notes on last night's dream Dreamland: notes on last night's dream

By droopy on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 - 01:08 pm:

    1. san francisco sorority - driving with someone on winding country roads, apparently in california. i am driving the car. i do something--flip a switch--that changes perspective or something and i start driving on wrong side of street, we come to a line of cars on the highway that are waiting to get into a cave, inside the cave we all wait in lines (on foot) to be interviewed to be allowed into san francisco, a woman behind a low wall interviewing each person in line, she is middle-aged and well-dressed, i ask her if only women are allowed in, says yes because of sororority--only people in the sorority can enter san francisco.

    2. bus ride - i am in texas, i am on the bus on the same route i take to work, think i am a woman, i am suddenly sick, want to get to a hospital, find myself in a hospital, can't remember what happened exactly but nobody would help me.

    3. apartment - am same person on the bus - maybe a woman, it is night, suddenly a truck - a medium-sized truck like a u-haul - rams into my front door, i can feel the impact and the shake but it doesn't crash through the door, i am close to the door watching this, it backs up to make another attack, i see the truck mostly as two bright headlights and the shadowy outline of the truck, another hit - wham!, it's still not budging the door frame but the aggression of the act - agresssion specifically to me - is frightening, i call 911 and instantly the cops are here and the guy in the truck is arrested, i don't recognize the man but he knows me, he's mad about some help he gave me - maybe i didn't reciprocate, inside his truck are all these blow-up dolls, they aren't sexual but some kind of army of his.

    4.campus - i am at a campus of some sort--either prep school or college, it is huge and ultra-modern whatever it is, i think i am back to being male (me), am walking through campus by some building, i see a girl in an outfit that bares her breasts, she's off in the distance so i have to look twice, i see more girls--students--walking around the same way with breasts bared like it's part of some organized thing. walk up to the big sports arena. all the male students are there engaging in acts of violence against each other, this is still part of some agreed-upon thing, like a school tradition, there is one young man who is at the center of the attention, in the center of the large arena he is being tortured--being run through with knives and spikes and other stuff, he is not to supposed to die, just suffer. he is tied onto some kind of frame, spikes and knives protruding through the exit wounds, blood, horror on his face. there is some voice-over that says: "and then tragedy struck" as the boy is backed into a large blade that goes through his heart, killing him. it is agreed that it was an accident.

    5.then i woke up.

By v on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 - 05:09 pm:

    droopski,you need to paint what you dream,like v does,I hope before I die I get to meet you,drinks on v,wodka on ice? and me dont need sun glasses...

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