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By Spiracle on Thursday, December 3, 1998 - 09:24 pm:

    did you know people would inject bunnies with
    urine from a female (human female)..and if the bunnny died it meant she was pregnant.. i just didn't know that..

    the things on my mind at the moment
    which i'm trying to purge all here..
    so i can be a more productive individual..
    -dead bunnies
    -silver domes
    -the blonde haired, blue eyed guy who showed me polaroids of his girlfriend and announced loudly 'she's mexican'
    -artichoke dip
    -fisher price roller skates
    -friends of mine i haven't seen in weeks because i've been so busy
    -the fact that i thank god every time my modem finally connects..
    -this big ass sinus headache
    -laundry..running out of socks and underwear

By Mel on Thursday, December 3, 1998 - 11:45 pm:

    I've always heard the expression "the rabbit died", but I had no idea that that's how they did it. Jesus.

    I've been trying to purge from my mind the fact that I've been fucking up for the past 3 or more days.

    What's wrong with being Mexican?

By Nelly on Friday, December 4, 1998 - 01:36 am:

    Artichoke dip is a bad thing to have on your mind, if you want some, because there has to be a party. You can't make a whole pan of it and eat it yourself. And sometimes it may be awhile before a party happens... so you have this craving...

    But if you have it on your mind because you had some, too much perhaps, and you can't get the taste out of your mouth, or because you're just meditating on it, its texture or whatever, that's not so bad.

    Another thing - artichoke dip doesn't exist in a vacuum. There has to be something to dip it with. This can be almost as knotty a situation to ponder as the dip itself. What is the ideal artichoke dip dipper? It can't be too bland (wasa), but it can't be too salty or flavorful itself (ritz). Between those extremes, what? The standard is toasted pieces of pita bread, and I supposed that's pretty good, but I have a feeling there's something better. But what...

By Spiracle on Friday, December 4, 1998 - 03:42 am:

    i don't know what is wrong with being a mexican..that's why i've been pondering it for days and days..i couldn't figure out if it was the paint he ingests on a regular basis..or the fact that he's somewhat insecure about it..or that he just likes to blurt out obvious facts..for no apparent reason...or maybe it's a combination of the three..

    and the artichoke dip problem..
    i had some..lots of garlic..too much..
    cause i'm STILL thinking about it..and wondering
    how long they let it sit out..
    stomach is killing me..
    but, at the time, i thought the wheat thins were
    a nice accompaniment...

By Spiracle on Friday, December 4, 1998 - 03:46 am:

    and..i've had fried, unsalted corn chips with it too..at some other point in time..
    that was pretty good too..

By Mel on Friday, December 4, 1998 - 10:16 am:

    things won't go bad if you put enough galic in them. I made some chick-pea paste for a recipe several months ago. I put way too much garlic in it. I put the unused portion in the fridge and forgot about it. I found it yesterday. No big carpet of mold on it. Not a speck.

    Not all artichoke dips are created equal, so I don't know what to say about the cracker conundrum. Let your discretion be your tutor: suit the cracker to the dip and the dip to the cracker.

By Agatha on Friday, December 4, 1998 - 11:27 am:

    this is a really good thread. i like artichoke dip, but i know that feeling of too much garlic. i made some garlic soup a couple of weeks ago. i thought the recipe sounded good, and it said that the garlic was mild once it was cooked with everything else. it made me have complete and total garlic agony the next day. it was oozing out of my pores, and my stomach was completely upset all day. i didn't know about the rabbits, but i did know they put shampoo in rabbits' eyes to test it for irritation factor. i don't understand why they didn't just realize that all shampoo hurts when in any live being's eyes. makes sense to me. the mexican thing is very interesting. my theory on that is that he is identifying himself as an interesting, non race conscious being by telling the world that his girl is mexicano. obviously, he has some issues. it is my last week of school next week, and i find random thoughts cluttering up my brain also. i think it's a defense mechanism.

