for xmas??? What do you want?: for xmas???

By moonit on Monday, December 9, 2002 - 02:34 am:

    I think these, might be fun.

By moonit on Monday, December 9, 2002 - 02:41 am:

By sarah on Monday, December 9, 2002 - 11:18 am:

    i don't do xmas gifts. i take after my dad in that way. my mom on the other hand is a totaly xmas freak. alway too much under the tree. it's ridiculous. they never ask me what i want, and i never tell them, because we both know the answer is "nothing". i don't buy anyone presents, i just take $100 and donate it to a local charity.

    that said, this year if someone were to ask me what i want for christmas, i'd tell them i want a good digital camera and a top of the line food processor.

By Spider on Monday, December 9, 2002 - 01:07 pm:

    This is what I want (in general, not necessarily for Xmas):

    * a coat tree
    * a new ironing board
    * a mirror
    * a new tablecloth
    * the Led Zeppelin album with the old man carrying a bundle of sticks on the cover (does that have a name? I had the LP when I was a kid but I've lost it.)

By agatha on Monday, December 9, 2002 - 07:09 pm:

    a chopping block on wheels for me to roll around my kitchen, so that i don't drop shit all over the floor when chopping on my lame slide out of the counter cutting board.

    really nice woodcutting tools

    a new stove that i can fit two pots on at a time

    for our plumbing to be fixed, so that i can use our dishwasher again

    i wanted slippers, but dave got me them for my birthday.

By patrick on Monday, December 9, 2002 - 07:52 pm:

    we're all about the homegoods these days.

    we took the opportunity to throw out some crap (thank god, seeing wispers junk post makes me fear my wife's potential for such extreme pack-rat-ism).

    We need a new dresser/drawers.

    a new living room chair. the pair we have now are these vintage mod chairs that are more like porch chairs. Way groovy, but other than our couch (more like loveseat), there's nothing to really cozy up to. Its a constant struggle to keep her fashion over function sense in check.

    we need a new dining room set, yet the wife is going to attempt to recover the cat-thrashed chairs first.

    a new 'entertainment' center.

    i need a shovel.

    a new vacuum. though i did get one of those nifty battery-powered swifer jet floor cleaning things with our wal mart gift certificate.

    a dish rack that actually fits in my sink.

    new mattress & box springs

    a few area rugs.

    damn im bored

By patrick on Monday, December 9, 2002 - 07:54 pm:

    that is, we took the opportunity of moving, to throw out some crap, or rather just leave it by the dumpster at our old place.

By semillama on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 - 12:31 pm:

    What do you need a shovel for?

    Being somewhat of an authority on shovels.

By patrick on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 - 12:45 pm:

    some yardwork is in order in coming months. as of now, i have one of the most diverse weed beds around the block. no really. the weeds that have sprouted up are quite nice for weeds. i want to install some sort of bushes in the front yard. its a bit bare and wide open to the street.

    don't need a rake. no leaves to rake up. just a shovel...maybe a hoe to toss some dirt around

By moonit on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 05:45 pm:

    I want some more fendi, some books, some funky clothes, a payrise? (does that count), uhhhhh to pass my drivers license, some cds.. yeah.

By wisper on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 08:20 pm:

    my computer is being re-built for x-mas.

    i'm not asking for anything else. I have nowhere to put anymore crap. No matter how cute, pink, skull-related OR entertaining!

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