sense - they are based on or an obvious metaphor for something you've recently experienced. and then sometimes they are so completely random and nonsensical.


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