By GuacaMel dip on Friday, December 4, 1998 - 01:30 pm:

    Agatha - you've got to let garlic soup simmer for a long time to mellow the garlic. The end result is pretty good - assuming you're a garlic fan - but it still infuses your body with garlic.

    You're probably right about that guy. Either that or he's just happy about it. A co-worker of mine es una mujer muy bella and the object of my sweetest lesbian fantasies. She's on the short side with a lithe little body, small up top but with a wonderful curl to her hips, round bottom and legs that I covet. She has flawless brown skin, thick jet-black hair, and eyes that are almost black. It's the eyes that get you - lively, shrewd and confident. They draw you in to the general vibrance she has.

    There's something about her darkness of coloring that really gets to me. Not sure why, unless it's just a sense of contrast. Pale lifeless little caucasian that I am.

    Her brother wanders in every once in a while. Same coloring and all but with sweet, gentle eyes that have a little touch of irony in them,especially when he's around his sister. He has a quiet, gallant nature in a very romantic way, like he just keeps the passion on reserve.

    You know, it occurs to me that I've never actually had artichoke dip.

By Agatha on Friday, December 4, 1998 - 10:17 pm:

    you gotta try it. i don't think, however, that i will be attempting the garlic soup again. it was a bit much for me, and i am a garlic lover. tomorrow is my birthday, just so you all know.

By Whet on Saturday, December 5, 1998 - 08:37 pm:


By Mel on Saturday, December 5, 1998 - 09:00 pm:

    Wishing you a happy one, Agatha. I shall pour a special drink in your honor. (I am a bartender.)

By Agatha on Sunday, December 6, 1998 - 01:06 am:

    thanks, whet. mel, make it a bloody mary with extra olives, celery, and cocktail onions. my thirty first birthday is almost over. also, thanks for the kind words on my web page. i got a new winter coat today, a birthday present to myself.

By Mel on Sunday, December 6, 1998 - 01:33 am:

    Unique recipe. I would name it after you, but "Bloody Agatha" sounds gruesome.

By Agatha on Sunday, December 6, 1998 - 04:33 pm:

    i kinda like that name, actually. bloody agatha. the drink has a gruesome angle to it, anyhow.

By Spiracle on Sunday, December 6, 1998 - 05:23 pm:

    speaking of recipes..
    does anyone have any good appetizer/finger food
    type thing? stuff that you've tried out on
    people and they ask you for the recipe?

    just have this stupid opening type thing..
    not alot of time either..and i've been to several
    so far..being the end of the semester..and
    everyone has such good stuff..so..um..
    besides the typical fruit and vegtable tray..
    i wanted a few good and/or unusual things..

    so..let me know..if anyone has any good stuff i could try..

    oh..and nothing that takes a week in advance to prepare or needs to stay hot..


By Sheila on Sunday, December 6, 1998 - 05:48 pm:

    Can you work with phyllo dough?

    Spanakopita is easy, you can do in in a couple of hours, and the ingredients are easy to get. It's little triangles of thin flaky pastry filled with Feta cheese and spinach. Ok for vegetarians, not vegans.

    Look in any Greek cookbook, or tell me and I'll send you complete instructions. You will dazzle everyone with your culinary skills.

    Requires an oven, cookie sheet, pastry brush. Does not have to stay hot.

By Spiracle on Sunday, December 6, 1998 - 06:07 pm:

    i found a few recipes from SOAR..but they
    both have it baked in one big dish..
    that i guess has to be spooned out..
    please fill me in on your version..
    i would really appreciate it..

    it sounds good..

By Whet on Sunday, December 6, 1998 - 10:29 pm:

    I don't know what you call them, but the last function type thing I went to with finger food has these tiny little cakes about 1 inch cube, with little layers, and were very very tasty. Think they picked them up at the local kroger or publix bakery.
    (btb ya'll still blow $50 and *really* can you go wrong though with good quality cheese slices n dips n specialty crackers n little meat rolls n shrimp n dip regular finger foods?)
    Its for hungry college students right - end of the semester?
    Thats still way up there from mini hotdogs/vienna's on a toothpick n cheeze whiz on a ritz ;)

By Sheila on Sunday, December 6, 1998 - 10:48 pm:

    Cheese Whiz on a Ritz. Mmmmmmmmm. Nummers nummers nummers.

