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By semillama on Tuesday, November 7, 2000 - 09:50 am:

    I just got this in an email for some mysterious reason:

    Subject: FW: FW: Update information

    To all,
    Another uniform update. Please, pass to your soldiers

    Subject: RE: Update information

    Can females wear "corn rows" and "braids" while in Army uniforms?

    It is HQDA's position that "corn rows" and "braids" are acceptable female hairstyles. The history and use of "corn rows" and "braids" preclude these hairstyles from being determined or classified as fads. All female hairstyles will conform with paragraph 1-8a(3), Army Regulation 670-1.

    Can males cut a line or part into the hair although AR 670-1 paragraph 1-8a(1) reads: "Lines or designs will not be cut into the hair or scalp?"

    This does not prohibit a soldier from cutting a line (part) in his hair. Certain ethnic groups have a texture of hair that requires its members to cut a part into the hair. If a part is cut into the hair, it will be one straight line, not slanted or curved, and will fall in the area where the hair would normally be parted.

    What is the maximum length that soldiers can wear their fingernails?

    There is no maximum established length. However, fingernail length must conform with following standard: all personnel will keep their fingernails clean and neatly trimmed so as not to interfere with performance of duty, detract from the military image, or present a safety hazard (Army Regulation 670-1, paragraph 1-8c).

    Are soldiers required to wear the Regimental Distinctive Insignia (RDI) and the Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI) on Army uniforms?

    Yes. Soldiers wear the RDI on the Army Service Green, Army Service Dress, Blue, White, Army Maternity, Dress and Mess uniforms, and on the AG 415 shirt. If soldiers are authorized the DUI they wear it on the garrison cap, the Army Service Dress uniform, and the black pullover sweater. If soldiers are not authorized the DUI, they will wear the RDI on the pullover sweater. (Army Regulation 670-1, paragraph 27-21.)

    Do pregnant soldiers have to wear the Physical Fitness Uniform (PFU) for Pregnancy Physical Training (PT)? If so, must they tuck in the shirt?

    Pregnant soldiers should wear the PFU for Pregnancy PT only as long as the uniform fits properly, with the shirt tucked inside the shorts.
    Once it becomes uncomfortable or difficult to wear the PFU in this manner, soldiers should wear appropriate civilian attire. Under no circumstances will commanders require pregnant soldiers to buy larger sizes of the PFU to accommodate the pregnancy.

    What shades of lipstick and nail polish can female soldiers wear?

    Females cannot wear extreme shades of lipstick and nail polish such as purple, gold, blue, and white. Leaders should give consideration to the undertones of the female skin. A single color is not acceptable for all females; for example, red may look good on one female but not
    another. (Army Regulation 670-1, paragraph 1-8b)

    Can soldiers wear beepers or pagers on the uniform?

    Soldiers may wear beepers or pagers only in the performance of official duties. Wear of pagers for any other reason is left up to the discretion of the commander. If a beepers or pagers are worn, soldiers should place them in an inconspicuous place on the uniform, such as the waistband of the slacks near a pocket, or inside a pocket. Cell phones are not authorized for wear on the uniform.

    Are the Green Jungle boots still authorized for wear?

    Yes. Green Jungle Boots remain authorized as optional footwear until no longer serviceable. However, they are no longer available for purchase in Army Military Clothing Sales Store. (Army Regulation 670-1, Paragraph 26-4d and DAPE-HR-S, Message 121319Z April 1993, Subject: Boots)

    Are Hi-Tech and Corcoran Marauder boots authorized for wear? If not, what is the rule for optional boots?

    No; these are not acceptable optional boots. Paragraph 26-4d, AR 670-1, states optional boots must be black boots of a similar commercial design, with a plain or capped toe. Optional boots, to include jungle boots, are authorized for wear in lieu of the standard black combat boot. This means soldiers have two options to the issue boot: a boot of similar design to the issue black combat boot, or the approved Army jungle boot not a similar design jungle boot. Optional
    boots are not authorized for wear in formation when uniformity in appearance is required.

    Who can wear tanker boots?

    All personnel are authorized to wear tanker boots, unless restricted by the commander. Also, the commander may require soldiers wear standard issue boots in formation.

    Can soldiers shave their heads bald?

    There are no restrictions to bald heads either natural or shaved that are referenced in AR 670-1. Both male and females can cut their hair off or shave it off. Although this could be considered faddish for females, the hairstyle has become generally accepted in most walks of life. Additionally, there are no health or hygienic risks associated with baldness.

