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Elvi on Saturday, November 21, 1998 - 03:05 am:

    Just looking around and saw no one had written here for awhile. Anyway..how do you tell if your an insomniac? I mean just because I stay up till 4 am and get up at 7:30 doesn't mean I don't get sleep...I can't help it if technology is keeping me awake. I just come home from work and turn on the computer and next thing I know it's 2 am. I guess it's better then watching T.V. or doing something constructive...like that paper that's due. If we didn't have T.V. or the web or cable...I, personally, think the number of people who are insomniacs whould decrease...Anyway..just ignore this...it's just from someone who hasn't gotten a lot of sleep in the past couple of years...

By Monkey on Wednesday, November 25, 1998 - 12:28 pm:

    Are you plural?

By Elvi on Wednesday, November 25, 1998 - 12:56 pm:

    Ummm...no...why do you ask?

By Cyber Cryst on Monday, December 28, 1998 - 11:34 pm:

    no possesive

By Elvi on Thursday, December 31, 1998 - 01:14 pm:

    No possesive?...sorry but I never did quite catch on to those in High School

By OnePercent on Thursday, December 31, 1998 - 01:57 pm:

    Oh, I thought you were one of those commanis' one worlders. You know, the John Lennon type that believes we should all share.
    Society has got its hands so far in my pockets already they might as well jerk ne off while they're there.
    As for you, you should have been paying attention in high school. What were you doing, daydreaming, sneaking out silent farts, drawing names of rock bands on your notebook.....
    Yeah, I know the type...
    As for sleep, you need one of two things. A good fuck or a bottle of Jack Daniels...always works for me....
    That is of course unless Fingle comes over with a new batch of Meth that he brewed in his bath tub.

By Elvi on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 01:11 am:

    NO....I didn't start sleeping during class until I got in college. Anyway we learned all that stuff way back in 9th grade...about 6 yrs ago. I'll guess I'll just have to try your suggestions...but I'm not much of a drinker and as for the other one...

By TheGoddess on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 01:37 am:

    What about the other one?

By Elvi on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 01:52 am:

    The other one, well....I guess that would help to...but to put it nicely there aren't that many willing applicants

By TheGoddess on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 02:07 am:

    The best thing you could do for Insomnia is take a nice Hot bath.... I'm serious, it works. And if you're worrying about stuff at bedtime you'll have trouble sleeping too... so you should try to work all your worries and stuff out if you can. Though sometimes that's a tough thing to do! don't we all wish we didn't have things to worry about! Find some positive activity you enjoy doing and find calming comfort in and do that before bedtime... it helps me... like writing or reading a great book...

By Elvi on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 02:27 am:

    *L*...thanks for the help. I'll have to try the bath thing. But I can't read at night...if I pick up a book at night I have to finish it before I can go to bed...I know it sounds rediculous but it's the truth...

By TheGoddess on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 02:34 am:

    Doesn't sound ridiculous at all! i used to do that a lot too... I'd lose lots of sleep when I came across a good book becuase I couldn't bear to put it down. Anything good you've read to recommend?

By Elvi on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 02:38 am:

    Ummm...Right now I'm rereading the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. Or Mark Childress's Crazy in Alabama...or do you like mystery? Then read Linda Barnes, Sue Grafton, or Lillian Jackson -Braun. I could just go on and on. How about you what do you recommend?

By TheGoddess on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 02:46 am:

    Well, right now i'm into some good Psy/Spirt. stuff and Political stuff. Try "Democracy's Discontent" by Sandler. Ohh "Further Along the Road Less Traveled" by Scott Peck is great, and "The Celestine Prophecies" are great for a good Philosophy find. ummm my altime fav has to be "Bridge Across Forever" by Richard Bach. And a great non-fiction is "Secrets of a Small Town" its incredible... secrets that ordinary people have.. really wacky. OHhhhhh and if you like SciFi try Michael Crihton. damn i can never spell his name.....

By Elvi on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 02:51 am:

    Thanks...I definatly try those...it's better to read something new then to reread everything I've ever read..well not everything...but close. It won't do much to solve my insomnia though..but at least it give me something to do other then staring at the ceiling!

By The Goddess on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 02:56 am:

    Ha.. I stare at the ceiling... the pillow... my stuffed animals... the stereo.... the dresser... the blinking red clock! God it gets bad! Like right now... i'm not even ATTEMPTING to sleep since i know it'll never happen! I'm just sittin on here chatting...

By Elvi on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 03:05 am:

    *L*...yeah I was begining to wonder if you were an insomniac also or just in a diffrent time zone...by the way..did you know that the time posted for the messages is Eastern time...which really confused me in the begining since I'm on Central time (just thought I'd share)

By TheGoddess on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 03:10 am:

    Yeah I know all about this... So what r u so busy with tonight? just wandering around Sorabji?>

By Elvi on Wednesday, January 6, 1999 - 03:19 am:

    yup...that and talking in chat rooms...I don't have the web at my apartment so I'm usually on it all the time when I'm at home...

By TBone on Tuesday, January 12, 1999 - 05:16 pm:

    [15:05] <Krage> Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men
    [15:05] <Krage> have mediocrity thrust upon them.
    [15:05] <Krage> -- Joseph Heller, "Catch-22"

By Elvi on Thursday, January 14, 1999 - 02:27 am:

    I never read that book...althoughf I had it explained to me in a 60's course I was taking. I must admit though I do not agree with that statement!


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