By Whet on Sunday, December 6, 1998 - 11:15 pm:

    He DID say 'besides the typical' i.e. cheese whiz n crackers ;-P
    Plus every time I work with fido dough I catch a cold from staying in the walk in meat cooler for an hour trying to keep my butter pats chilled while rolling n folding n rolling n folding n rolling n folding n rolling n folding n rolling n folding n rolling.... (thats 32 layers right?)
    NOT to mention that the fish and game wizzards decided that its *illegal* to remove the head of said game animal when hanging in the cooler so they can quickly n easily determine sex in season - like you can't count ribs anymore? *I* think thats disgusting. It should be beheaded and bled and cleaned and skinned and *totally* 'demilitairized' before even bringing it into the cooler, since *I* for one, certainly don't wanna see hide ner hair between the layers of my phyllo dough. And the recipe really is a family secret. No kidding :)

By Sheila on Sunday, December 6, 1998 - 11:38 pm:

    One secret you should keep in the family is your despicable habit of suspending dead creatures in the cooler.

By Spiracle on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 12:03 am:

    it's in the art department..and they are a we bit snobbish when it comes to food....i don't know what it is with artists and food..

    so..anyway..i kind of wanted to avoid the viena sausages..but you're right..college students will eat anything..and i'm trying to make sure that if they think the art work sucks, then they atleast can have some good food..

    is that bribery? iunno

By Spiracle on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 12:05 am:

    whet..i think you're talking about petifours?
    the little cake things..that's a good idea too..

By Sheila on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 12:18 am:

    Food as Art.

    Art as Food.

    The possibilities are endless.

    I'm getting overstimulated.

    Is there a Trader Joe's where you live?

By Nelly on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 01:49 am:

    Spiracle, my all-time killer party recipe unfortunately involves meat. I have just discovered some decent vegetarian hot dogs but I haven't tried 'em out on this, so if you do you're on your own.

    1 regular-size jar French's Mustard
    1 regular-size jar plum jam
    Hot dogs

    You heat the mustard and the plum jam on the stove until they become a hot bubbling fondue sauce, and then you cook little 1-inch pieces of hot dog in them for a couple of minutes, until their edges turn up. It might be better to have a shallower type pan and spear the hot dogs with the toothpicks after cooking, rather than risk losing the toothpick in the sauce. This always caused a sensation at any party I ever brought it to.

By N on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 01:50 am:

    Oops, didn't read the "nothing that needs to stay hot" thing. But really, if you can just sneak in a pan and a hot plate...

By Agatha on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 04:39 am:

    spiracle, my suggestion is to go to the local goodwill and hook yourself up with a fondue set or two. you can find them for under ten bucks at any thrift store. then, you have the ultimate party food. my favorite is chocolate with little chunks of cake, cookies, bananas, etc. cheese with bread is also yummy.

    my mom's fave recipe that looks not so great but is completely addictive is this hot mustard:
    1 cup of dry mustard
    1 cup of cider vinegar.
    let sit in the fridge either overnight or if you are like me, for an hour, then double boil over the stove with-
    1 cup of sugar
    2 eggs- stirred.

    double boil for about twenty minutes or until smooth and shiny. whisk the whole time.

    serve over cream cheese with crackers.

    sounds gross, i know, but it is really good. it's always a hit at christmas.

    for an opening, i would double the recipe.

    also, greek type platters are always good, hummous, pita, greek olives, feta cheese chunks, tomato slices, etc. make sure to arrange them real purdy for them art students.

    good luck, chicky.

    my opening thing is on thursday. i will be serving no food, as i am broke.

By Spiracle on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 04:54 am:

    thanks guys for the suggestions..
    gives me something to work with...

    glad i'm not the only one up at this awfull hour, but unfortunately my brain doesn't start kicking in till five or six in the evening..so i have
    to take advantage of it while it's there..

    and good luck on your opening too!

