Holiday in Chernobyl? What do you want?: Holiday in Chernobyl?

By patrick on Friday, April 2, 2004 - 07:14 pm:


    The story stirs memories of exploring sites in and around where i grew up. In the vast acres of wooded area behind my house in Georgia, there were reminents of an old barn. No actual structure existed but you could see the foundation, some of the wood, and extremely rusted tools littered the ground. You'd have to imagine it to be at least 70+ years old. Everything was just too ruined not to be.

    In raleigh we used to roam this vast swath of land next to a Catholic convent. Supposedly there was an orphanage there but it had burned down in the 60s or 70s. You could see charred ruins. In fact the land was supposedly haunted. It was a bit sensational.

    Tell about the ruins you've roamed.

By dave. on Friday, April 2, 2004 - 10:47 pm:

    that was pretty cool. the closest thing to ruins i've ever been around was an abandomed housing development. they cleared the land, laid the roads (all curvy with cul-de-sacs and shit), then -- nothing. so it ended up about as about 50 acres of roads and overgrown brush. we used to ride homemade go-carts and bmx bikes and shit all over that place.

    i also have a somewhat recurring dream that i live in a fucking huge, old house. it's like 7 stories and each story except for the top 2 are like 2500 sq feet. i basically only live on floors 1 and 2 because the upper floors are really decrepit but my dreams always involve exploring the upper floors, carefully making my way up stairs that threaten to collapse. these upper stories are still furnished from some long gone previous owner and they give me this strange, satisfying feeling of melancholy. it makes me happy that i have this wonderful, dusty time capsule right above my home and as i walk through the rooms, i imagine how cool it would be to fortify the structure but still keep the aesthetic. the furnishings aren't lavish but they are classy and comforting in the way that furniture made in the late 1800s to early 1900s is. the rooms are lit by sunlight filtered through those old, beige windowshades. you get the idea.

    anyway, as i move upward, the floors become increasingly more interesting and until i get to where they become smaller because they're up where the rooftop starts. there are several gabled windows in the second to the highest story.

    my dream always ends with me trying to figure out a way to get up to the top floor, which is little more than a large, windowed cupola, but several of the windows are broken and the years of exposure to weather has totally ruined the stairway.

    then i wake up.

By V.v. on Friday, April 2, 2004 - 10:57 pm:

    Patrick,so tell me about CHERNOBYL,im takeing you on regarding this project,i cant find NOTHING regarding the "magic forrest"surounding the old meltdown site of the old reactor,i just hear about animals with 6 legs and 2 heads that inhabit the woods.Yes, i know i am side tracking your original thread,but i,ve been trying for years to get this information.Hope you dont mind my return,i,ll tell you of a VERY creepy church yard i roamed ,bout 15 years back.

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