Have you ever vomited on a public servant?

sorabji.com: Have you ever...: Have you ever vomited on a public servant?
By Inter-view on Tuesday, February 24, 1998 - 03:28 am:
    Come now; don't be shy.

By Vomitus Vomitorium on Tuesday, February 24, 1998 - 08:30 am:
    My ex-roommate vomited in a trash can once in front of a police officer and spent the night in jail. Does that count?

By The judge on Tuesday, February 24, 1998 - 01:44 pm:
    Close. Very close.

By Sorabji on Tuesday, February 24, 1998 - 02:15 pm:
    after drinking a cup of coffee with butter stirred in i barfed into one of those blue u.s. postal service mailboxes.

By Spiracle on Tuesday, February 24, 1998 - 02:22 pm:
    geez..that makes my stomach hurt..
    i don't know why..
    but that combination would
    seem to taste like puke, in its self..

By Christopher on Tuesday, February 24, 1998 - 02:55 pm:
    I threw up on my 2nd grade teacher. But then again, lots of us did.

By Inter-view on Tuesday, February 24, 1998 - 04:48 pm:
    wait a minute! About that butter-coffee mixture...Why? How? Huh?!?

By Markus on Tuesday, February 24, 1998 - 06:16 pm:
    I gotta say for the record that I never threw up on your second grade teacher.

By SlkPnts on Wednesday, May 6, 1998 - 07:09 pm:
    I once threw up on Amy Carter. She came to see my band play, the Pimp Funk Superstars Go to the Book Club, and was just hanging around the back sipping on some sort of pansy assed light beer. Anyway, after the set I walked up to her and was like, "Shit, you're like someone or another." She just looked kind of annoyed. As the Secret Service goons came to take me away, I spun around twice while humming our new hit single, "Double O Faggot," and let some prime juicy juice fly. Then something else happend.

By Sock Monkey on Wednesday, December 22, 1999 - 03:34 pm:

    yuck! butter and coffee

By ANTIGONE IS A STALKER on Wednesday, December 22, 1999 - 03:45 pm:

    Threatening to take personal revenge on someone for a flamewar is WRONG!

By Sock Monkey on Wednesday, December 22, 1999 - 07:46 pm:

    a mixture of butter and coffee is DISGUSTING!

By semillama on Wednesday, December 22, 1999 - 10:04 pm:

    Hey it all gets mixed in your stomach!

    The snoball cookies are gaining....

By Isolde on Thursday, December 23, 1999 - 04:42 pm:

    I once ate one of those pats of butter like they give you at Dennys on a dare. It was disgusting. Luckily, it was many years ago now, and the scars have healed.


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