By Ridin on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 10:34 am:

    Try black olives filled with cream cheese. Takes alooooooooooong time to make, olive juice mixed with cream cheese runs down your arm, and you'll be tempted to eat one for every two you make, but they're REALLY good. You can also go to Price Club or Costco...they have a whole row in the freezer section full of alllllll kinds of finger food type stuff. They have these veal meatballs (precooked) that are VERY good and they are especially good if you dip them in ranch dip. Or....you can try a fruit platter with cream cheese and amaretto fruit dip.

By Sheila on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 01:33 pm:

    No veal! Ever! No no no no.

By Nate on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 01:44 pm:

    pull the stem out of mushrooms and pack the little hole with cream cheese and then sprinkle with lemon pepper and then broil.

    i always burn my mouth because i can't wait for them to cool.

    better hot but still good cool.

    don't wash mushrooms under water. wipe them with a moist paper towel.

By Nate on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 01:45 pm:

    No little christmas trees either! Same as veal!

By Agatha on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 02:09 pm:

    poor little baby cows.

By Este es Me............ on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 02:46 pm:

    Yeah, what's wrong with being Mexican ?

By Nate on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 04:13 pm:


    and anyone who eats sprouts is just sick.

By Me............ on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 05:01 pm:

    anyone who eats trees is a woodchuck or beaver.....

By Dorf on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 05:32 pm:

    No, you're wrong.

By Ridin on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 08:38 pm:

    I have a beaver....anyone wanna eat that?

By R.C. on Monday, December 7, 1998 - 10:06 pm:

    Spiracle: mini crab cakes are good. Or big shrimp (deveined w/the tails on) marinated in soy sauce & Asian spices/wrapped in bacon/ then broiled abt 4 min.on each side.

    Sushi's good if you've got the dexterity to prepare it. And Spring Rolls are great & quick to fix. Anything wrapped in wonton skins works. You cd fill 'em w/leftover Tender Vittles & I swear/no one wd know the difference.

    E-mail me if you need the recipes -- I've got tons of them from the FoodTV site:

By Agatha on Tuesday, December 8, 1998 - 01:07 pm:

    "go ask radical con!" i really think i have something going here... email me so we can talk about your salary. will zero dollars a week work for you?

By Agatha on Tuesday, December 8, 1998 - 01:09 pm:

    spiracle, did you have your opening yet? how did it go? and, more importantly, what was there to eat?

By Me........ on Tuesday, December 8, 1998 - 02:24 pm:

    Golly ! Some of you people are awfully dirty-minded !!!!

By Spiracle on Tuesday, December 8, 1998 - 06:51 pm:

    nope..not yet..it's on monday

By Agatha on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 02:11 am:

    you are so incredibly lucky to have the weekend. what i wouldn't give for just one more weekend.

By Spiracle on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 03:25 am:

    well...at first, i had it planned for yesterday..and my proffesor told me ,'um..nope..you'll never be ready by then..'
    what i need is another week for all the OTHER classes that i've neglected, trying to get ready for this..

    just a few days until yours eh?
    is it for your printmaking? do you have framing and such left to do?

By Me.............. on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 10:48 am:

    No, Spiracle-Monday's when we DO the wash !!!

By Whet on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 05:13 pm:

    Hmmm haven't had beaver in about a year. How DO you cook it now days Ridin ?

    despicable>? (when ya say that do you have to say it like sylvester the cat or whats his name, on bugs bunny loony tunes cartoons ;-) just caught that one, damn you can't miss even a day or two without checking the posts or you turn up somewhere with 'despicable habits'. Course this must start at least a skirmish between *normal* meat eating people, and vegetarian types. Note here, my very own dearly beloved brother is a veggie person, and hell i eat that way a lot of the time, but certainly have nothing against people that choose to utilize their incisors for more than frozen veggies, and don't consider *their* habits despicable.
    And i'm *just* getting warmed up good ;-)

By Melley on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 05:26 pm:


By Sheila on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 05:54 pm:

    Now I know the source of my e-mail difficulties. Been festering and boiling over, I'll bet. I wondered if that slipped
    by, or if it just precipitated an eruption/eructation too huge to contain on the boards.

