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By NZA on Saturday, June 23, 2001 - 04:15 am:

    Dammit... first time back here in ages, and can I read any posts?......of course not!

    Probably my free ISP's fault.... Saturday night and the whole system seems to slow down to the point of stopping completely.

    Anyways, since I can't read what you are all up to in Sorabjiland, I'll try and tell you what I've been doing these last few months.

    Back in Feb I moved into the e-commerce dept at work - this is turning out to be a great career move. I am studying part time for a graduate diploma in e-commerce, work are paying and giving me the time off to attend class.

    The first paper I am doing is called E-business Strategies. Fantastic to find a course that relates exactly to what I'm doing, and if I can complete the diploma, I'll finally be qualified in my field of work. The paper is half way through, we're on a mid year break for three weeks, but when the next term starts I'm going to pick up another paper - Project Management for E-commerce.

    The amount of new stuff thats going on at work is unreal, and it looks like the department will expand further (so far there is only two of us). So I should be in a good position to move up the ladder as new people come in below me.

    Before I started this course, I took some italian language lessons - good fun, but hard to keep up, since there aren't many opportunities to practise here. Mio gatto e molto grasso. Well not really, but I can't remember the italian word for big.

    I did get to practise in Melbourne when we were at the grad prix. Some guys on the tram were speaking Italian on the way to the track, so I shyly said Buon giorno to them. Sono neo zelandese. Also, my mother has a toy boy in Athens who speaks italian, and I spoke to him on the phone a couple of time at Easter when she was staying with him.

    So nice to know I have somewhere to stay if I ever end up in Athens!

    Actually, A seems very nice, but he must be quite small because I'm wearing his cast off 501s at the moment, and they fit like I went to the store and picked them out myself.

    I turned 30 2 months ago, still adjusting to it. I wished Mum home for my birthday, and even though she said there was no way she would be able to make it back from Europe, she flew into town the day before.

    It's odd the way my wishes seem to come true. I can't remember wishing for anything and not getting it eventually. But getting people to travel around the world does seem to be a speciality. After all, I wished my father here from the US, and back again when I decided he was too difficult to have around!

    So thats been my life the last few months... what have you been up to?

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