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By patrick on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 - 07:04 pm:

    Are you looking at buying any "big ticket" items these days?

    I am.

    I have my eye on this bad ass

    Its going to take about 2 grand to bring her home, but the damn thing will probably last me the rest of my life.

By semillama on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - 09:50 am:

    How so?

    Is it extra rugged?

    Stain resistant?

By patrick on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - 11:38 am:

    Simply put Nikon makes cameras that last. There are so many photographers still using Nikon F2s F3s that were made in the late 60s early 70s. It is made from a magnesium alloy though, so yeah it could take some abuse.

    thanks for playing in my lonley thread sem.

By agatha on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - 12:14 pm:

    i want a new digital camera that's small and light and takes good pictures.

    and a big papercutter.

    and a toyota corona.

    and a bed and dressers.

    and a handspring visor, or palm pilot.

    and two of the beautiful handwoven rugs that this woman had displayed draped over her fence when we were on our way to mount rainier on sunday. they were really amazing, and only a couple of hundred dollars each for a six by eightish foot rug. she's got to be losing money at those prices.

    anyone want to buy a mavica?

By Lucifer on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - 02:46 pm:

    I want your soul.

By Gee on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - 02:51 pm:

    I want a desk. it doesn't take pictures of me, but if I already Have pictures of me, it will hold them up for me.

    I don't have a desk. but I'd like to have one some day.

By J on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - 03:29 pm:

    I want Gee to have a desk.

By Antigone on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - 04:27 pm:

    I want Gee on a desk.

By Cat on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - 04:31 pm:

    You want to use her as a stationary holder?

By eri on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - 04:34 pm:

    That's a boring way to look at it :p

By Dougie on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - 05:57 pm:

    I think I've told this here, but:

    2 women are sitting on a park bench, talking.

    Woman #1: My husband just bought me a dozen long stemmed roses for our anniversary.

    Woman #2: That's great!

    Woman #1: Not really, now I'll have to spend the whole weekend with my legs in the air.

    Woman #2: Why? Don't you have a vase?

By Daniel ssss on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 12:02 am:

    So what did the park bench say?

By heather on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 12:43 am:

    i want my car to pass smog

    i am afraid some cheating may be involved

By Daniel ssss on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 08:55 am:

    I want to buy the adjoining property to mine, which consists of house, barn, log cabin, pump house, one stall garage with attached corn crib. Any donations will be accepted; I've thought of selling sorabjishares...

By patrick on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 01:43 pm:

    welcome to CA heather.

By patrick on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 01:44 pm:

    smog impact fees feels more like a slightly too large butt plug rather than an environmental conservation measure.

By patrick on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 01:48 pm:

    back to the wish list.......i think im pretty close to deciding on this one

    Its one model below my first choice. It doesnt have the 3000 programmed shot database (DARN!) and a few other bells that i cant ever picture myself using. Its about $300 less, which I will use to get the glass I want....its all about the glass in the end.

By Spider on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 04:26 pm:

    I want longer legs.

By eri on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 04:36 pm:

    I want bigger boobs.

By Spider on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 04:42 pm:

    I'll trade you my chest for your legs.

By semillama on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 04:45 pm:

    I want self-discipline.

    waiting on my YMCA membership....

By sarah on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 05:40 pm:

    i want a full fee waiver for La Que Sabe Eating Disorders Clinic.

    otherwise i want my health insurance to cover it.

    i want a 21" monitor at home.

    a shelving unit for books.

    new motor mount for the rocketship.

By eri on Thursday, February 28, 2002 - 06:17 pm:

    Spider, if you want longer legs you don't want mine. I am 5'2" and it is almost all back length. My pants are a size 10 kids. Definately short stocky legs. My back is so long that I have to buy one piece bathing suits in the tall woman's department, but my chest is so flat that I look like a 12 year old boy in it. But if I had long legs, I would definately share for bigger boobs.

By Daniel sssssszzzzz on Friday, March 1, 2002 - 12:01 am:

    I want sleep.

By Gee on Friday, March 1, 2002 - 05:57 pm:

    I have long legs and big boobs.

    but I bet you guys have desks.

By moonit on Saturday, March 2, 2002 - 07:22 am:

    I want to be a thinner me. I think.

    Nah don't really.

    Want to be off this trip, that makes the letters all blury. that would be a good start.

By patrick on Friday, April 5, 2002 - 02:26 pm:

    okay, so i have since changed my mind, or rather shifted my priorities on the camera im buying.

    I need two cameras, no doubt. 35mm and then a medium format. The Rollei i have been using is borrowed, so I need to return it. I'll hold out with my Olympus 35mm for a while longer.

    Anyway, I going to get this tomorrow.

    go ahead, click on the enlargement, look at it from all sides. Its a bad ass and im excited as can be.

By Dougie on Friday, April 5, 2002 - 08:34 pm:

    Looks cool, but I never really got into cameras. I've got my Minolta Sightseer Zoom, which takes pictures just fine for me. Plus, I amuse myself no end with the zoom thing. Lens goes out, lens goes in, lens goes out, lens goes in.

By Platypus on Friday, April 5, 2002 - 09:57 pm:

    I never got much further than the "zoom" feature as well. I'm too easily amused.

    I actually recently obtained a nikkormat and it's been a lot of fun, but the only dark room I can access up here is pretty...er...not good, to find a pc term.

    But that does look like a fun camera.

By pez on Saturday, April 6, 2002 - 02:09 pm:

    i just have a cheapie minolta "phd" camera. and it's been turning out surprisingly good pictures lately.

    i want to tape three of the lenses on my lomo camera and do each frame seperately... might make for some interesting comix... photographed, hand colored and bubbled....

    i got some good brunch pictures but i lent them to a local documentarian and haven't gotten them back yet.

