Roman Heaven's Stargates (Good Read) Dreamland: Roman Heaven's Stargates (Good Read)

By Brisk on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 - 01:44 am:

    This is my first time posting to Sorabji
    and all, but I read the boards alot and I just wanna
    say I think you all are some pretty cool people.
    Anyways I have dreams all the time that I remember
    and they're long, complex, they have a plot, and they're
    vivid. Here is one I had not too long ago that I'd like
    to share with you all.
    I'm dead, I don't remember how I died and I'm a
    ghost. I've been dead for a couple months and I've been
    staying in my parents' home in Nevada to help and protect
    my mom even after death. All of a sudden I became raged
    without control, I'm not really mad but I can't control
    myself either. I begin to argue with my mother, I
    see myself through her eyes and it looks like a shadow
    in the air with very dark eyes, this is me. I start to
    argue with her telling her "I must move on, it is my time
    to go" she does not want to let me go and she is crying.
    I start to throw knives and try to fight her, yet I cannot
    control myself it's a need to repell. Next thing I know
    I become a sheriff in Nevada.
    I get a report of a domestic dispute at "the
    home with the ghost". I head over there and I see the
    ghost (me) fighting with my mother. It seems that in
    this dream the ghost of me is common knowledge and people
    don't fear it, I try and break up the fight and I (the ghost)
    come to my senses. I head back to headquarters and I talk
    to the deputies about what happened and they were surprised
    knowing that I had always been friendly, I just commented
    to them "I am not surprised by anything anymore after seeing
    that thing". I become the ghost again.
    I tell my mom in a very direct way "I must go, I
    have no choice I cannot stay here". She is crying and
    she says she understands, I take physical form and I give
    her a hug and tell her I shall return some day to see her
    again. All of a sudden I fall into the floor and through
    it. It's like falling through a sheet of rubber only the
    rubber doesn't break, and I'm underneath the room I was just
    in. Only instead of being in the room below I'm in outer
    space and I can see up through the floor and the only thing
    that's in my area is the room, not the house just this
    room I can see into. I was scared at first because I
    thought I was going to go to hell for some reason. I
    realized I had control than and I went around the room
    and on top of it. Above the room there was some sort of
    canyon with no bottom, it was like it was hanging down.
    I started to climb up into the canyon, it was very
    tight fitted and I was just wedging myself up it. If this
    were real it would be dark inside the space but I could see
    perfectly and I could see myself just climbing up this
    canyon, the rock was illuminated and it was white. I kept
    on climbing and climbing and the rock started to turn
    gold. I climbed and climbed, and there it was a light
    of some sort and ending. So I got up towards the
    light and I got sucked into it, it was like getting
    sucked into a tornado only it didn't hurt, kind of fun
    So here I am going through this light and I pop
    up out of the ground of somewhere. Next thing I know I'm
    on an escalator with a bunch of people next to my "spirit
    guide". There's a bunch of these escalators next to eachother,
    and there's lots of people on them and they're going down to
    the ground, and they just pop out at the top and go down to the
    ground. It was like an airport I could here speakers with
    garbled voice but it was like an airport "Arrivals to
    Dimension 9th Planet at gate 13". This seemed pretty
    interesting so I decided to go with it, my spirit guide
    explained to me that I have arrived at a beginners ground.
    I looked around it was SO beautiful. Even now when
    I think of it and remember it, it was beautiful. In the
    skys you could see the night sky filled with action and
    stars, with galaxies, shooting stars, consteallations, just
    beauty. And at the horizon in every direction were colorful
    sunsets and sunrises, only they didn't end. The ground looked
    like a combination of ancient Rome, disneyland, a garden,
    and Oz from the Wizard of Oz. Things were so colorful,
    and there were flowers and gardens and people everywhere.
    The way people looked was whatever they projected
    they projected a self image of who they really were. Nobody
    was ugly though, and there was no hate to be found. I just
    was in awe and I started to walk around, there were people
    playing music, just having fun everybody was doing something.
    My spirit guide began to walk me around explain to
    me what I was doing here, and that this was just temporary,
    and when I could figure out how to leave I could do it.
    Unfortunately since it's been a while I can't remember
    exact details of where I went but there was some time that
    passed of me just doing things, and I noticed that I was in
    a valley of mountains. I decided to go towards the mountains,
    I could go pretty fast considering I didn't have a human body
    to lag me behind anymore. At the edges of this land there was
    mostly desert and lots of strange temples, pyramids, towers,
    monuments, and buildings. I chose to go into an interesting
    building that looked like a combination of an Ancient Egyptian
    labrynth and a Victorian Rome collosseum. Mostly white stone.
    Inside was alot of art, artifacts, and music. I saw that
    there were sections specifically colored and themed for some
    sort of building that there was a painting of by each one on
    the ceiling. In each one of these sections there was a throne
    and next to the throne there was a tunnel that went so far
    you couldn't see the end of it. These sections each had
    their own guard. Most of them had masks on, sort of like a
    Boba Fett thing going on.
    I jumped towards one of the tunnels, and my spirit
    guide all of sudden got really huge and yelled "NO DON'T!!".
    The guard took some sort of phazer stick and zapped me with
    it, now it didn't hurt but it threw me back pretty far.
    This surprised me a bit. But I intended to get in, so I
    distracted the guard by going towards another section and
    jumping than running back over to the other one and going in.
    Pretty foolish for a galactic soldier. I got into the tunnel
    and I ran untill I found on the side another tunnel with a
    light I walked into it, there was a giant type of living
    quarters. And I met a creature that looked almost human,
    the creature seemed to be feminine so I'll referr to it
    as a she. She looked similiar to the aliens on Earth
    Final Frontier. She had a very thin neck though and she
    was blue and purple. She was not mad and explained to me,
    that these buildings contained stargates to other worlds
    in other dimensions. I understood it all without her
    telling me, how to use them, how to control where and
    when I wanted to go, I understood it all. I decided
    that I wanted to go back to Nevada for my first
    I get on one of the thrones for some reason and
    instead of using like I'm supposed to, I sort of tore
    open a whole into space in it. Not damaging it though,
    and I started to crawl into it there were alot of people
    watching me get into it. It was like crawling into a
    belly button only it didn't hurt me or anybody else, and
    as soon as I would get through it'd turn back to normal.
    I went in through it and I had to wedge my way down another
    white canyon again. I got to the bottom I was in outer
    space and I could see the desert land of Nevada. Btw I
    want to point out that I do not live in Nevada, I only
    did in my dream. So I ripped a hole in the sky there
    again and I stuck my arm through it, through this whole
    my arm looked giant. I could see it from the ground as
    well as from the top, this is another part of my dreams
    I can see from all angles including peoples view. The
    sky sort of turned into a galactic tornado you could
    see a whole and see galaxies and stars in the middle of
    the day in one point and there was an arm going through
    I pushed my fist through, and this was in the
    middle of the desert nothing around and I punched my
    fist deep down into the ground and as soon as I did
    that I pulled it back up and everything was normal
    there again. I didn't go and visit my parents. I
    got towards the top and there I was back at the escalators,
    people were shocked what I had accomplished and that I
    had come back. Nobody in that land moved they were just
    looking at me. I decided that I was going to try and
    go somewhere else, so I went to the middle of a path
    and I tore it open climbed in and as soon as I got through
    I didn't go somewhere else, I popped back into my body.
    That's what I felt I woke up when I popped through instantly,
    it felt real, very real. Interesting indeed. Anyways
    that is my dream, I have more to come for you, I'm sure
    you'll love them. I'd like to hear any of your comments
    on this dream.

