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By Sye on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 06:04 pm:

    So I'm thinking of moving to Birmingham. I am enchanted by the thought of this place being so old and southern, that I can't stand it! I must live there. When doing some research, I happen upon this website.

    Now it looks like just a normal website, but look at the pictures of the people carefully. To me, they look like a person would during (not that I would know first hand, but figure it's a little something like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) an acid trip.

    Please, tell me your thoughts.

By kazu on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 06:13 pm:

    ah reckon ennyone who be hankerin' t'live in alabama muss be insane. movin' t'alabama on acid is probably not sech a fine idea eifer.

By patrick on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 06:22 pm:

    sye, i have family in Birmingham. Im not particularly crazy about AL. Its hard to say, considering we dont know where you are coming from.

    i can recommend a dozen other places that are old and southern and more charming than Birmingham.

    Charleston, SC
    St. Augustine, FL
    Wilmington, NC
    Chapel Hill, NC
    Atlanta, GA
    Athens, GA
    Asheville, NC

By kazu on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 06:25 pm:

    Savannah is beautiful.

By Sye on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 06:31 pm:

    I live in Dallas, TX at the moment, and I'm tired of people pretending to be trendier and more "hip" than they actually are. I think it would be nice to slow down the pace. I fell in love with Birmingham because of the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and a documentary on Southern Towns on PBS.

    I don't know. I just want to live somewhere with a town square and lots of dark green shade trees.

By Spider on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 06:43 pm:

    "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" takes place in Savannah, GA.

By Sye on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 07:20 pm:

    Damnit, I hate when I get things mixed up. Thanks for clearing that up, now I don't have to live in Alabama. Phew!


By patrick on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 07:30 pm:

    seriously, Savannah is one of the prettiest southern towns Ive ever been too and there area TONS of squares....literally every few blocks. Like DC has circles, Savannah has squares.

By Sye on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 07:32 pm:

    Thanks p
    And spider.

    you're the best

By Antigone on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 07:38 pm:

    I live in Dallas too, Sye. Fear not, I don't bite.

    I lived in Birmingham for about six months a couple of years ago.

    Do you mind the heat and humidity in Dallas? If so, Birmingham may not be your cup 'o' tea. It's not as hot, but REALLY REALLY humid.

    It is a charming place to live, though. Cheap too. I rented a two bedroom apartment in a relatively swanky part of town for $600/month.

    If you want a place with a town square that's close, try McKinney. I was just there this weekend. I hadn't realized how small townish it was, and there were a decent amount of shade trees. :)

By Sye on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 08:07 pm:

    Thanks. May I call you Tiggy? I know a lot of others around here do...

    I can stand the heat and humidity in Dallas. It's the people that I am distressing about. I love southern weather, and I love all the quirks of Texas weather, too!

    I have contemplated living in McKinney. It definitely has it's old world charm, and the people are very laid back in some parts. However, it seems as though I would run into the same kind of people there. Plus, I can't afford to live in McKinney. A one bedroom apartment (which would be all that I could afford on my measly salary) wouldn't be big enough for my son and I. Thanks for the suggestion though!

By spunky on Monday, June 7, 2004 - 08:38 pm:


    do i know you?
    probably not, if you are who I think you are,
    you would not be asking anyone here for advice....

By Gee on Tuesday, June 8, 2004 - 10:53 am:

    "Dallas" takes place in Dallas.

    I loves me some J.R.

By Sye on Tuesday, June 8, 2004 - 11:25 am:

    Who do you think I am spunky?

    Does it scare you to think that you know me?

    Wow, Gee, very astute. Yes, was betty betty good show (my weak Indian accent, yes it's stupid, but it's fun, huh?)

By patrick on Tuesday, June 8, 2004 - 12:35 pm:

    sye do you have the freedom to just pick up and move as you please?

By sarah on Tuesday, June 8, 2004 - 03:16 pm:

    i've never been to alabama, but tonight i'm going to catch alabama thunderpussy. new singer, new album, same old southern metal shitstorm.

    will that count?

By Antigone on Tuesday, June 8, 2004 - 05:24 pm:

    spunk, if you want to know who Sye is...ask them, yo.

    Just shamble on back to freerepublic where you belong.

By Sye on Tuesday, June 8, 2004 - 05:37 pm:

    Forgive me for sounding stupid (why should today be any different) but what is freerepublic?

By Antigone on Tuesday, June 8, 2004 - 05:56 pm:

By sarah on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 03:12 pm:

    i know i should seek a therapist to vent to, but i don't have enough time before i leave for vacation tomorrow.

    i am so angry. i'm angry and completely flabbergasted. and sad.

    my sister said, who is this person that isn't simply rushing to capture my sister?

    and really, she's right. like shit, does he think that not even one guy has hit on me or asked me out in the last seven months?

    but that's not the point. not at all.

    i'm angry that he is letting his baggage rob me of what could so easily been happily ever after. i had prayed to god, i had said, dear god, if i don't find someone good to love soon, i will wither up and die. and two days later, there he was. and everything's just been so great.

    i could understand if things had been shitty or felt wrong or if we weren't having fun or if we fought. but this i just cannot understand.

    i can't believe that *he* isn't sure, that he's the one with doubts. i mean, naturally there are plenty of things about him that for me are far from ideal, but in my mind those things seem very trivial compared to all the things that are so great. i'm sure there are things about me that for him are far from ideal, but i can't imagine they would be weightier than all the great things.

    i keep saying how great things were, but i can't quite communicate just how great, on almost every level, from top to bottom. we just fit - interests, humor, lifestyle, tastes, morals and values, even our biorhythms beat at the same slow, easy pace.

    i am being robbed of the chance to go to his hometown to meet his family and friends, to get closer to him and get to know another side of him. i'm being robbed of the chance to work things out that need to be worked out. i'm being robbed of my best friend in Austin.

    i'm being robbed of my dream. and my hope and faith. this time i really am giving up. not that there will never ever be anyone else, maybe even someone better, because like i said, there will always be someone else. i just don't need there to be someone else. doesn't there come a time when the vase falls off the shelf one too many times and you just can't glue it back together any more? that's how i feel.

    now it's back to just me, a lone, lost fish in a big sea. to figure it all out on my own, to do everything on my own and for myself, with nobody to give all that love to, nobody to look up to, nobody to be loyal to, nobody to cook breakfast for on sunday mornings, nobody to watch wildboyz with, nobody to share the funny little day to day things.

    nobody to get married to, to buy a house with, to travel to portugal with.

    now there's just work and a broken shoulder and other people's families.

    it's just such a big fucking bummer.

    i'm off to a doctor appointment, so they can tell me i need surgery or some such.

By patrick on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 03:43 pm:

    i know how you feel sarah.

    but you can only let anger get so much of you.

    with your situation, unlike mine, i think its still an option for you to make a stand. if it was so great, i see no reason not to go back to him and say look, 'im comign back because i believe this extraordinary. if you say that isnt the case with you and the feeling isnt mutual, then i'll go for good, but i cant bring myself to let this go just yet. i just can't believe that this isnt extraordinary for you, as it is for me'

    would you rather deal with the anger and regret of not giving it another shot or risk humiliation and diginity, should it go wrong?

    i dunno sarah...i think its worth revisiting.

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