    Yes, I say it precisely as does Sylvester P. Pussycat, with spit flying and eyeballs rolled skyward.

    Look carefully, I didn't say eating meat is despicable, although I secretly think it is, I said hanging dead things
    around the place is, well, not cool.

    As soon as my mail server recovers from the attack, which they assured me was from unknown sources although
    now of course I know better, we can continue this discussion if you wish. We will never agree. Some things you
    just have to go around if you can.

By Whet on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 07:15 pm:

    Thought that would get a response, why I used the word 'normal' ;-) Actually I'm a firm believer in to each his own. Long as you don't hurt other people or force your lifestyle on others, go for it.
    I wondered what you've been pissed about - so it IS the animal thing eh?
    I'm... I don't know HOW many generations back into farming ok? Thats just how its done. Not making it up. Just the facts. If my lifestyle and finances were different, I might be a veg. too. But *I'll* never consider processing/preparation as despicable, as for any OTHER unpopular profession. I respect any hard working person. janitor, garbage, waste treatment, whatever. So many people elude the facts and privately reap the benefits while publically denouncing the profession. 'Focus on the action, not the individual' is just another one of those management training self justifying methods of telling someone you think they stink without getting punched in the nose or sued.
    AND ya don't have to go n hurt my feelings making up shit about attacking people's mail servers. Thats just so childish, both the action and the accusation. Look to one of your less verbal fans i'm sure for the source of your difficulties.
    And just for that, I'm NOT gonna get out my dictionary and look up 'eructation'. And I wasn't festering before, rather thought it was just fun with words.
    Now I'm *pouting with hurt feelings*

By Sheila on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 07:33 pm:

    oh jeeeez, it has nothing to do with not respecting people's work or attitudes or menu.

    No professions are being criticized. I have done many truly awful jobs because it was cleaner ethically than making tons of $$$ an easier way.

    And don't get me started on the FARM THING. Think I've never been there? Lived there?

    I was kidding about the mail thing. My server really is down, and they told me it was "under attack" whatever that means. Hasn't worked for days, except erratically.

    Pouting, shouting, I am not a live and let live person. I think that is a big fat rationalization, and I don't ever say it and I don't ever mean it by intention or omission.

    Let's leave this alone, okay?

    There is lots of other stuff to examine and dissect, without resorting to vivisection.

    If my nearest and dearest was ill and could be saved only by some kind of animal-research related device or concoction, I would not allow it.

By Sheila on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 07:53 pm:

    and another thing.....

    anyone who recently read about Bagby, don't bother to cite the $800 boot incident.

    one more thing....

    if you want to know what i'm pissed about, just ask!

    Medication change, medication change.

    I know what drug companies do. Would you like to know what I do back?

By Whet on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 08:17 pm:

    I'll be rational, you be...
    Lets just strike 'despicable', and replace with 'distasteful' though the thread was gettin kinda fun ;)
    This would have been MUCH simpler if you'd just come on over the other night and watched the movie, brought some of that funky ice cream and tried out the coco.a recipe's.
    What the hell is vivisection anyway?
    Peeling a gizzard I bet ;-)
    And far as it goes for me, though - I'd do the kung-foo thing and snatch the baboon heart out with my bare hands to save my best friends life.
    Thats just me though, live and let live. Even if it takes a monkey heart.

By Asia on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 09:38 pm:

    'birds in their little nests fall out'

By Asia on Wednesday, December 9, 1998 - 09:42 pm:

    i always liked that. probably my favorite on-purpose mangling of a phrase.

    oh, and for the record, im against medical testing on animals, but i work in a research lab. im a firm believer of medical testing on convicted child molesters.

    a woman's gotta make a living somehow.

By R.C. on Friday, December 11, 1998 - 01:04 am:

    Yeah -- but suppose they wanted to perform a test on yr cat that wd make it possible for a deaf kid to hear? Or a blind person to see? Or correct the Down's Syndrome gene?