By TBone on Saturday, April 6, 2002 - 07:48 pm:

    I like scoffing at people's fancy automated cameras. Auto focus and zooming and all that. Not that I have any actual strong feeling about them, but I feel obligated to since my camera's an old Canon A1.

    I need to go outside now. It got up to 60 degrees today. Time to dig out the sandals and short sleeves.

By Hal on Sunday, April 7, 2002 - 08:41 pm:

    I in pain.... Paintball.... Good weather.... Women.....



    Shooting other human beings.....

    I'm in such pain, its like I just had 5 hours of intense beer ridden sex. Life is not so bad.

By patrick on Monday, April 8, 2002 - 12:02 pm:

    "I like scoffing at people's fancy automated cameras."

    But do you really know how to trick out the all-manual?

    Im sure you could find a post somewhere in which i said something similar but you know, I've reached a point where this point of view is a bit silly.

    I've reached the threshold of my current cameras, all 30+ years old, all manual etc etc. Im pushing the limits of the glass. I can only enlarge images so much.

    Ultimately this is what its all about. The glass. Platy, you rock on with the Nikkormat, those cameras have great glass in them, essentially thats all you need.

    In short, the cameras I have were not made for professional use, and i'm definitly using them on a professional level.

    Friday I reconsidered and actually spent about another grand to get this baby simply because of the autofocus. It also has the capability to take a digital back. I doubt I'll be jumping in that realm anytime soon, but if i wanted to, I could. Why? So why all the extra cash for autofocus...I'll tell you.

    I shoot mostly fashion. Shooting fahion, autofocus is essential, if I wish to consider making a living.

    As time goes on, autofocus will be more and more essential and to spend such money on a camera now, without autofocus, well Id be shooting myself in the foot.

    I've been burning up the film all weekend. I've practically been sleeping with this thing next to me.

By TBone on Monday, April 8, 2002 - 12:47 pm:

    I wasn't trying to make any point. I know it's a silly point of view. I only do it for show.

    Nice camera.

By Platypus on Monday, April 8, 2002 - 04:50 pm:

    Yeah, I love my nikkormat. It's a very sweet camera. For someone who potters about and doesn't really plan on doing much with their pictures, it's kind of a waste. Oh well.

By patrick on Tuesday, April 9, 2002 - 05:26 pm:

    so dig it...i went across the street to the Kodak theater mall complex to snap some shots with my new camera and Im approached by one of the countless security guards:

    Security: sir sir....do you have press credentials

    patrick: boy do I! No. kidding. actually i don't. why would you ask?

    security: with a camera that big, you have to register for press.

    patrick: register? im just shopping.

    security: so you're just shopping?

    patrick: well yeah. and what is it with the size of my camera? look that guys video camera is bigger than this. (some dude had an archaic old VHS camcorder, the kind you put on your shoulder) Besides im just a student snapping some shots for class. Im with no press.

    security: i understand, but the mall doesnt know what you're doing with the images.

    patrick: i didnt realize i had to inform the mall what you're doing when coming here with a camera. Besides, they don't own their image, despite what they think.

    (at this point shes getting frustrated, I know what she is getting at, but I wish she had just left me alone)

    security: its just for that size camera...

    patrick: ..ok ok where is the security/customer service place, so i can go get clearance for my big camera?

    she points. I walk off and dart in the opposite direction.

    fucking nimwits...telling me i have to have press credentials to shoot there.

    now they're just asking for me to come back and shoot every day.

By Platypus on Tuesday, April 9, 2002 - 08:00 pm:

    Is it a large format?

    The grocery store got kind of antsy when I was shooting in there with a 4x5 a couple of weeks ago.

By Fb on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 - 11:29 am:

    our neighbors got antsy when i was shooting with a 30.06....go figure

By patrick on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 - 12:16 pm:

    its medium format. its size down from 4x5. the neg size is 6cm x 4.5 cm.

By Spider on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 - 12:48 pm:

    16 shells from a thirty-aught-six....how's it go? ....

By Spider on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 - 01:14 pm:

    I plugged 16 shells from a thirty-ought-six
    and a Black Crow snuck through a hole in the sky
    so I spent all my buttons on an old pack mule
    and I made me a ladder from a pawn shop marimba
    and I leaned it up against a dandelion tree

    And I filled me a satchel full of old pig corn
    and I beat me a billy from an old French horn
    and I kicked that mule to the top of the tree
    and I blew me a hole 'bout the size of a kickdrum
    and I cut me a switch from a long branch elbow

    I'm gonna whittle you into kindlin'
    Black Crow 16 shells from a thirty-ought-six
    whittle you into kindlin'
    Black Crow 16 shells from a thirty-ought-six

    Well I slept in the holler of a dry creek bed
    and I tore out the buckets from a red Corvette, tore out the buckets from a red Corvette
    Lionel and Dave and the Butcher made three
    you got to meet me by the knuckles of the skinnybone tree
    with the strings of a Washburn stretched like a clothes line
    you know me and that mule scrambled right through the hole

    Repeat Chorus

    Now I hold him prisoner in a Washburn jail
    that strapped on the back of my old kick mule
    strapped it on the back of my old kick mule
    I bang on the strings just to drive him crazy
    I strum it loud just to rattle his cage
    strum it loud just to rattle his cage

    Repeat Chorus

By patrick on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 - 01:15 pm:

    i forget which album. I think its Rain Dogs, but I can't find the tune.

    He has two albums coming out next month

By Spider on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 - 01:40 pm:

    No, it's on Swordfishtrombones and Beautiful Maladies.

    I'm psyched for the two albums! I understand they're new material, not live.

By patrick on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 - 01:49 pm:

    see i get confused because i have a few live albums...in which this song is on, i believe.

    i hear it in my head, and i, like you, can't get past that one line.


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