By on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 - 10:02 am:

    You're spending too much time sleeping.

By Spider on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 - 11:24 am:

    Dag, that dream was longer than mine are.

    I just had a funny irate-caller experience.

    Want me to tell you about it? Why, of course you do!

    Yesterday I get a voicemail message warning me about a guy, G. so-and-so. He's pretending to be a student at Rutgers U, and he's been calling customer service in our main office demanding access to a "global search product." The girl who called me warned me that he was very offensive and demeaning, and that if he should call me, I'm to send him to a particular person, M., in the main office.

    So this morning he called. I told him he had called the wrong department and that I'd have to transfer him. That's all I said to him besides hello. He started screaming as I hit transfer, and I accidentally disconnected him because I misdialed M.'s number. I then accuratetly dialed M., and as her phone rang, I got another call on my other line. Didn't pick up the line. M. doesn't answer. I see a message was left for me. Yay. It's G., calling me a fucking bitch for transfering him. Okay. So I try to get M. by calling the switchboard, but have to leave her a message. The other line has rung 3 times in those few minutes.

    Then two co-workers come into my office, just to talk, so I tell them about G. I tell them he's inappropriately angry and offensive. Then my boss, A., walks in and asks me if I'm talking about a guy named G. G.'s left A. a message to complain about me. I don't ask A. if G. referred to me by name or by colorful description. I tell him that according to my voicemail message yesterday, G. isn't a student or a professor or a librarian at Rutgers, and he's trying to bully us into giving him access. I don't think he's a competitor, either...he's probably just crazy. A. said he'd take care of it. My phone has been quiet since then.

    I've put in a request for a phone with caller ID, just in case. I *really* don't want to talk to this guy again. No one ever yells at me here (or anywhere else, for that matter), and I can't respond well to being yelled at unless I'm already angry. Now I'm just nervous, but even that's fading.

By patrick on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 - 11:37 am:

    i look forward to wack job calls like that. the worst are the lonley gay man in Idaho who needs subscription information and wants to talk forever about a certain columnists or cover model.

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