new boobs What are you wearing?: new boobs

By MoonUnit on Friday, August 6, 1999 - 12:51 am:

    Well okay not actually new breasts, but part of my birthday pressi from my mum was two new bras (I hate buying that sort of stuff for myself) and anyway, this bra I have on today honestly, its like I have new, higher up, (improved?) breasts. I dont know if I should be happy or sad.

By Nate on Friday, August 6, 1999 - 01:22 am:

    you should be sending us pics.

By Waffles on Friday, August 6, 1999 - 01:25 am:

    personally, I don't buy the bigger is better argument when it comes to a girl's rack.....I don't understand the infactuation with it, I find it sad when I se these girls who could hbe relly pretty fuck up and get riduclous boob jobs and march around in bikini's, whatever the scenario may be. TV, movie, commercial etc....usually any porno chick Howard Stern has on his know the Joe-Six Pack truck stop fantasy.....

    so, I would guess that you probably look better without it, but I am partial that way.


    How about a padded jock, for gentlemen with less endowed crotches........

By Waffffffles on Friday, August 6, 1999 - 01:26 am:

    i neeed my spek and spell

By MoonUnit on Friday, August 6, 1999 - 02:39 am:

    Nate I'd love to send you a pic
    moon with old bra.
    moon with new bra.

    but I'm not gonna.

    Its not padded Waffles, its just fits like it should - prehaps I was a little overdue for an expensive well fitting bra (instead of the cheap I cant be bothered trying it on i hate bra buying jobs I usually get) which makes it seem like its got my boobs and going HELLO WORLD!

    I dont agree with breast implants either btw, its not something I would ever do for myself. I would rather buy shoes then pay for plastic surgery.

By Moonunit on Friday, August 6, 1999 - 02:44 am:

    oh fuck that came out wrong.

    I would rather spend money on shoes than plastic surgery. Cept maybe that laser vision thing... only thats not really plastic surgery its vision related.

    i'm just rambling again.

By Gee on Friday, August 6, 1999 - 03:44 am:

    New higher up breasts are always something to be happy about, Moon.

    MU. Moony. Moonit. darnit!! I can't stop thinking of shortforms for your name!! So far I like Moonit best...

By Semillama on Friday, August 6, 1999 - 06:15 pm:

    wouldn't it be cool if the hot new fashion trend for men was penis gourds?

By Fashionable waffles on Friday, August 6, 1999 - 06:18 pm:

    waaaay ahead of ya sem

By Moonit on Saturday, August 7, 1999 - 01:04 am:

    hehe Moonit is fine with me Gee.

By Farad on Monday, August 9, 1999 - 10:19 am:

    My brother had his vision restored with laser surgery. now he sees 20/20. claims it's like a miracle.
    Am shocked that they did both eyes at the same time. (in case of something going wrong then at least one would be un-lasered.)
    the only side-effect was that his eyes teared for one night, felt like an eyelash was in there. he had anesthetic eye drops to use.
    would any of you that use glasses have that done? i would be too afraid. monetary aside. (believe it was over 1,000.)

By Cyst on Monday, August 9, 1999 - 10:54 am:


    an ex-roommate of a month or two just emailed me and told me he has herpes.

    when I was staying with him, I remember that I had trouble telling our towels apart. I may have used his once or twice. I've heard you can get herpes from using someone else's wet towel. I doubt that the towel was wet when I used it (I therefore would have realized that it wasn't mine), but who knows.

    do you think I have any reason to worry? he's only had very minor outbreaks until this point -- he thought they were just jock itch -- and he thinking that he's had it but it's been largely dormant for two years. (whereas I think he got it from that tramp over christmastime, but that's another story, isn't it?)

By MooNuniT on Monday, August 9, 1999 - 06:40 pm:

    Its about 1500 for each eye I think - and I thought they did one at a time. Man if I won lotto I'd do it!

    As for the herpes - any itchy sunburnt looking skin? (Thats how someone I knew found out she had it)

By Agatha on Monday, August 9, 1999 - 11:03 pm:

    is that the scumbag with the mail order bride catalogues? i don't think i like that guy too much. i will kick his ass if he gave you herpes, even if it was an accident. i will fly to eastern europe specifically for this cause. that man needs to learn a lesson.

By Friendly on Tuesday, August 10, 1999 - 01:20 am:

    from listening to loveline, the initial outbreak of herpes is unmistakeable. the severity tapers off in time. unless it's acute. they say if you don't have it, try not to get it but if you have it, it isn't that big of a deal. unless it's acute.

