Sentences Never Before Expressed Words: Sentences Never Before Expressed

Trukman on Monday, August 23, 2004 - 10:58 pm:

    This is a collection of sentences never before been expressed. Some themes emerge--mostly animals. To this idea, George Carlin gets credit when who dared anyone to find a prior reference for: "Let' s all go down to the softball field to murder Hitler's grandmother."

    Read and add more if you like.

    Sentences Never Before Expressed and Never Again to be Expressed

    1. Exile among tremulous elves equals sublime happenstance.

    2. Some Etruscans will harbor evil weasels when spring comes.

    3. Once, while copiously ululating, Ernie's hermaphrodite, Seigfried,

    confused himself with a cluster of obtuse cacti.

    4. Will anymore men upturn the turkey?

    5. Uncle Dagmar's corpulent hobo saw both sides of the equation and yet did

    6. Let those who deride my reptilians beg for milk!

    7. How would the oboes of yore sound to the Moroccan man on the telephone?

    8. Raoul perceived the comeback of the sturgeon as a menace to the trinity.

    9. Now, only my primates man the neblewerfers.

    10. He didn't feel fluffy or extended about the architectural futility.

    12. I thought we gave her the green hobnails for stenciling cantaloupes.

    13. If only she didn't eclipse the moment with a weed whacker.

    14. Loping horizontally, the handbags screamed for more gravy.

    15. Frankly my dear, I don't give evaporated milk to dung beetle lampshades.

    16. Lastly, he wondered whether the uvula pondered infamy, or just wanted sleigh

    17. My feral platypus never fails to misplace my yellow umbrella.

    18. Seven buckets of feral cats orbiting Pluto.

    19. That tiny pink teakettle hovers nicely!

    20. You fulfill the escalators of my mind.

    21. If I were to enter a theater and laugh at hearing a blonde with Turret's Syndrome bark "Ass-Muncher!" and "Ball Sweat" out of an open convertible, then there is a greater than 50 percent likelihood I have seen Deuce Bigalo, Male Gigolo.

    22. Announcing Chateau de Monque, the finest Bordeaux produced by French monkeys!

By Nate on Tuesday, August 24, 2004 - 10:54 am:

    why 22 of them?

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