On the bus

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By Tom on Monday, October 23, 2000 - 03:39 pm:

    Whoa. Sat bolt upright in bed, 20 minutes late for work.

    In the dream: I'm talking with this girl I'm infatuated with, A-----. We're having a sort of nervous talk, and then I look around absently and everything is this pale off-white color. A----- is suddenly blond, and she's wearing cats-eye glasses; the sky is cloudless and off-white, the leaves on the trees are that same color, and there's a schoolbus, also that weird white.

    I start walking towards the bus, and then I'm following the bus, as it rolls slowly along. I know I can't catch it, but I'm not concerned. Then I notice that ahead of me, heading towards the bus, are A----- and another female friend of mine, E----. They're deep in conversation, having a great time, laughing and chatting, and they're gaining ground, actually catching up to the bus. I try to speed up to catch up with them, but I can't; I'm stuck at my ambling walking pace.

    I shout at them to wait for me; no response. Either they can't hear me, or they're ignoring me. I get the feeling it's the latter. I start yelling for them, and I'm spending every ounce of energy either running or trying to get their attention, but neither works, and finally, as I'm exhausted, they catch up to the bus, and enter, and disappear inside the bus, and the colors in the world all go back to normal; the bus is a yellow schoolbus; it spouts this cartoony cloud of exhausts and starts to rumble off; I realize that the bus hadn't been making any noise, previously.

    It disappears down the road, and I wake up.


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