    I eat animals/but not the species I keep as pets.
    I'd be dumpster diving before I'd let anyone perform tests on Six. Yet I am totally unphased by experimenting on our chimpanzee or ape 'cousins'. I am definitely an Unrepentant Carnivorious Species Chauvanist/becuz too many people I love have had their lives prolonged by drugs & treatments that were created & perfected thru animal research.

    My beef is -- why can't humans opt to volunteer for the same tests? If you take a life by murdering someone/why won't our legal system allow you to possibly earn yr freedom by participating in medical experiments that might someday save millions of lives? I'd be willing to let murderers out of prison if they volunteered for that -- providing they understood they might not survive the experiment.

    But if I were Queen/rapists & child abusers wd have their gonads hot wired to the nearest power station/in full public view.

By Asia on Friday, December 11, 1998 - 09:16 am:

    i completely agree about using people. i think my issue with animal testing is that the animals arent given a choice. it's not like something they wake up and can say well. today id like to make some money. i think ill go have my eyes bled. i hear they're looking for volunteers!

    sounds stupid, but i dont think that i have it in me to kill an animal for the sake of a friend or a family member. at least not one of *my* animals. or one of yours, or any animal that i know.

    i know, on that reasonable and rational level that animal testing has prolonged the lives of several of my loved ones (my grandmother coming first to mind with one quadruple heart bypass and three angioplasties). would i trade her life for an animal? no.

    im just going in circles. i guess it's because it's something i see every day. the work they do in the labs here is *important* and meaningful and has merit. Transplanted organ rejection, Cardiovascular gene therapy, one of the doctors is making huge strides in the cure for cancer, someone downstairs is slowly discovering why post-partum women are more prone to death aneurysm than other people, and figuring out how to fix it.

    this is a small sample of what's going on in the world of research. all made possible because of animal testing.

    and still, i think there's got to be a better way.

    the other day, i caught a segment of the news where this father wanted to donate his 2nd kidney to his daughter, who would probably die without it. he had given her his 1st kidney previously, and her body was rejecting it. well, of course the hosptial's ethics committee jumped right onto that one and the press had this huge field day and everyone was all up in arms that this man was essentially willing to trade his life for his daughters. i saw nothing wrong with it. it's exactly that--HIS life. and no bioethics committee can tell him what he should or should not do with it. then it starts teetering into the doctors oath--to take out his second kidney would mean certain death, and they're not supposed to kill people &c &c. My mind was just about firmly made up that everyone fighting him were bastards and that he could & should do just what he wanted, until i heard the line "she promises to take the anti-rejection drugs this time." woah. what? turns out that this girl didnt like the side effects from the drugs they gave her for the first kidney transplant, so she simply didnt take them. she caused her own problems. fuck that. not only would she not get a kidney from me, i wouldnt even send her a CARD.

    there are really two sides to every story.

    and now i've taken up more than my share of bandwidth for the day.

By Asia on Friday, December 11, 1998 - 11:23 am:

    death aneurysm. now *that* sounds dramatic. behold! i am the aneurysm of death.

    what i meant to say was death because of an, or death due to.

By Me......... on Friday, December 11, 1998 - 01:38 pm:

    Thank you for the clarification.....I thought it was something else I had not heard of, before...
    I'm completely undecided about this animal testing thing - every situation is different-I think I would just have to wait 'til it came up-and then weigh the pros and cons of the issue......

By Whet on Friday, December 11, 1998 - 09:22 pm:

    Lovely balance of thought, reason and emotion.

By Sheila on Saturday, December 12, 1998 - 09:05 am:

    No Compromises.

    Look it up

By Whet on Saturday, December 12, 1998 - 02:47 pm:

    Speaking of compromises... what was the name of that place that makes vegan dog and cat food?

    That word reminds me too much of a particular oriental delicacy I, being a semi farmer type, was asked by management to provide, for very *special* off the record type occasions. Told em NO. Flat out. Might be part of the reason I'm not there anymore. Even I have my standards, believe it or not dear.


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