    Wear-out dates for different style BDUs.
    What is the wear-out date for the old style Hot Weather BDU (HWBDU)(with side tabs)? Is there a wear-out date for the temperate (cold weather) BDU? When must I have the new Enhanced Hot Weather BDU (EHWBDU)?

    There is no wear-out date for the HWBDU; it may be worn until stocks are exhausted. Likewise, there is no wear-out date for the temperate BDU. The mandatory possession date for the EHWBDU is 1 October 2000.

    Are soldiers authorized to wear camel packs?

    Camel packs are authorized only when wearing the Desert BDU.

    Female Class A uniform dates.
    The possession date was extended to 1 October 2003 for females to have the new shade of the class A uniform. Why was the date extended? Does this mean the possession date was extended for the AG 415 green blouse?

    The possession date was extended because not all Army Military Clothing Sales Stores (AMCSS) had the new style skirt (with kick pleat) and the new style slacks (with belt loops). The AG 415 shirt
    (with princess pleats), in the overblouse and tuck-in styles, is available in the AMCSS; therefore the possession date of 1 October 1999 for females to have two short-sleeved and one long-sleeved AG 415 tuck-in shirt remains firm. The overblouse is an optional purchase item. Shirts in the old style (without princess pleats), are no longer authorized for wear.

    What is the Army policy on tattoos?

    The Army policy is that visible tattoos or brands on the neck, face, or head are prohibited. Tattoos on other areas of the body that are prejudicial to good order and discipline are prohibited. Additionally, any type of tattoo or brand that is visible while wearing a class A
    uniform and detracts from a soldierly appearance is prohibited.
    Commanders should keep in mind, however, that the policy focuses mainly on tattoos that are racist, sexist, or extremist. There are two conditions established for the prohibition of a tattoo: that it's visible and that it detracts from a soldierly appearance. The presence of the first condition by itself does not constitute a violation of the tattoo policy.

    Can soldiers wear backpacks or other similar bags over the shoulder while in uniform?

    Yes. While in uniform, personnel are authorized to carry backpacks, commercial rucksacks, and gym bags by carrying them over one shoulder.
    When riding a bicycle or motorcycle, soldiers may wear the bag over both shoulders (for safety purposes). Upon dismounting, however,soldiers will comply with the normal carry policy (one shoulder). Bags must be black all over with no logos or seals.

    Why can't soldiers carry a backpack over both shoulders while walking?

    The original intent of the carry policy was to allow a soldiers to carry a bag over the shoulder to help free up the hands for other
    articles, and to allow better distribution of the weight of the bag intransit. For consistency, all bags, regardless of style or manufacturer's intended wear, are carried the same (over one shoulder). On bicycles and motorcycles, it could be unsafe for soldiers to wear a bag over only one shoulder, therefore, the policy states soldiers may wear the bag over the shoulder(s) (giving them the option). When dismounted, however, soldiers must revert to the normal carry policy as listed above.

    What is the wearout date for the old "wooly pully" sweater?

    There is no established wearout date. The old style 100 percent wool sweater is still authorized for wear. It is considered an optional
    sweater for those soldiers who prefer wool.

    Is the old style dress blue jacket for females still authorized for wear? How do I wear my insignia if I have the new style female blues jacket?

    The old style blue jacket, produced prior to August 1992, is still authorized for wear. Insignia on that jacket is worn as described in
    AR 670-1 (one branch, one U.S.). For the new style blue jacket, produced after August 1992, soldiers will wear their insignia in the same manner as they do on the class A jacket.

    Can I wear the garrison cap in a different material than my uniform?

    Yes. The garrison cap in either AG Shade 48(poly/wool) or 491 (polyester) is interchangeable with the uniform in either shade.

    Anyone spot the racist assumption hidden in there?

By SPC Barker on Tuesday, May 11, 2004 - 11:19 am:

    Are female soldiers allowed to wear ponytails in uniform?

By Sgt. Otero on Tuesday, May 18, 2004 - 07:37 pm:

    whats the regulation corncerning the new boots beign issue to soldiers, as far as shining goes?

By Antigone on Tuesday, May 18, 2004 - 07:42 pm:

    I doubt anyone here would know...

By heather on Tuesday, May 18, 2004 - 08:52 pm:


    sheesh, antigone

By Mcgyver on Saturday, August 28, 2004 - 02:56 am:

    Some of your information is not up to date:

    Males are not authorized to wear nail polish and they must keep nails trimmed to the tip of the finger. Females must keep nails trimmed no longer than 1/4 inch, as measured from the fingertip. Two-tone or multi-tone manicures and nail designs are prohibited. Prohibited nail polish colors include bright fire-engine red, khaki or camouflage, purple, gold, blue, black, white, and neon colors.

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