By Cyst on Tuesday, August 10, 1999 - 03:39 am:

    this guy isn't all bad. he's calling up all the past devushky and he's trying to get a hold of the one he wanted to get involved with even though he's pretty sure it will end things before they start.

    I've had no symptoms. I wasn't even staying with him for long, and we had separate rooms and everything.

    when they talk about that wet towel risk, do they mean that you can catch it just by wiping your hands on a towel that someone else has used after taking a shower, or do you have to rub everywhere after they've rubbed everywhere?

By Friendly on Tuesday, August 10, 1999 - 11:13 am:

    you can get it anywhere. it gets in through an open wound or abrasion.

By Cyst on Tuesday, August 10, 1999 - 11:48 am:


    I am never living with anyone ever again. I'm going to stay all by myself in a plastic bubble. good-bye, shit world. enjoy yourselves, my virus-ridden fellow humans. I'll send e-postcards.

By Semillama on Tuesday, August 10, 1999 - 06:22 pm:

    [SOUND EFFECT: the sound of hundreds of windows shattering at once, which are the hearts of men all over the world as Cyst retreats into her hermitically sealed environment.]

    [VISUAL: Cyst giving the middle finger to me.]

By Gee on Wednesday, August 11, 1999 - 05:01 am:

    Sem!! You give Cyst her finger back!

By sarah on Tuesday, December 5, 2000 - 07:24 pm:

    i just experienced the most horrifying bra experience of my life.

    matt just called and invited me to his company xmas party tonight, reputed all over Oahu to be the most fun and hippest parties of the year. so i went and bought a black faux leather miniskirt $8.99 to go with this bright blue shirt with fluffy fur collar i got yesterday ($4.99). but none of my bras fit anymore and it's gotten to the point where i shouldn't be going out in ill fitting bras. so i went to the department store and tried on rough 8 trillion bras, none of which fit. i'm somewhere between a C and D, somewhere between a 34 and 36. all of them pinched, poked, bound, etc. my tits and my shoulders and they were all awful looking contraptions of torture. fuck, i really do need plastic surgery. bad. just so i can find a fucking bra that fits without my parts hanging out here and there or the cups puckering this way and that. fuck fuck fuck.

By cyst on Tuesday, December 5, 2000 - 07:56 pm:

    how funny.

    I'd totally forgotten that guy has herpes. I'd forgotten I'd ever worried about it.

    apparently I never got it.

    I wonder where I was on august 10, 1999. paris or istanbul or the hague, I'd guess.

By cyst on Tuesday, December 5, 2000 - 08:00 pm:


    I've worn a 36B as long as I can remember.

By patrick on Tuesday, December 5, 2000 - 08:05 pm:

    ditch the bra altogether sarah...or would that be bad?

By dave. on Tuesday, December 5, 2000 - 08:06 pm:

    i'd forgotten i was friendly.

By sarah on Wednesday, December 6, 2000 - 02:10 pm:

    made the appointment yesterday for february 1st. god it's so weird to think about being sewn back together. it makes me feel tired just thinking about it.

    or maybe it was the several manhattans i drank last night, while shooting craps and eating sashimi. that part was fun. i danced a little bit too, and that was fun.

    some women rented costume-like dresses for the party last night.

    the people were lame. lots of kids rolling. lots and lots of young beautiful people schmoozing each other up and being seen and acting all weird and blank and superficial. that part was totally disappointing, but so typical for what this town would consider fun and hip parties. this little dive i went to in san diego on the way to mexico had more hip and cool in its leatherette booths than all of the people at last night's party combined. i'm even a little disappointed in matt. he seems to want to be a part of all that. and he's a fucking philosophy ph.d. candidate, studying comparative existentialism. it makes no sense.

    the thing about hawaii isn't the hip or cool. it's the ocean and mountains, the surfing and hiking and camping. i need to remember to save the faux leather minis and feather boas for... well, for something else.

    maybe SorabjiFest 2001. heh.

By sarah on Wednesday, December 6, 2000 - 05:28 pm:

    by the way, the surgeon's name is Nip. Dr. Nip. i swear i am not making that up.

By Dougie on Wednesday, December 6, 2000 - 05:35 pm:

    With Nurse Nancy Tuck assisting, I assume?

By moonit on Wednesday, December 6, 2000 - 10:18 pm:


    sorry i nearly wrecked a keyboard and now
    everyone in the office is staring at me.

    dr nip and nurse tuck

By J on Thursday, December 7, 2000 - 12:12 am:

    Sarah is it safe for you to be going under so close after your last surgery,is anyone going to be there to help you?

By sarah on Thursday, December 7, 2000 - 03:38 pm:

    J, February 1st will be just a week under 6 months since the ovarian surgery. Nip seems to think it's ok, and the endocrinologist i saw yesterday didn't say anything about it. do you think i should get another opinion? how long do you think i should i should wait? aside from the total hormonal malaise, otherwise i'm in unrealistically perfect health.

    i guess it's gonna be fairly gnarly. drains and bandages and 3 home visits from Nip himself. i told my friend Kim - i helped her when she had surgery on her foot and she helped me when i had the ovarian surgery. she said she would come over regularly to check on me. my dad lives 5 minutes from my house, he'll take me to and pick me up from the hospital, and hopefully come over to cook me a meal if i can eat.

    i'm going back to detroit for the holidays. if i can somehow convince my mother that i'm not the evil spawn she thinks i am, maybe she'll fly out. i doubt it, but you never know.

    what is up with your kid? what, exactly, is that all about, J?

By J on Friday, December 8, 2000 - 01:23 am:

    Sarah,if your doctors say it's o.k.,I'm sure it is,I just have had some bad experiences when I go under,but come to think of it I'm just sensitive to some drugs,and I'm older than you.I'm glad you have people to take care of you,I remember thinking the last time you went under,"Where is her mom?""Isn't there anyone looking out for her?"I have grown to care about you all.Why does your mom think your evil? You are talented,smart and pretty,she should be fucking proud!I don't get people.As for Jonathon,to make a long story short,after I spent the the money I had saved up to get out of my miserable marriage on lawyers and process servers and P.I.'s for Amee,Amee when she was fucked up on meth went and signed some papers to give custody to her ex.They made up and moved in together till last year when he left her,now till Amee goes to court on Jan.17,2001 I'm fucked.They act like I'm going to kidnap him or something.Meanwhile,while they are playing all these power games,who is it really hurting?Jonathon.I hope you can make this out.

By Czarina on Friday, December 8, 2000 - 09:15 am:

    Impressive,J.I guess thats why I love ya!

By Nick on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 - 11:57 am:

    What do your breast look like without a bra Sarah? Are your nipples puffy?


By eri on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 - 12:32 pm:

    I want new boobs, but they cost too much money right now. Maybe in another year we can afford it. Maybe we should buy a house first. I dunno.

    On the up side, gaining all this weight I have, I have gained some, but only 1 inch. Pathetic still. I still look like a 12 year old boy in a one piece bathing suit.

By J on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 - 12:37 pm:

    Eri wonderbra makes swimsuits.

By sarah on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 - 12:43 pm:

    you don't want to know. it ain't pretty.

By patrick on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 - 12:58 pm:


By eri on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 - 02:28 pm:

    Got the wonderbra swimsuits. Still to small to fit them right and look awful.

    I gain 15 lbs (quite a bit considering how small I have always been) and I am almost at the same weight I was when I delivered Mikayla, and I am still an A cup. It's pathetic. I am the biggest I have ever been in my life (not counting pregnancy) and I still don't have half of the boobs I had before Micki. I kept them after Hayley, but not Micki.

    I get easily frustrated with this, but maybe if I built up some more muscle it wouldn't be TOO bad, I just am totally unhappy with the twins! I miss shopping for bras in normal lingerie departments and not the children's section of the store.

By sarah on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 - 04:31 pm:

    march 30th will be the 2-year anniversary of the Gnarly Surgery From Hell [tm]. and my hip-to-hip scar has faded quite nicely. there is a 2" wide section of skin that goes from the scar line up to my sternum that still is completely numb and feels creepy underneath when it's touched.

    belly button area is still whacked - a little too high, and dark with scar tissue (last time i was at the gyno he said "you seem to have an infection in your navel." and i said, "no, that's the scarring.") also on my right hip there still remains a little skin puckering out where the sutures didn't quite pull it all together, sorta like when you hem a skirt and it doesn't lie exactly flat all the way around. but what are ya gonna do.

    it's my torso, i have to live with it. it's a lot better than it's ever been before.

    i accept that there will never be a good enough bra. i haven't even come close to considering another surgery since, though there's still plenty of work that could be done (arms, ass, legs, tits). i just cannot go through that, not ever again. not only that, but any other surgeries i'd most likely have to pay for in full, especially now with this new insurance company, who has none of my medical history.

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